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Chicago Fire - Forgive You Anything - Review

Casey walks into a strip club and my first thought is, Has he really sunk this low? But no worries, he’s just doing construction for the guy who owns the place. While he wasn’t there for the stripping, I can’t help think how much Casey has let loose since the breakup with Dawson. Maybe he’s not too far off from exploring the exotic dancing world…(not as a dancer, but wouldn’t that be hilarious?)

Emmett turns up at the firehouse looking for Mouch. Surprise! Mouch isn’t his dad. Emmett explains that his half-sister is Mouch’s daughter, and Mouch failed Emmett’s “test” when he didn’t show at the diner. The scenes between Boden, Herrmann, and Mouch continue to succeed. After a heart to heart with Boden and Herrmann, Mouch decides to pursue getting to know his daughter.

Mouch begs Emmett for another chance, and I was surprised that the scene almost brought me to tears. This was such a great storyline for Mouch to get, and thankfully, we’ll get the chance to see Mouch with his daughter because Emmett agreed!

Amy Morton as Sergeant Trudy Platt continues to deliver – she’s simply fantastic. Mouch and Platt sit together at a fancy restaurant waiting to meet Mouch’s daughter. Platt abruptly gets up to leave, telling Mouch it’s something he has to do on his own.

As much as I love wild and free Casey (and we needed a break from the boredom), something just feels off about it all. Is it just me? I really can’t figure out what exactly it is about his storyline right now that doesn’t feel quite right.

This week we were introduced to Severide’s friend, Scott Rice. With approval from Boden, Severide gets Rice a spot on Squad. Controversy surrounds Rice, as it’s rumored he threw someone out of a third-story window on a call.

A few members of the house (mainly Otis, because he has to something I suppose), investigate what really happened with the Rice incident. Apparently, Rice did throw a man (a meth addict) out of a first-story window…just one week after his wife died. Now, he’s a widower and single father. Ouch.

Severide and Rice apparently went to high school together. The two reminisce about the past which not-so-subtly introduces us to April, a past girlfriend? Just friend? of Severide’s. If the newest spinoff Chicago MD takes off, she’ll serve as one of the leads. Supposedly, we’ll see a backdoor pilot later this season during an hour of Chicago Fire. Quite frankly, the April/Severide storyline was a snoozefest. That is, until Severide hinted to something in his past. I’d like to know about his past of course, but I can definitely do without the April storyline.

I’ll just be blunt: I don’t like Rice. He’s got the story, sure. On paper, he could be a great character. But there’s something that’s just not translating on screen. I’ll give him a chance, because I think everyone deserves more than one episode to get interesting. Then again, I think back to characters like Clark, Voight, Antonio, Katie, Newhouse, Welch…the list goes on with characters who made a mark in their first appearance. But fine, I’ll give him a chance.

To make matters worse, Newhouse is gone! I want to cry. I’m tire of the endless rotation of Squad members. Please, for the love of all that is good and holy, get some solid Squad members and make them permanent! If the writers are taking requests, I’d like Newhouse, Clark, and Welch. Thank you.

Mills is itching to get back to Squad. He’s got re-evaluation tests lined up and he can’t get the results quick enough. I understand wanting to get back to your dream job, but the way Mills handled this showed his immaturity. It’s easy to forget that he’s the youngest in the house (only Sylvie may be younger, not entirely sure) and still has a lot of growing up to do.

I love Mills, he’s one of my favorites. But it’s not his spot on Squad. Yes, he was once on Squad, but that doesn’t mean he has a reserved spot for when and if he can ever return. I’d like to see Mills grow up a bit more, and I’m sure we will. He’s already come a long way in the show’s three seasons.

Dawson is finally ready for a night out and enlists Sylvie to serve as her wing-woman. When Sylvie asks Cruz to join, he tells her he’d rather stay home and watch the Blackhawk’s game with her. She’s clearly disappointed, and I sincerely hope it’s the beginning of the end for them.

After their night out, Sylvie tells Dawson that she wants to be bold, which is why she started over in Chicago. But she seems to have fallen back into her “comfortable and nice” lifestyle, and I get the feeling they are now talking about Cruz. Sylvie’s finally seen the light! She tells Dawson she adores Cruz, but it’s not the life she wants.

Well, Sylvie, do you know who’s a little dangerous, lives on the edge, and is full of spontaneity? Hmmm…I wonder…

Yeah, I’m pulling for Sylvie and Severide.

What did you think of the episode? Will Mills be cleared for Squad duty? How long will Rice stick around?

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A Colorado native, Meghan was born a raised a Denver Broncos fan. Aside from football, she loves storytelling, whether it be movies, television, books, or music. Some of her favorite shows of the past and present include LOST, Friends, The Office, Scandal, Chicago PD, and Chicago Fire. She is excited to be reviewing two of those shows for SpoilerTV, Chicago PD and Chicago Fire.


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