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Chasing Life - One Day (Season Finale) - Advance Preview

I can’t believe it’s already time for the season finale of “Chasing Life.” But it’s almost here, and we have the advance preview. Of course, we won’t give away any big spoilers. But we do have some fun teasers that will pique your interest. And since the ABC Family promo has already revealed one big spoiler, that’s free game. So let’s start there.

Yes, Leo is indeed proposing. It kind of ticks me off that they showed this in the promo. But they did, so it’s out there. (The promo is posted below). Leo and April are in a good place. As April struggles to deal with her bad news, Leo is there for her like he never has been before. It’s quite sweet to watch. He’s the one in the position of support this time and he plays his role well, showing how much he’s grown to love her. After he proposes, April does indeed give him an answer. Of course, we can’t tell you what it is.

April’s cancer relapse is the main focus of the episode – how she feels about it and how she deals with the news. The promo is a little misleading when we hear her prognosis of two to six weeks to live. (If you like sneak peeks, watch the one below and you can get the full context of that conversation.) But the doctor does tell April she has to undergo another round of chemo. Obviously she’s been dealt a bad hand and she realizes she will have to miss out on a lot in her life once again. But as usual, April is strong for her family and friends. She always wants to take care of everyone else, which is a great strength. But my favorite part of the season finale is a scene in which she finally has to deal with her emotions. She can’t keep them bottled up any longer, being strong for everyone else. Be on the lookout for this poignant scene as she comes to terms with how she really feels.

As if she needs another challenge, April also learns that her newspaper is laying off a number of employees. So she has to wait and see what happens with her position, knowing she already has to leave work again to resume chemotherapy. April has always loved her job – that has been one of the things that keeps her going, one of the things that makes her feel normal, one of the aspects of life she’s “chasing.” So with everything else changing around her, she really doesn’t want to lose this, too. While we can’t tell you what happens, we can say that Raquel really is proving to be an ass. She has had her nice moments in the past, but the way she talks to April in the midst of these decisions left me wanting to slap the woman.

As for the other characters, Brenna is moving along with her plans to be a bone marrow donor. And we see a new character introduced who really intrigued me. He is a young man who is also being treated for cancer. He will tie in to Brenna’s storyline. I really liked where this was headed. It left me excited for season two. The addition of his character should add a new dimension to the stories.

Sara gets a chance to reconnect with George. Nope, she doesn’t turn around and go home after seeing George kiss another woman. She still approaches him at the conference and they get a chance to catch up. I was happy to see George once again – he was a character I always liked and I couldn’t figure out why he left the canvas. Sara and George are still feeling things out with each other. But when he hears the news about April, he wants to lend his support.

Finally, after April and Natalie’s big fight, they are not in the best place. So when April needs her bone marrow, will Natalie still be willing to give it? You’ll get an answer to that question. Plus, April and Natalie have a scene together that I really enjoyed.

The season finale of “Chasing Life” airs Monday, March 23 at 9/8c. Make sure to check it out. Then come back to SpoilerTV and tell us your thoughts.

What are you looking forward to seeing in the finale? Any guesses on who the new character is? What do you think April's response to Leo will be? Leave your comments below.

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