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Bones - Season 10 - Emily Deschanel and Stephen Nathan interview

Is Season 11 a Done Deal?

Well, that's the million dollar question, isn't it? Though the question wasn't directly put to Nathan and Deschanel, we did get a response that indicated the deal is about as done as it can be without having the paper in hand. The question was about if we can expect any time jumps in the near future. Mr. Nathan's response was, "The plan is to see a time jump when we start season 11." So, take that for what it's worth, people, but it sounds like the fat lady done sang.

Are Twins or Triplets a Possibility?

Though Deschanel admitted she has yet to read the script for the Bones season 10 finale, it looks like twins may be a possibility, but that there are no major medical issues the couple will face like Angela and Jack did with Michael Vincent.

"There's not anything big medically that's a huge problem; it's more the emotional repercussions and the realization of Brennan having another child coupled with Booth's relapse in to gambling that makes things complicated. At the same time it seems like Brennan is a little more delicate this pregnancy, but nothing real major like that like she's on bed rest or like she's having many babies ... that we know of yet," she added with a chuckle.

"The 'baby-slash-babies' will not appear this year," Nathan explained. "I know everyone kind of expects it, but we've had a lot of births on the show, and we know how that goes. We're trying to approach the whole thing a bit differently ... things are more fraught emotionally for both of them for many, many reasons. There's also the preponderance of cases that have affected their life over the past ten years of working together. And what that how that affects their perception of their situation and of the world they want to bring their new child into and raise their family," Elaborated Nathan. "So all of this has a tremendous impact on them. Do they want to keep getting shot at -- that's a real question.


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