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Bones - The Psychic in the Soup - Advance Preview + Teasers

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Welcome back, Boneheads! You've survived a couple of months without any new stories from the Jeffersonian team, and if you're anything like me, you're jonesing for Booth, Brennan, Hodgins, Angela, and the rest of the crew to get back what they do best - solving mysteries.

I got to take a peek at the mid-season premiere (titled "The Psychic in the Soup", airing March 26), and the episode did a terrific job of filling the Bones-shaped hole in my world.

As you might suspect by the title, the episode's victim is a psychic. This causes friction and incredulity among the science-minded members of the Jeffersonian team, particularly Hodgins.

Dr. Fuentes, the Cuban "squintern" featured this week, is acting a bit cagey...and following that storyline to its conclusion results in one of our favorite cast members breaking a very big law.

And finally, the episode takes some time to celebrate the birth of someone no longer with us. While you can probably guess who I'm alluding to, I'll still withhold the person's name...just to keep it interesting. :)

Here's a few more things you can expect:

- Several charming scenes with our favorite psychic, Avalon Harmonia (played by the supremely watchable Cyndi Lauper).
- Questions, comments, and other messages from beyond the grave (and not just the victim's grave).
- A little more airtime for Christine, B&B's adorable little girl.
- "Head cheese."
- A suspicious reverend who disagrees with his daughter's life choices.
- Murder committed in 2 parts.
- An unexpected resignation from the Jeffersonian.
- A sweet surprise for Booth and Brennan.

In conclusion, let's play a little guessing game: Match the character to the quote!

1 - "...he made it to happy, and that's pretty impressive, isn't it?"
2 - "Is it somebody's birthday today?"
3 - "Let him rest in peace."
4 - "I'm a child of the nineties."
5 - "The impossible becomes reality all the time. Ideas and memories and love, you can't hold those things in your hands, but it doesn't mean that they don't exist."

A - Hodgins
B - Aubrey
C - Avalon
D - Angela
E - Cam

About the Author - entropyki
Ki (aka entropyki) is a UX Researcher, roller derby enthusiast, Star Wars nerd, and road tripper. When she's not at a computer, she's driving, singing, watching TV, and generally being a badass, plus-sized twentysomething.

Favorite shows include Supernatural, Bones, Party Down, Futurama, Orange is the New Black, and the Big Bang Theory.

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