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12 Monkeys - Tomorrow - Advanced Preview

12 Monkeys, “Tomorrow,” was written by Rebecca Kirsch and directed by TJ Scott. Kirsch last wrote “Cassandra Complex” and Scott’s other credits include Gotham, Bitten, and Orphan Black, so he’s clearly got the science fiction, action genre well in hand. This episode once again is set mainly in 2043, and follows on immediately from “Yesterday.”

Cole (Aaron Stanford) is still in 2017 and must deal with the plague being in full force. Cole’s West VII mark is important in this episode. Cassie (Amanda Schull) is heading up the CDC efforts and has another special message for Cole. Jennifer Goines (Emily Hampshire) makes a somewhat surprising, and slightly cryptic appearance in the episode.
Jones (Barbara Sukowa) seems to be at odds with everyone. Along with Whitley (Demore Barnes) and Ramse (Kirk Acevedo), Jones makes a move on Spearhead. Alliances are formed and lives are lost. Ramse is particularly concerned for Elena (Amy Sloan) and Sam’s (Benjamin Meranda) safety.

There’s also a flashback to 2041 and we see how Cole and Ramse came to meet Whitley and Jones. We also hear a really interesting story about Donovan – one of their friends. There are two reunions towards the end of the episode and neither are particularly happy ones. A secret is revealed that may cause permanent rifts.

Here are a couple of line teases:

“Florida is not going to fix this.”
“I can’t change the path you’re on.”
“There is no future. Get it through your head.”
“This mission is preordained.”
“I’ve been waiting for you.”
“Do you remember the first year underground?”
“The thunder of fallen men. Our fathers forfeiting their world.”

Remember, these are in no particular order! Lots of action and some surprising twists in this episode. Don’t forget to tune in to 12 Monkeys on March 13 at 9/8c on Syfy.

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