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Unforgettable - To Be Given a Season 4 by A&E

Drama Unforgettable is living up to its name, coming back from cancellation for a second time. I’ve learned that A&E is finalizing a deal for 13-episode fourth season of the Sony TV-produced crime procedural, which previously aired on CBS for three seasons.

Unlike the first time the series was cancelled and then un-cancelled by CBS, the options on the cast had expired, so new deals had to be made with everyone on the show. Stars Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh are both expected to be back, reprising their roles as Carrie Wells, who has an extremely rare condition in which her brain recalls detailed events by date, and her ex-boyfriend/partner, NYPD’s Al Burns. The series creators John Bellucci and Ed Redlich also will be back as executive producers, along with Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly.


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