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The Originals - I Love You, Goodbye - Review

This week’s episode featured the anticipated wedding of Jackson and Hayley. Through the ceremony, the werewolves get their new strength. Freya brought Finn back from the dead, while Kol died in the presence of his siblings and Davina. Hope was introduced to the werewolves and we find out that it is her magic that will lead Dahlia to her. 

Least surprising return: Since the actor who is currently playing Finn was promoted to a regular, many guessed that he’d be back. I had expected him to at least be absent from this episode, but I completely forgot about Freya. Of course she’d be able to save him. I expected him to crash the wedding at some point, but it seems bringing someone back from the dead takes a while. I’m glad he didn’t get to, it would’ve ruined some of the great scenes we got afterwards. 

Most beautiful scene: I’ve never denied that I’m not a big fan of Hayley and Jackson together, but the wedding was beautifully shot. I almost didn’t recognize the Mikaelson compound. From the decorations to the music, it was in one word: stunning. I liked how they handled the change in the werewolves, that it happened instantaneously when Hayley and Jackson kissed. The entire scene was elegantly done. 

Cutest couple: Josh and Aiden sort of came out of the closet this week, which was a big step for Aiden especially. I’m glad neither the werewolves nor the vampires gave them any trouble. They had so many cute moments this week. I do think the new power of the werewolves will cause trouble eventually. There seemed to be a bit of foreshadowing in the scene on the streets. But I hope these two make it through. 

Most tragic couple: Just when I started to ship Davina and Kol, the writers go ahead and break them up. One more dead boyfriend and Davina will be tied with Jeremy for “worst luck in relationships”. Their scenes broke my heart. He tried to hide what was going on, didn’t want her to worry unless he knew absolutely sure he couldn’t fix it. Daniel gave another great performance this week. I’m almost completely sure that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Kol. Right now I’m torn as to who I want back more: Nate or Daniel. 

Best moment of family: I figured I’d separate these into two different categories. I love that Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah showed up for Kol. This is what was missing the first time he died. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who was disappointed how little the siblings grieved the last time around. I’m glad that wasn’t the case this time. A lot of issues have been settled in the past few weeks, they finally started to act like a family again. I hope they are the ones who eventually bring him back. 

Most complicated character: I feel like this should be a tie between Klaus and Elijah. It’s not a secret that Klaus doesn’t like Jackson, but even though I don’t believe Jackson will live past this season’s finale, I don’t think it will be Klaus who kills him. I believe, and hope, that for his daughter’s sake he will let things go for now. Now it’s pretty obvious that Elijah is in love with Hayley. I’m not sure what he was trying to do before the wedding, considering he himself has pointed out how import it is for Hope, but I’m glad he’s respecting Hayley’s decision and is keeping his distance. I don’t think this is the end for them, you know how the writers love to turn up the angst. 

Most adorable baby: The twins who play Hope took the cute factor to a whole new level this week. The stole the show in every scene they were in. Just when I think they can’t get any cuter, they prove me wrong. From flirting with Jackson (let’s be honest, that was totally her saying “Hi, I like you.”, to trying to eat her stuffed monkey, to the adorable pink dress. I know they tend to age children quickly on TV shows, but I hope they don’t in this case. 
Most confusing moment: I’m surprised Jackson living at the compound was such a shock to some characters. Wasn’t that kind of obvious. Hope will be living there and there’s no way Hayley would not live with her daughter. And since married couples usually live together, I thought that was just a given. Or is that just me? 

Best quotes: Jackson: “You brought me a bag of werewolf heads?” Klaus: “Well, I’d hoped you’d see it as an early wedding present.” 
Rebekah: “Now it’s white, which won’t fool anyone. But you can’t get married in skinny jeans and combat boots.” 
Klaus: “No more running, queen.” 
Elijah: “I know that look.” 
Cami: “Happy mom. Happy dad. Happy baby.” 

Now that’s it for this week. There’s a two week hiatus now, the next episode will air March 9th, so check in again later that week for an all new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode.
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