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The Middle - The Answer - Review: "Goodbye Sue Heck"

The Middle "The Answer" Review

After last week’s cliff-hanger of "will she" or "won't she" it was anyone's guess as to what she would say. I already new though prior to the episode that she would say yes - mainly because I knew the episode would center around her answer - and if it was a no it wouldn't have been as good.

"Oh my god, tell me you're not married" Frankie

This was a sad episode for The Middle; we had to witness the end of Sue and Darrin’s relationship after they were at crossroads about their futures. Sue wants to go places, unlike Darrin who feels he is where he needs to be. I was actually quite devastated to see them break up. Sure, I didn't want Sue to get married - I also didn't expect it to happen - but Sue was finally with someone who made her really happy. She finally had everything she had wanted ever since the first episode, no braces, a boyfriend and a career.

What now for Darrin? With Axel being at college and Sean making only a handful of appearances here and there, Sue and his relationship was the only thing tying him to the show for more than one odd episode at a time. Now it's over I don't think we'll see Darrin feature much at all, which is a shame as I took a real liking to the characters personality. I like how he never knows what's happening and how he always comes up with an idea that is completely bizarre. I'll miss that. Who knows though I could be wrong and we might still see him a lot. Maybe, just maybe, they will get back together.

As expected, Frankie and Mike - mainly Mike - went into a state of rage when Sue told them. Some of the best moments in the episode came when Sue, each day, went and told her parents even worse news than the previous day. Mike obviously is overprotective of Sue which we have known since season 1 so it was nice to see it still continue into this episode - even though she is more grown up. I loved seeing Mike and Frankie's stunned reaction every time Sue would say something. It was like they were being slapped in the face every night, their reactions were priceless. I also enjoyed them bringing up "we're lazy parents" again. We used to hear all the time from them so I was glad they revisited that. It's always been enjoyable to see them doubt their parenting skills over the years and it didn't disappoint here.

Sue has been the star of the season for me; she is the standout in every episode. I haven't enjoyed seeing her moan about college, but episodes like these really make you appreciate how far the character of Sue has developed. She is slowly growing up, and is starting to make her own decisions. Eden Sher is someone who has helped make Sue who she is today and the comedy, The Middle, as great as it is. If she doesn't receive an Emmy just for her performance for this episode, I will be shocked. She is remarkable. The big question I have now is... What will happen to Sue next season? Will she go to college or will something devastating happen that will ruin her chances - typical Middle drama. Who knows, but one things for sure, I'm very excited to find out.

"Her name is going to be Sue Sue McGrew" Axel

Elsewhere, Axel this episode, helped Brick to get rid of his ticks. The problem behind them was the chair he had been given to sit in at the dinner table. I found this to be completely bizarre and extremely random, but what was strange about it was that it actually made him stop whooping. Speaking of Brick, I'm actually hoping to see a bit more of him and perhaps an episode solely focused on him. I think he has been the most underused out of all of them this season and he doesn't entertain me as well as he used to. I'm even hoping his ticks don't go permanently as they're what make up the Brick character.

Speaking of Axel, there has been news that Charlie has been cast in a new pilot "Super Clyde" and since all the casts contracts are up at the end of the season, it could be quite worrying. What do you guys think? I think if Charlie were to leave it wouldn't create much of a problem as he is the easiest to write out. If he left I would hope he'd at least recur in Season 7. I don't think he will leave,but if he does it would be a terrible loss for the show as the cast is small enough as it is.

As always, thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments what you thought of " The Answer"

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