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The Mentalist - Series Finale - Review

A personal premise: We all know it was coming. Last year The Mentalist was renewed when no one could even think about it. Fans were blessed. Season seven has been gone and passed so fast in those two months, and now I'm here, reviewing The Mentalist for the last time. I think I'm going to miss this, not because this show has been an important part of my life, but also because it was one of the first shows I watched in its original language - and it helped to improve my English - and I met so many beautiful and kind people in this fandom. Well, let's talk about the series finale now, because Jane and Lisbon got married.

In the first part of two hour series finale, Brown Shag Carpet, Jane agrees to once again pretend to be a renowned psychic and be used as bait in an attempt to lure out a serial killer and give the FBI a chance to apprehend him.

Remember the house Patrick Jane saw in the last episode when he woke up in the middle of nowhere? Well, he's going to buy it for Lisbon. He wants to show her he wants to spend his life with her, that he's ready. But she has some questions first: is Jane serious? Or at the firist obstacles he's going to leave again? And what about taking off his wedding ring? Aw, man. He's afraid of letting go, looks like. There's no time to answer that question, because they're called on the crime scene.

Lazarus. Why is Lazarus taking people's blood? Vampire? Thanks God this is not The Vampire Diaries. Agent Tork is back to help the team, but he's not helpful at all when he suggests to catch the serial killer pretendng Jane's a psychic and so they can trap him. Last time Jane did that, his wife and his daughter got murdered by Red John. Imaging something like that to Lisbon is speechless. Neverthless, Jane agrees to come back the way we was and it works: Lazarus contacts him during a radio transmission and later kidnaps him. Abbott knows if he didn't kill him, it means he wants something from him. In fact, Lazarus tests Jane's 'psychic' powers when he's asked to tell his own story; no friends during childhood, everyone looked like robots to him, he reminds me a young Norman Bates. And he's still treating people like that when he follows an ancient ritual, black magic, of harvesting blood to call spirits. While Lazarus is gone, Jane manages to break free and take a look around the place he's been hold. This helps him to find a connection with Lazarus: are they helping each other to let their spirits from the past go away? Lazarus's case is more creepier tho: he can't let his father go, in fact he kepts his body in his own house (anyone remember Pyscho?).

Jason Wylie is growing up as character. Michelle Vega's shadow has still a big impact on him, but her death caused him to be more adult. In order to catch the killer, Wylie gets the attention he was looking for when he asks the team to follow the blood lead. Cho finds definitely his bro mate in this young guy.

Teresa Lisbon does everything she can to save her boyfriend, even going through the fire to rescue him. She thought she had lost him again, like in that terrible explosion back in "Red John" episode in season 6. There's more than than: Lisbon has afraid to lose Jane every day, either pshysically or mentally. If Jane would have died, Lisbon would have been dead too, inside. Life is too precious, so 24 hours later, Jane signs the contract and the dreamhouse is his.

In the second part, White Orchids, Lisbon accepts Jane’s surprise marriage proposal, but a killer’s quest for revenge may cost them the happy ending they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Original cast members Owain Yeoman and Amanda Righetti return.

Lazarus rises again, so Jane does. But in different ways. Lazarus is rebuilt himself, walking like a man just came back from death (in the Biblic form) searching for revenge. Agent Tork makes the unconscious mistake to reveal Lazarus that Jane is getting married. As Lazarus is waiting for them to kill, he's caught into a trap and arrested. Jane's plan always works. See what happens with Jane is honest with Lisbon?

Patrick Jane came back to life from the ashes: a new man; a new house, a new wedding ring. The scene in which he explains to Lisbon what that ring meant to him was amazing and emotional - most like the sunset scene in season 6, "You have no idea what you mean, what you meant to me." True. That ring represents Jane's past (his wedding with Angela, his past life as con man) and his future (Lisbon). Without that ring, he and Lisbon would have never met. And it's awesome how after all those years, Teresa Lisbon remains the only mystery he has never solved, since he didn't know how she would have react about that proposal.

As they share the good news with the team, Jane thanks Dennis Abbott for everything he has done for him. He gave him a reason to come back in "My Blue Heaven", he trusted him, he's become a good friend and a mate. Teresa Lisbon wants a small wedding, just the two of them, but Jane seems pretty serious on buying her a new wedding ring - whoa! Meanwhile, Lisbon asks Kimball Cho's help to chose her wedding dress, and it's not an easy choice, but thanks God he's a good fashion stylist. Picking Cho as her consultant was a great idea. Before being friends, those two are brother and sister at work, they have always had each other's back, and when Jane is missing, he's always there for her. Also, Wylie looks like a perfect wedding consultant when he helps her to prepare everything. Tho, Lisbon still needs to get accostumed to the idea of getting married, since when Jane gives her the wedding ring, a normal person would have answered "Oh my God!" but Teresa Lisbon doesn't. "Are you out of your mind?" Speaking of friends, Grace Van Pelt and Wayne Rigsby make their return and win their bet: they've always known that Jane and Lisbon would have got together one day.

Later, Lisbon's brothers and their family appear. Lisbon has to get ready to deal with the new Jimmy's chick who already calls her 'sisters'. Lisbon, run lol this wasn't exactly what she wanted. Jane approaches and agree to get married just the two of us and a judge - that later is revealed to be a trap to catch Lazarus. Poor woman, holding a gun even in her wedding dress. Good way to go down the aisle.

The wedding scene was perfect. All those people smiling weren't the characters, but the actors. Have such a beautiful ending and a closure is blessing. Everyone was satisfied that those two finally get married.

Then, the last scene. Another prove Lisbon has always been a mystery to Jane is gathering into this beautiful moment. Without saying anything, Jane understands that Lisbon is pregnant with his child. Now I get why Lisbon was so afraid about Jane leave again. She didn't want to be a single mother and raise her child all alone. She doesn't want to end up like her mother, or being the big sister helping her brother. She wants to be more than that, and she's ready. Jane can't be happier. He's a new family now, and we're not talking only about Lisbon. He founds a beautiful team, always supportive. In moments like that you realize the circle of life is complete. The Mentalist's journey ends her with a lesson. You need to go throught Hell (Red John, past's demons, being cold) to find Paradise (happiness, love, friendship), because life is full of surprises, and the only thing you wanted most is right here. You only need to find the courage to let yourself go.

Thanks everyone for reading my reviews. It was a beautiful trip. I'm going to miss The Mentalist very much.
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