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The Fosters - Mother Nature - Review "Family Camping Trip"

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I extremely apologize, this review is very very rushed, I hope to avoid this going forward.

This episode of The Fosters was just a great episode demonstrating some great family moments as well as some conflict within the family. But this week the family were holding back so many secrets, it eventually comes out, the biggest loser was Jesus.

Starting off with Jude, this week he was starting to get a little tired of Callie treating him like a little kid. I can definitely see both sides of this, on one side Callie doesn't want to lose Jude and loves him very much, but on the other side Jude wants to grow up and discover himself. But it's not just Callie treating him like this, its the whole family. I'm with Jude on this, he's grown up a lot now, start treating him like that.

Next up with the Callie and Brandon dilemma ('Brallie'), this week we had some progress with both of them accepting that they have to live their own private lives. Callie has to come to terms with Brandon's relationship status, and the fact that he is with Lou now, hopefully this is a step in the right direction towards them becoming very good siblings, not lovers.

Jesus, it couldn't have been worse for him, everything he wanted to keep secret (his tattoo, going to Anna's AA meeting, Haley etc.) came out this week. I really enjoyed how the family conflicted but then resolved in this episode, but finding out about Jesus's tattoo was a great moment in the episode, especially for the character of Jesus.

As far as Jesus' other dilemma's go, well he decided to tell Lena about Anna and her pregnancy, and Lena's whole plan to try and make Stef feel better backfired. None the less, Jesus was left feeling the bad guy, and even more with Haley stiring up trouble.

Stef and Lena had their usual tensions, this week arguing over who was the better mother figure for the children. The lesson from this, is every parent no matter how good nor bad, teaches their children something that they can learn from in the future.

Haley was back in town, and caused more trouble than good, I am seriously glad they decided to go their separate ways, she just was not the right girl for him. Coming to Jesus' family camping trip is just too far, and then spilling the beans about Anna's pregnancy to Mariana? Come on, how much more trouble can this girl make? Although I don't think we have seen the last of her yet.

Away from the campsite, Anna is still dealing with her pregnancy, and none other than Mike is right by her side. I must admit I was wondering (with the rest of the family) whether Mike was the father of the baby, it would certainly be interesting, but fortunately that wasn't the case. But the fact that Anna may well move in with Mike, will certainly stir up some trouble at the Adams-Fosters household.

Overall, this episode produced some great moments in the family and opened a lot of doors that can be explored in the rest of this season. I am sure that the pregnancy with Anna will definitely make an interesting watch and certainly produce some great family conflicts!

Tune into ABC Family on Monday's to catch the next episode of The Fosters! Keep it tuned to SpoilerTV for Robert's review of "Light of Day"!

Rating: B

What are your thoughts on the episode? Will Anna move in with Mike? Leave your thoughts down below!

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