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The Big Bang Theory - The Troll Manifestation - Review

I apologize it took me long for this review as I have many deadlines to meet. Here is my review below:

The Boys Plot:

This episode is about a hater criticizing Leonard and Sheldon's physics paper despite their work was praised other users. Sheldon and Leonard must defend themselves against the criticism. Later on, Sheldon paces around his computer in hopes that the troll responds back. Now that the troll has responded back, he replies back to the hater instantly but the guys want him to delete it to not provoke him even further. It's too late now because he has requested to video chat the men. What happens next? The identity of the troll is......

Stephen Hawking!!! It turns out that he actually was behind this because he was bored. He really liked the guys' paper. So, in celebration, someone gets real excited that their paper is praised by Stephen Hawking that he barges into Girl's Night and it's someone who you don't expect

Leonard! He goes into Penny's apartment uninvited to try and announce the news but they yell at him to Get Out!!!!

The Girls Plot:

Meanwhile, the girls are having a night together at Penny's apartment. They are about to watch a movie. However, they reveal some embarrassing secrets of each other after one of the girls brings up someone's baggage from their past. For example, Amy suggests to watch Penny's movie, Serial Ape-ist 2. She reluctantly to let the girls watch her movie. Not surprisingly, she is not impressed with her own work while the girls make a joke about her. After that, Penny decides to find Bernadette's pageant video online, which she is embarrassed by. Then, the girls decide to read Amy's fan fiction stories related to Little House on the Prairie, which they enjoy. Amy is (Amelia) and Sheldon is (Cooper).


The awesome episode ends with Penny and Leonard reading Amy's story about Amelia and Cooper and them laughing together especially about Amelia giving him a sponge bath.

- Bernadette sings a popular song from the 1990s: Spice Girls' "Wannabe" when she was in the pagent in 1991.
- Sheldon mentions Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) to Leonard. What both him and Bernadette had in common in this episode was that they had lines that were references from the 1990s.
- Raj creates different user names to increase the positive comments on Sheldon and Leonard's work.
- Amy names Amelia's boyfriend's Cooper, which is Sheldon's last name (funny) coincidence.
- What I enjoyed about this episode was where all characters had to deal with something they did not enjoy especially Sheldon when he can hardly take criticism well. Also, I enjoyed the episode covered cyberbullying, even though Stephen Hawking was just testing the men's patience. It's awesome to see that Sheldon and Leonard worked as a team because they are so cute together when they work as a team.


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