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Supergirl - More Audition Videos Leak

Note: Role is already cast but the scene is different.

supergirl from Sarah Topal on Vimeo.


SUPERGIRL Santos role Lumberjack from RENEE GLICKER on Vimeo.

Note: Scene is different from previous videos

supergirl: Alex scene 2 from Benita Grimaldi on Vimeo.

Transcripts of all but 1 scene can be found here.

The remaining scene is as follows:

Kara: There. Corona Borealis. So close to my bedroom window when I was little. Its light kept me awake.

Kara's Earth Mother: I can't see it. It's a billion lightyears from here.

Kara: Sorry.

Kara's Earth Mother: I got my doctorate when I was 19. I was always the youngest women with the right answer in a room full of smart men. I know what it feels like to not fit in.

Kara: I used to belong...up there.

Kara's Earth Mother: I know sweetheart but, your not up there anymore.

Kara: Do you know what its like, to hide what makes me so special on this planet. People laugh at me.

Kara's Earth Mother: Yeah...people have a tough time making sense of extraordinary things.

Kara: Them not believing, it makes me want to prove to them what I'm capable of.

Kara's Earth Mother: Someday you'll use those powers for greatness. For now, how about you just get used to being the new kid in town.

Kara: Just because you can't see Corona Borealis...doesn't mean it's not there.


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