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Sleepy Hollow - Join the Fan Campaign to Renew Sleepy Hollow

Ask yourself, are you a fan of Sleepy Hollow? If so join the campaign to save the show! Networks have slowly started to renew some of their shows, and with Sleepy Hollow's fate hanging in the balance it truly could go either way. Sleepy Hollow was a huge hit in it's first season, but sadly went of track with it's story, focusing on many parts that left fans angered. The writers have listened to what fans have to say and have started to implement changes to the show to return it to what it once was. There is a petition, and also a twitter campaign ongoing, both small at the moment, but increasing daily. If you want Sleepy Hollow renewed get involved.

Why fan's love Sleepy Hollow

Sleepyaddicts: To say I'm addicted to Sleepy Hollow is an understatement! I think what makes the shows so special is how it's mired in American history, as well as giving us a good scare every week. Of course the chemistry between Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie is electric and I love how their bond has strengthened. Team Sleepy really cares and while S2 has been a rough one, they've heard fans and are doing their best to make changes. If you love historical thrillers with elements of the supernatural, please tune in to the 2-part S2 finale!

Joyce Williams: Sleepy Hollow is a great show with a cast that has great chemistry. Reverting back to what worked in season 1 will bring the fans back, the last episodes & upcoming ones proves that.

Verlinda Henning: Sleepy Hollow is a smart, well-written & acted show that is entertaining, exciting & emotionally affecting. The show works hard to intrigue & engage viewers, & the cast is impeccable. Please renew this original & unique series.

Deb McCue: I'm a Deacon at the church that has stewardship over the Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow New York. We are very much married to the Legend of Sleepy Hollow so that is why I started watching. But what they do with history, with characters drawn loosely from The Legend, with an overarching theme of good vs evil-it is really brilliant. Top that off with the chemistry between Beharie and Mison and add the interplay with Jones and Greenwood and it makes for thrilling, uplifting and scary good fun. They've had a rough 2nd season. If they get a 3rd I think it could be like the pilot all over again. There is no team like this on TV and it's worth another round. Of Rum.

Erin Parker: This is the only show that combines my two favorites things: cop shows and the supernatural. Mixed together with dry wit, humor, and drama it makes for one of the best shows that I've come across in a long time.

Sandra Kellstrom: There are only two shows I watch, and Sleepy Hollow is one. It is unique and well written and acted. I look forward to seeing each new episode and cannot fathom Monday night without it. Please renew this show for all the fans like me who tune in to FOX with Sleepy Hollow.

Diane Johnson: Sleep Hollow is one of the most intelligent shows on network television. It provides interesting, funny and thought provoking look at history and the supernatural. It doesn't pander to the lowest common denominator.

Ashanti Ashanti: This show, being one of only a few whose diversity matches its humor, drama, thrills, and amazing storytelling, is too phenomenal to cancel. The fact that fans like us are actually petitioning for a renewal just goes to show that we need this on FOX

Tiffany T: I've loved "Sleepy Hollow" from the start. My faith in this phenomenal series has never wavered. Please allow the full vision of "Sleepy Hollow" to be completed. We need to know how the Witnesses' story is destined to end. Please don't don't break the hearts of loyal and loving Sleepy Heads. Renew "Sleepy Hollow"!

Julie Bowman: Sleepy Hollow is a well written, wonderfully acted pleasure. I am so grateful to Fox for putting it on the air and allowing us the opportunity to view such a program. For me, Sleepy Hollow allows me to take an hour out of my week and be completely free from worrying about everything else around me. Please allow there to be a season 3. I would like to see what journey lies ahead.

Pete S: Sleepy Hollow is a superb TV show that weaves early American history in with present day New England. It is an exquisite supernatural mystery series that spotlights the backgrounds of our early American forefathers as philosophers, scientists, chemists, and architects, as members of the FreeMasons. It depicts the high level of education and the depths of philosophical thought that the framers of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution possessed. I urge all viewers who watch Sleepy Hollow to let their feelings be known and fight for series renewal.

Barbara Martinez: The two leads in the show could not be more different and those differences add to what makes the show unique. They compliment each other and work as equals. Their differences don't matter because they have a common cause. I was a big fan of the X-Files and I see many parallels between the shows even though the creators of the show have denied it. The X-Files was fighting against aliens taking over the world and Sleepy Hollow is fighting to stop the end of days. The premise of both is, of course, crazy but what better antagonist is there than evil.
I'd love to see the show renewed for a third season and a return to simpler stories like season one with more emphasis on the witnesses fighting with their human gifts and less reliance on magic. The best part of the show for me is the teamwork with Crane and Abbie and the underlying respect they have for one another.


Per @SleepyAddicts : head to our Facebook Page, upload a video giving us your favorite #SLEEPYMOMENT, why you love the show & why it deserves another season. If you can't upload a video, post a comment using hastag: #RENEWSLEEPYHOLLOW

Example: "Hi, My name is ____ From ____ & My Favorite Sleepy Hollow Moment is ______. Sleepy Hollow should be renewed because _______"

All videos and comments will be compiled into 1 complete 'RENEW SLEEPY HOLLOW' package and sent to the CEO of FOX network.(By Sleepyaddicts) Please spread the word, post links to our fb page, share your moments via twitter, Re-share this article, let's help get Sleepy Hollow renewed.

                                                                 Final Words

When tweeting fans are encouraged to always use the hashtag #SleepyHollow or #RenewSleepyHollow. Fans across the country are trying to raise awareness on all social media networks, and you can help too. Get involved and help Save Sleepy Hollow before it's too late!

A final reminder: Sign this petition and don't forget to tune in this upcoming Monday 9pm for a brand new episode of Sleepy Hollow.

As always, thank you for reading!
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