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Scene Of The Week - February 22, 2015 - POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently on TV.

12 MONKEYS, "The Red Forest", February 20, 2015, Actors: Aaron Stanford and more, The Scene: Cole experiences physical changes of pseudo-retro casualty
Darth Locke:
Cole experiences physical changes of pseudo-retro casualty or temporal modification when his former self gets shot in front of his current self. The series has really been fun in exploring various kinds of time paradoxes and/or temporal effects of time traveling and this whole episode just really delivered another layer of complicated thought on the subject. I doubt it will ever be straight forward on how one gets into the series' casualty loops, but I like the characters and the ideas enough to just go along with it.

BANSHEE, "You Can’t Hide from the Dead", February 20, 2015, Actors: Frankie Faison, Langley Kirkwood and more, The Scenes: The Single Point of View Heist Scene & Carrie and Gordown beat the group of youths
Bradley Adams:
When the episode's director Greg Yaitanes told SpoilerTV back in December that "episode seven has a 20 minute sequence unlike anything done on TV before" and called it a game-changer, I was excited to see what that was and how it was done. I was not let down. It was infinitely better than I could have ever expected. The POV set-up of the sequence allowed me to feel as if I was actually there with the crew, which gave the scene a crucial intensity that made the scene so much better. I don't think I actually took a breath throughout the sequence. Shooting the sequence this way was a HUGE risk - by all accounts, it could have looked terrible - instead, it looked phenomenal and is an early candidate (and very likely already the winner) of my favourite moment of the year. After all of the amazing things I've seen Banshee do, I didn't think there was much they could do to top themselves. They topped themselves and most everything else on TV spectacularly, and the outlook for the small screen is all the better for it.
Sandi: The idea was very simple - you see the heist take place as if you are part of it yourself, much like playing a First Person Shooter game. The effect was phenomenally successful, you were dragged into the action and pulled to the edge of your seat as the sequence progressed. I felt my heart racing as Stowe and his cronies worked out what was happening and caught up with them. At the end, when Sugar asked "Is everybody still breathing back there?" after the fight in the van he may as well have been talking directly to the audience! Also picked by DarkUFO
Sharon Seymour: Carrie and Gordown beat the crap out of the youths that Deva is hanging out with.

BETTER CALL SAUL, "Nacho", February 16, 2015, Actors: Jonathan Banks, Bob Odenkirk
The Scene: Mike helps Saul/Jimmy avoid jail
Geo N:
The scene where we witness Mike help Saul/Jimmy so he wouldn't go to jail was great. It was the origin of their 'friendship' and time helping each other.

CASTLE, "Reckoning", February 16, 2015, Actors: Nathan Fillion, Michael Mosley and more, The Scene: Castle confronts Tyson
Ann-Sophie Hamel:
Castle explains to Tyson, it was him that lured him out, not the other way around, and we get to see that Ryan and Esposito were helping him. Castle has been played by Tyson for years, and to finally see him win, had to be the most satisfying moment of the episode, of the season! It had me yelling "Finally!" Pair with that the incredible musical score of the flashback, the scene had everything to make it incredible.

GREY'S ANATOMY, "The Great Pretender", February 19, 2015, Actors: Ellen Pompeo, Kelly McCreary, The Scene: Meredith shares her weekend activities with Maggie (picked by Joshua Bower)

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, "Mama's Here Now", February 19, 2015, Actors: Cicely Tyson, Viola Davis, The Scenes: Annalise's mum describes how she killed her Uncle & Annalise's mother talks to her about men
Tonya Papanikolas:
What a powerful scene. After learning Annalise had been raped by her uncle and she blamed her mom for never doing anything about it (or seeming to care), we learn her mom indeed DID do something about it - she killed the uncle. The scene was amazing for so many reasons: the way the dialogue unfolded, Annalise continuing to be in an emotional daze, her being so wrong about her mother never helping her, and Cisely Tyson's incredible performance. She was just spectacular. I love how her character went from talking about the house she'd loved (and yet was willing to let go in the fire) to letting her daughter know what she had done to protect her. The moment Annalise realized what she was saying was wonderful. The whole scene was brilliant.
Bradley Adams: Cicely Tyson will surely get an Emmy nomination for this. She was magnificent in the whole episode, but this scene stood out for me. The way she told Annalise about how she murdered her uncle was cold, and that made it all the more fantastic.
Laura Markus: I especially loved how we found out about what her uncle did to Annalise. I think of her as even more of a badass now, and I never thought that was possible. These two actresses deserve all the awards. Also picked by Joshua Bower
Daniel van der Veer: Cicely Tyson and Viola Davis were outstanding in this mother-daughter scene! It was also very nice to get some background into Annalise and to show what she's become.
Diana Mack: Annalise and her mum shared some touching moments during the episode - Viola Davis is an amazing actress. I'd pick the scene in which Annalise's mother talks to her about men and how they eventually get what they want. 

MARVEL'S AGENT CARTER, "Snafu", February 13, 2015, Actors: Hayley Atwell, Shea Whigham and more, The Scene: Peggy tells her co-workers about the last sample of Steve's blood
Tonya Papanikolas:
Peggy tells her boss and co-workers about the last sample of Captain America's blood. This was a wonderful scene where Peggy showed incredible vulnerability with her boss and co-workers who didn't trust her. The honesty and emotions behind everything were extremely poignant. It took a lot for her to tell them the truth about what she did and why she did it, and Hayley Atwell's wonderful performance made the scene. You could see Peggy's emotion written all over her face, revealing how much Peggy loved Captain America and how much it meant to her to protect him in whatever way she could. With this one speech, her co-workers suddenly realized she was telling the truth. The scene was sad but wonderfully executed. I loved that the men all understood the importance of what she was telling them. She took a risk that they would understand, and because of how much it clearly meant to her, they did.

PARKS AND RECREATION, "The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show", February 17, 2015, Actors: Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza, The Scene: Andy assures April that he loves her the most
Klutzy girl:
Andy assures April that he loves her the most and that he wouldn't be where he is without her.

PERSON OF INTEREST, "Q & A", February 17, 2015, Actors: Amy Acker and more
The Scene: Root saves Finch from Claire (picked by DarkUFO and Darth Locke)

REIGN, "Forbidden", February 19, 2015, Actors: Anna Popplewell, Craig Parker, The Scene: Lola is drugged
Lola is becoming one of my favourite characters lately in the show. She was hilarious when she met the parents of the baby her son is due to marry, but her meeting with Narcisse was the highlight. He always brings out the best performances with whomever he is on screen with in my opinion, and their dance around each other has been an interesting one. Not so keen that it's now become a triangle though...

SCANDAL, "No More Blood", February 19, 2015, Actors: Kerry Washington, Henry Ian Cusick and more, The Scenes: Stephen shows up to save Liv & Olivia shuts down Fitz for going to war over her
Klutzy girl:
Stephen shows up to save Liv. I honestly didn't see it coming and that's why it was awesome.
Joshua Bower: Olivia shuts down Fitz for going to war over her.

SLEEPY HOLLOW, "Awakening", February 16, 2015, Actors: Nicole Beharie and more
The Scene: Abbie gets sent back in time
Klutzy girl:
Abbie gets sent back in time to the beginnings of Sleepy Hollow and the start of it all. I loved the parallel to the pilot, and I'm excited to see what happens in the finale.

STALKER, "Fun and Games", February 18, 2015, Actors: Maggie Q, Victor Rasuk and more, The Scene: The ending with Ben shot and Beth abducted
Laura Markus:
Wow, just wow. I honestly could not put into words how I was feeling after I watched the episode end. Ray shot Ben! Ray abducted Beth! Janice and Jack were crying and we don't know what's going to happen! CBS, PLEASE RENEW THIS SHOW! We simply must know what happens to Beth and Ben!

SUITS, "Derailed", February 18, 2015, Actors: Sarah Rafferty, Patrick J. Adams, The Scene: Donna gets the paperwork in order to save Mike's case
Laura Markus:
Although it looks as though she will get reprimanded for this, Donna really helped Mike out when he really needed someone (coughs Harvey) and she was there for him. A+ friendship from Mike and Donna. I hope everything will end up alright for her.

THE 100, "Resurrection", February 18, 2015, Actors: Paige Turco, Devon Bostick, Henry Ian Cusick and more, The Scenes: Kane and Abby talk about their past choices & The kids in Mount Weather fight back
Justyna K:
You'd think that after a series of excellent episodes The 100 would take a breath at one point and slow down the action but it never happens with this show. It only exceeds the expectations and delivers the viewers another amazing hour. I absolutely love watching Octavia's change, Clarke's internal conflict and the revolution in Mount Weather, with all its great scenes (like: The kids fighting back with Jasper as a leader, Bellamy saving Fox and reuniting with his people, and the people of Mount Weather helping the kids) but this week I have go with Kane and Abby discussing their past choices. Both Paige Turco and Henry Ian Cusick did a stunning work in this moment. I'm so happy that Kane survived. Like with Bellamy, he was one of the people I truly disliked in the beginning but after he went through an incredible character development, he has become one of my favorites. It was such an emotional and powerful scene where, despite his situation, he immediately understands Clarke's choice and helps Abby get through it by making her remember everything the two of them did in the past. All the horrible decisions done in good faith that resulted in the death of the innocent people and their loved ones. The memory of what happened is still with Marcus and is what's driving his change and helping him become a good man in the worst of times. Also a great thing about this moment, it leaves us with an important and unanswered question: "After everything we've done, do we even deserve to survive?". Another deep subject worth exploring by all. Kudos to the cast & crew for their work!
Daniel van der Veer: While Abby and Kane are trapped, they have nothing else to do but talk. Abby shows her concerns for Clarke and her decision to let TonDC get bombed. What follows is Kane's explanation that she made that decision because she was born and raised on the ark. He then tells Abby that it's nothing short of the decisions that they had to make. It was a powerful scene and both Henry Ian Cusick and Paige Turco shone.
Ann-Sophie Hamel: The kids in Mount Weather, with Jasper as their leader, fight the mountain men and kill 10 of their men. The episode was great as a whole, but I loved that the kids trapped in the mountain stopped being sitting ducks, and finally fought back. Jasper swinging the ax at the struggling, almost dead man, was a game changer for the character, and I can't wait to see where it takes him.

THE AMERICANS, "Dimebag", February 18, 2015, Actors: Matthew Rhys, Holly Taylor and more, The Scenes: Philip gives Paige a Yaz LP & The awkward birthday dinner
Darth Locke:
Despite the great talent on this show, sometimes I feel it's a little too dark, gritty, and to repetitive, but one thing that keeps me from walking away is Matthew Rhys' Philip. Despite whatever wrong his character is doing, he always brings either warmth, humor, or humanity to the series and this scene just was another great example of Philip's need to connect.
Sharon Seymour: The awkward birthday dinner scene with Paige and her parents and the Pastor and his wife.

THE BLACKLIST, "The Kenyon Family", February 19, 2015, Actors: James Spader, Clark Middleton, The Scene: Red goes to ask for Glen's help at the DMV
Geo N:
The first scene where Red goes to ask for Glen's help at the DMV was hilarious. The two have great chemistry together working off of each other's jokes and lines. The scene where they go to St. Petersburg to the apartment was incredibly fun to watch.
Bradley Adams: Can Glen be on more often? James Spader was, as always, fantastic. Clark Middleton's Glen was a perfect counterpart and it led to some superb interactions between the two.

THE MENTALIST, "White Orchids", February 18, 2015, Actors: Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, The Scene: The final scene (Lisbon tells Patrick she's pregnant)
Justyna K:
Despite all the darkness of the story, somehow, the creators still managed to end this wonderful series with a happy ending, or rather a new happy beginning for the characters. It's a beautiful change, to be honest, considering how many shows opt to shock the viewers in the end or stick with their original idea, often heartbreaking or not satisfying, after the show's progress over the years. The Mentalist ends its run with a second chance for Patrick, with the hope that even the most painful tragedies don't necessarily break us for good. That the good things, love and happiness are not lost forever. What a lovely moment to end the series, just after the wedding, with Lisbon still being the greatest mystery to Jane and letting him know she's pregnant. I can't even imagine how much it must mean to him at this point but it was the most beautiful surprise the show could leave us with. All the characters will be missed dearly and in the end I'm just happy and proud to be a fan of this series! Kudos to the cast and crew!
Tonya Papanikolas: This scene was such a perfect ending to a wonderful, gratifying finale. After the joyful wedding celebration, I wasn't expecting any more great news. But they outdid themselves by giving the couple an even happier ending. The scene brought tears to my eyes. The decision was great because it brought Patrick full circle from losing his wife and daughter in the beginning of the series and not being able to move on, to finally being able to start a new life with a woman he loves and now a child on the way. He got his happy ending with Lisbon, and it couldn't have been any better. The look of pure joy on his face was incredible and so precious. It's hard to surprise Jane but this time he was truly shocked - in the very best of ways.
Diana Mack: The series finale was awesome and perfect. Jane and Lisbon's wedding was beautiful and it concluded a circle started 7 years ago. I'm going to miss this show very much, and I've said this in my last review. Bruno Heller gave to the fans what they have always wanted, Jane and Lisbon being a couple and tie the knot. But I think the most touching moment was at the end: Lisbon is pregnant, and Jane couldn't see this coming. That was my fav scene. I like the idea of Lisbon being a mystery to Jane, the only person he couldn't 'read', and in the end, she managed to surprise once more with her pregnancy. Jane will have a family again.

THE MUSKETEERS, "Through a Glass Darkly", February 20, 2015, Actors: Ryan Gage, Tamla Kari, Leo Gregory and more, The Scenes: The final scene & Marmion makes Louis choose Room 1 or 2
Justyna K:
It's the most impossible choice I've had to make in this article for a while, to pick one best scene from this (pretty much) perfect episode of the show. The one mentioned by Sandi would be easily one of my choices but since it's already in the article, I went with a completely different moment - the last few minutes with all the reunions and a surprisingly happy ending of such an intense and dark story. First of all, I absolutely love the friendship between Constance and the Queen (and Porthos and Aramis!) so their shared relief and support in the end were a lovely view. Also there's someting about a second chance for d'Artagnan and Constance, despite all the difficulties and heartbreak of their situation, that makes this moment feel bright and hopeful for all the characters, even the impossible couples like Anne and Aramis exchanging the looks in the scene. Like a brave feeling it's all worth fighting for and the little moments are what matters in life enough to take a chance. Of course it's not the end of the show and it's hardly a happy ending, in fact, I fear it might be the most tragic start of Constance's goodbye in the series (I really hope it's NOT!), but still it's one of these moments that you remember and are always glad to come back to. It was such a fantastic episode! Kudos!
Sandi: There are many favourite scenes in this gorgeously dark and character driven episode - Aramis surviving his fall to scale the walls to rescue Anne, Porthos & Rochefort playing tug of war with each other as they are chained together in the cellar, Athos & Milady's smouldering looks and the Musketeer's banter as the discover Aramis is alive all immediately spring to mind. But Leo Gregory & Ryan Gage just steal the top spot during this scene. They played off each other beautifully, the intensity and emotion building unbearably.

THE WALKING DEAD, "Them", February 15, 2015, Actors: Andrew Lincoln, Lauren Cohan and more, The Scenes: The whole team push together on the barn doors to stop the walkers & Rick's speech about them being The Walking Dead
The whole team push together on the barn doors to stop the walkers.
Sharon Seymour: Rick's speech about them being The Walking Dead.
Diana Mack: Same as Sharon. Also, that episode had some beautiful and introspective moments.

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