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Scene Of The Week - February 1, 2015 - POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently on TV.

12 MONKEYS, "Cassandra Complex", January 30, 2015, Actors: Aaron Stanford and more
The Scene: Cole shoots the doctor at the end
Sylvie C:
By the end of the episode I had a hint he was the one who killed the doctor but nevertheless I was shocked at how coldly he did it. Also picked by DarkUFO, Bradley Adams, Robert Fruin, Darth Locke and Sandi

BANSHEE, "Real Life is the Nightmare", January 30, 2015, Actors: Antony Starr, Lili Simmons and more, The Scenes: Rebecca and Burton take down the Redbones & Kai and Hood fight
I get the feeling that Rebecca has been wanting to get her revenge since the house invasion, it's obvious that she didn't like losing control of that situation. She wasn't going to give in during the game of dare as she drove towards their van, you could see it in the look of determination on her face. I think she surprised Burton with how far she's come in the last few months since Kai took her under his wing. I loved how they mirrored each others movements as they wordlessly checked over the battered bodies of the two badly injured men. Then calmly came to the same conclusion, before coolly chucking the lighter into the leaking fuel and walking away from the explosion.
DarkUFO: Kai and Hood fight scene at the strip club. Also picked by Bradley Adams

CRIMINAL MINDS, "Nelson's Sparrow", January 28, 2015, Actors: Robert Dunne, Ben Savage, The Scene: Young Gideon and Young Rossi's introduction
Laura Markus:
Every single flashback to Young Gideon and Young Rossi. Does this need explaining? Robert Dunne and Ben Savage absolutely KILLED IT as these characters and actually made the episode watchable. I hope these two will be in another episode down the line; bravo!

ELEMENTARY, "The One That Got Away", January 29, 2015, Actors: Jonny Lee Miller, Ophelia Lovibond, The Scenes: Kitty and Sherlock say goodbye & Kitty and Sherlock meet at the warehouse
Justyna K:
There were two great, very powerful and memorable scenes that I could mention here from the episode. Since the second one is already mentioned I'm going with the final phone call between Sherlock and Kitty. Both actors did spectacular job in the hour and I'm truly sad to see Kitty leave. If the conversation at the warehouse was about how much Kitty meant for Sherlock then their call made us realize just how important Holmes was for Kitty. In the end, they saved each other, from two very different things, and made the other move on. For someone so completely broken and scared, like we can see in Kitty's early flashbacks, to be able to find her strength, do something that matters, help people - I'd say it means everything. And I love the fact that it was Sherlock, usually not the nicest and understanding man, who became her close friend and support. Also Kitty's last words to him "I love you. Isn't that the saddest thing?" were beautifully emotional and meaningful. I wasn't quite sure about the idea of Holmes training another detective before the season started but Kitty and her friendship with Sherlock surprisingly ended up being my favorite thing about it. Hopefully it's not the last time we're going to see the two working together. Kudos!
Jimmy Ryan: CBS's Elementary concluded its two part event on Thursday night with a stunner of an episode. Jonny Lee Miller showed why he is one of television's finest actors right throughout, but him and Ophelia Lovibond's finest scene of the evening was at the warehouse where Holmes made his thoughts on what Kitty was about to do to Gruner. Holmes also opened up on his feelings for Kitty, and how she had saved him. It was an incredible, powerful, and emotional scene. Jonny Lee Miller is hugely underrated and is overdue for some decent recognition. 

GALAVANT, "It's All in the Executions", January 25, 2015, Actors: Joshua Sasse, Timothy Omundson and more, The Scene: The ending song
A Dahne:
While the ending song was not the best one of the night - that would be We're Off on a Secret Mission - it did contain the absolute best piece of meta I have seen in a long time. I'm not usually a meta person but this one had me rolling. Only Galavant would actually use the lyrics: "Will all the singing kill our Nielsen ratings? /Sid, the peasants, the entire crew, / Will they be back for season 2? / Who knows?" Bwah! It makes me laugh every time.
Sylvie C: I don't know if it can count as a scene but the lyrics made me laugh so loud and totally resumes for me how amazing this season has been..

GOTHAM, "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon", January 26, 2015, Actors: Ben McKenzie and more, The Scene: Delaware begs Jim to not hurt his family
Bradley Adams:
The end scene where Delaware begs Jim to not hurt, only for Jim to realise what he had done.

GREY'S ANATOMY, "Where Do We Go From Here", January 29, 2015, Actors: Geena Davis and more, The Scene: Dr Herman finds out about Amelia and Arizona's research
Robert Fruin:
Dr Herman finds out that Amelia and Arizona have been looking at scans of her tumor.

GRIMM, "Death Do Us Part", January 30, 2015, Actors: Bitsie Tulloch and more, The Scene: Juliette hexenbiests out and blows up a car
A Dahne:
Juliette hexenbiests out and blows up a douche's car. Ha! Who hasn't wanted to disable some douche's ability to drive? When said douche almost runs Juliette over in a parking lot and then doesn't even have the decency to apologize, her new hexenbiest temper rises and she unwittingly blows the hood right off his car. She was in shock but I was too busy cheering to notice. I want some of that hexenbiest power the next time I'm on 30 and behind some PLIP (pokey little puppy) too busy talking on his cell phone to drive.

HELIX, "Scion", January 30, 2015, Actors: Kyra Zagorsky and more, The Scene: Julia experiences her father's madness
Darth Locke:
Julia experiences her father's madness, as she is reunited with her mother's and adopted brother's remains at the dinner table. Not only did this scene interestingly parallel things pertaining to season one with their pasts, but given that Julia's and Hiroshi's story is 31-ish years after the events of the season one, this scene was so disturbing thinking not only about Hiroshi's hallucinations in the episode, but further the fact that somehow what's left of those two other characters were dragged to this house on this Island and preserved for that long, is kind of what made it all horrifically amazing.

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, "Hello Raskolnikov", January 29, 2015, Actors: Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch and more, The Scenes: Annalise breaks down in the bathroom & The showdown at the police station & Keating tells Wes they can get away with Sam's murder
Daniel van der Veer:
Finally How To Get Away With Murder is back and it delivered an awesome episode. The most memorable moment for me is the showdown outside of the police station between the Connor and Michaela, and Laurel, Wes and Annalise. As the duo prepares to turn themselves in, they come across Wes and Annalise who have been warned by Laurel. The scene showed how desperate Connor and Michaela were, and now Annalise is going to help them. This was a game-changing moment that changes everything.
Robert Fruin: Keating tells Wes that if he will let her help him they will get away with Sam's Murder.
Francesco B: Annalise breaks down in the bathroom.

MARVEL'S AGENT CARTER, "The Blitzkrieg Button", January 27, 2015, Actors: Bridget Regan and more, The Scene: The Dottie reveal
I've been loving Agent Carter so far, and adding to that the black widow project is in motion makes the show more essential to the MCU, thus making it even better than it already was. I'm really enjoying everything that's going on, so adding this plot only makes the show more essential, and honestly, more surprising and entertaining.
Klutzy girl: The reveal that Dottie is more than she seems was expected but I was still surprised when she went after that guy. Cannot wait to see what happens with her next.

PARENTHOOD, "May God Bless and Keep You Always", January 29, 2015, Actors: Craig T. Nelson, Lauren Graham and more, The Scenes: The Final Scene & Zeek asks Sarah if he has been a good father
Ben Norton:
The whole series finale of Parenthood was spectacular, but the final moments of the episode were a huge standout for me. Firstly, the scattering of Zeeks ashes in a baseball field where he planned to teach his son was so emotional, but yet a great way to close out his character. Also by creating multiple time jumps to each of the families, gives us a very clear vision of how this show ends, there are no storylines left hanging. It gives us an insight to how the families continued their lives after the show, it was quite a unique technique taken by Jason Katims. All these scenes combined with a fantastic song choice and a 'montage' aspect to it, really created an incredible ending to the show, as the Braverman family walks out to the distance as the screen fades.
Francesco B: Zeek asks Sarah if he has been a good father. "The very best!" she replies. This scene was really heartbreaking, heartwarming and emotional. I will miss the heart of Parenthood, such a great show of this decade of television.

PARKS AND RECREATION, "Save JJ's", January 27, 2015, Actors: Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, The Scene: Ron tells Leslie Grizzle took her offer
This season has been a bit different, but as a whole I've been liking a lot what it has to offer. In a way it has revitalized Ron and Leslie's relationship by giving them reasons to fight together for what they believe, and so it is great to see a moment in which Ron can tease Leslie by making her wait to know that Grizzle actually took her offer and of course it makes Leslie both joyful and upset. These are the moments that not only make you laugh, but also make you smile.

RED BAND SOCIETY, "The Guilted Age", January 31, 2015, Actors: Ciara Bravo, Zoe Levin, The Scene: Emma and Kara being civil with each other
Laura Markus:
I was SO happy when these two finally started talking and getting along. The fact that they're bonding over mommy issues and that they're FINALLY not arguing over Leo as much anymore made this episode so great. I hope a great friendship lies ahead for these two.

SCANDAL, "Run", January 29, 2015, Actors: Kerry Washington and more
The Scene: Liv tries to escape
Klutzy girl:
Liv tries to make her escape at the very end only to find herself on a stage. I knew something was up but I didn't quite expect that. Looking forward to finding out how she escapes!

SLEEPY HOLLOW, "Kali Yuga", January 26, 2015, Actors: Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie
The Scene: Abbie and Ichabod sing "Proud Mary"
Klutzy girl:
They've been out of sync all season and so it's nice to see them back on even ground. Plus, the song is amazing and I love how deep Tom's voice got.

STALKER, "My Hero", January 28, 2015, Actors: Maggie Q, Dylan McDermott, The Scene: Jack comes over to Beth's house
Laura Markus:
This was SO SWEET! Jack just wanted to make Beth feel comfortable. So, he brought over food and movies and just wanted to hang out during this awful time for her. On top of it being an awesome episode, this was the icing on the cake.

THE 100, "Survival of the Fittest", January 28, 2015, Actors: Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos and more, The Scenes: The end scene with Bellamy and Lincoln & Octavia fights with the Grounder & Indra agrees to make Octavia her second & Clarke and Lexa talk about weakness and strength
Justyna K:
There are always so many great things to say about this show and its scenes. But this time choosing scene of the week was actually the easiest decision to make. The final moment of the episode, with Lincoln taking the drug and Bellamy being taken away by the Mountain Men, completely stole the hour for me and almost caused me to forget everything else that happened. It was incredibly intense, powerful and absolutely terrifying! It was nearly possible to feel Bellamy's fear and desperation as he watched Lincoln give into his addiction. It was a moment without words but so many things were said, thanks to the amazing performances by the actors - Bob Morley and Ricky Whittle. The look on Blake's face said it all. Kudos for the terrific job! Also, I just have to add, the promo for the next episode might just be the most disturbing and horrifying I've seen so far. The upcoming hour is gonna be painfully hard to watch.
Daniel van der Veer: The 100 had so many great (and some unlikely) pairings this week: Jaha and Murphy, Ocatavia and Indra, Clarke and Lexa, Bellamy and Lincoln. They all had awesome moments one way or another, but standing out the most was the end scene between Bellamy and Lincoln. As Bellamy begs Lincoln not to take the drugs, Lincoln falls on his knees and takes it anyway. The entire scene was without words, but the acting of Bob Morley and Ricky Whittle was stunning and said everything. Addiction seems to be the latest sensitive topic The 100 touches upon, and I'm looking forward to see how it's handled.
Sylvie C: Octavia fights with the Grounder while everyone else is watching. The scene was powerful and if not my favorite of the episode it was the most significant for me. Octavia won Indra's respect at that moment and proved to everyone else that she's not just Bellamy little sister anymore.
A Dahne: Octavia was by far the best part of this episode and all the scenes with her were superb. That quiet moment between Indra and Octavia was incredibly powerful. While it seems like a little thing, it is the first time one of the 100 has ever gotten Indra's respect and may be the first real evidence that the grounders and Ark can make their alliance work. Not to mention, it should ensure more fight scenes and more Octavia time, which is always a good thing.
Pablozky21: This show makes such a good use of its characters, it never ceases to amaze me. As it throws Clarke to darker places it also allows us to humanize Lexa who has been portrayed so far as pretty much a cold badass, so it's nice to see new layers to both characters. What they've been through have made them both stronger, tougher, but also compasionate, and it is something really great to see. Also, they both make a great duo and both actresses have amazing on screen chemistry, so here's hoping we see more of them.

THE AMERICANS, "EST Men", January 28, 2015, Actors: Keri Russell and more
The Scene: Opening fight scene with Elizabeth (picked by DarkUFO)

THE MUSKETEERS, "Emilie", January 30, 2015, Actors: Alexandra Dowling, Tom Burke and more, The Scenes: Anne and Constance meet Emilie & D'Artagnan and Athos plan to get drunk together
Justyna K:
There were just so many things to love about this episode that choosing one specific scene was incredibly hard. But since I really enjoyed the fact that we got to see Aramis, Anne and Constance working together, I'm going with the moment when the two women meet Emilie and everything goes south. No matter how foolish the idea might be, I was glad to see the Queen trying to act on her own and try to defuse the conflict between France and Spain, with Constance staying by her side. Of course it didn't take long for things to get intense and dangerous, with people demanding Anne's death and Aramis trying to act both protective towards the Queen and supportive of Emilie. Quite a peculiar position to find yourself in. All the actors were fantastic and the characters' interations were great. Also loved all the little things about the scene and the episode. Everything worked quite wonderfully and I can't wait for what's next. Kudos!
Sandi: It was only the briefest of scenes, with minimal scripting or direction required, yet it spoke volumes about their friendship and shared turmoil that both are experiencing. I adore these character moments between the guys, and this episode had plenty, but this is the one that stood out the most for me.

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