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Raina Reveals: Exclusive Spoilers and Teasers - 12 Monkeys, Banshee, Nashville, Secrets and Lies, Shameless, The Americans & The Slap

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Thanks for tuning in to the twenty-fourth edition of our weekly article, Raina Reveals, which covers exclusive spoilers and teasers brought to you by The SpoilerTV Team! This week we will be answering questions received via Ask Raina as well as providing Pilot and Bonus Scoop. As usual, if you are desperate for details on a particular show be sure to send your question in via the form at the end of the article.

Max: Anything on 12 Monkeys?
If you're a fan of Jennifer Goines then you'll enjoy this week's episode which features flashbacks of her work with the Markridge group. Cassandra is devastated when she finds out Cole killed Henri which leads to Cole sharing his motivations for fixing the past. Cole's efforts to persuade Jennifer to help them destroy the virus backfire. We also see another side to Jones when the group gets drunk and details from the past are spilled.

JulietteFan: Nashville scoop please!
An upcoming episode sees Jeff's career reach breaking point before finally crashing, taking Edgehill with it. Sadie tells Rayna about her troubles with Pete and Rayna helps her finalize her issues with him once and for all. Juliette has a shoot which ends badly and an opportunity arises for Rayna and Deacon to sing together again.

Giana: Is Secrets and Lies worth checking out?
For those unfamiliar with Secrets and Lies, the pilot which airs 4 March 2015 sees Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe) discover the body of his neighbors son in the woods. The press label him a suspect which throws his life into chaos. If you're a fan of the book (and movie) Gone Girl you definitely want to check out Secrets and Lies as they share similar themes. For more teasers on the upcoming premiere be sure to track our Secrets and Lies tag.

Marie: Teasers for Shameless?
Ian's road trip with Mickey's baby takes a turn for the worse when he leaves Yevgeny alone in the car. The severity of his condition becomes apparent when the police arrive. Ian's absence has Mickey furious and heartbroken, his emotions boiling over as he expresses his feelings for Ian. The rest of the family find out Fiona is married and Sammy tries to fill her shoes at the Gallagher house. Jimmy's return causes issues for Fiona and she is forced to face her true feelings. The episode ends with a painful goodbye.

SVG: Something about The Americans?
The next episode sees the beginning of a potential new relationship for Philip with a girl who is much younger. Paige celebrates her birthday and makes a startling revelation to her parents. Nina has a chance to improve her living conditions in prison and Stan's attendance at a self help group ends badly.

Pilot Scoop: The Slap
Premiering tonight, The Slap is an eight part miniseries airing on NBC. The pilot introduces viewers to Hector (Peter Sarsgaard) a married, public servant who is struggling with work and personal issues. After a promotion opportunity goes south Hector tries to avoid temptation in the form of a captivating young woman. His family throws him a surprise birthday party which is derailed when Hector's cousin slaps another couple's child. This becomes a catalyst that uncovers secrets amongst his friends and family. For more on the upcoming episode be sure to check out The Slap - Hector - Advance Preview.

Bonus Scoop: Banshee
We have some bonus information for next week's episode of Banshee. Chayton proves yet again that he has no redeeming features with another brutal killing. Job and Sugar continue their plans for the heist on Camp Genoa. Rebecca goes behind Kai's back, a decision that will have massive repercussions later. Gordon and Carrie undertake some very unique parenting measures. For details on this Friday's episode be sure to check out our advance Banshee preview and teasers here.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed our spoilers and teasers! Please note: All spoilers were compiled directly from the source by The SpoilerTV Team. They are accurate at the time of posting, however, as with all information given ahead of time they are subject to change.

About the Author - Raina
Raina is an avid TV fan from Australia. Her favourite shows include How To Get Away With Murder, The 100, The Flash and The Vampire Diaries. She provides spoilers and teasers in a weekly article called Raina Reveals and will be reviewing upcoming Syfy series Dark Matter which premieres Summer 2015.

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