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Looking - Looking for Truth - Review: "Finally"

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   Looking continued its second season last Sunday with an all new episode, titled “Looking for Truth”, written by Tanya Saracho and directed by Andrew Haigh.
   “Looking for Truth” mainly focused on Patrick and Richie. After Pat’s breakup with Kevin, he needed to change his mind and helping Richie was the best way to do it. Agustin and Eddie also spent more time together and finally kissed ! Yay ! But Doris and Dom were nowhere to be seen, bummer. I really missed my Doris, but I’m hearing she’s coming with a special storyline for a future episode so I feel a bit better.

   First, Patrick had that talk with Kevin. Kevin chose John instead of Patrick last week, so they needed to set things straight. They are still working together, Kevin is Pat’s boss after all. What Pat said to him was very intelligent. He was calm and spoke the truth. I loved it when he said no one get hurt, it was clear Kevin was really hurt by their breakup. I really don’t get him. He seemed so miserable without Patrick. Even when John visited him at work, he was down. Patrick always made him smile. Kevin really needs to man up and leave John for Patrick or stay unhappy in his relationship. I will never understand why people choose to stay in unhappy relationships.

   Anyways, Patrick decided to do something useful if his day, instead of jerking off to porn. He went to help out Richie get back his old ice cream truck. It was so sweet and nice to watch them together again. It kinda reminded me of last season's episode. Patrick and Richie are really great together. I think it’s kind of obvious Patrick is thinking about getting back together but I'm glad he’s not rushing it.
   Patrick finally realized he had hurt Richie very bad. Especially when he met his cousin and she told him about the wedding costume and the broken heart. Ow, poor Richie. He was really into Patrick and Pat totally screwed it up. Patrick wasn't ready to commit to a serious relationship then, he was still experimenting. And, he isn't ready yet now either. He just broke off with Kevin, and Richie is with Brady anyway.

    Patrick also revealed Richie the whole truth behind their break up. Richie never knew exactly why Patrick dumped him. He never guessed he had fucked with Kevin. It was bold from Pat to tell Richie now. I loved how he joked afterwards about walking home, if I were Richie I probably have done it. But Richie is a very mature guy. He was above it. Of course, he pissed him off in a way, it's never pleasant to learn your ex cheating on you. And he never liked Kevin, because his relationship with Pat wasn’t honest and maybe because he’s still attracted to Pat. I don’t know. But, the fact he was so cool made me worry a bit, maybe he’s really over Patrick and it just didn’t touch him.

    While Patrick and Richie were reconnecting, learning more about Richie’s childhood, Agustin was worried about Eddie when he learnt he was home sick. I hoped it wasn’t bad too. Agustin brought him soup, super sweet from him… only to discover Eddie wasn’t that sick all  !
   I love Eddie so much. He’s just so funny and special. He's always very calm, thoughtful about everything. I’m loving also how Looking is handling the HIV storyline. It could have been a huge drama, depressing and all, but treating it more casually makes it really great and even more interesting. It doesn’t mean HIV isn’t a serious illness, but Eddie is living with it, surviving from it for now. We finally learnt how he got, I always has been very curious about it. I loved his sex dungeon’s joke.

   Of course, the best part of Agustin and Eddie’s part was their dance scene on “Finally”. Oh God, I love that song. I think ever since I’ve watched the episode, I’ve listened to that song about a dozen of times. And I danced it off too.
   I was so happy and excited when Agustin finally kissed Eddie. It was about time, we have reached the half of the season (already !). I’m so looking forward them exploring their relationship. They won’t be a couple just now, I’m sure they’ll work on something great because they have such a connection and Eddie is the best thing that even happened to Agustin. He’s no longer selfish, arrogant and mean. Eddie has brought the best out of Agustin, finally !

   “Looking for Truth” was another excellent episode. This second season has been exceptionally good on so many levels. I’ve never expected Looking to get this good, this soon. The rhythm is better this season, the interactions between the characters have also greatly improved. We have reached the half of the season and I’m so looking forward the next five episodes.
   Is Patrick and Kevin are really over ? Will Patrick try to win Richie back ? Will Agustin and Eddie manage to keep their amazing relationship ? Will Dom open his chicken window ? Will Doris and Malik will become a thing ? Oh, so many things happening !

   Did you enjoyed “Looking for Truth” What are thoughts on the season so far ? Hit the comments !

San Francisco notes :

- “Spanking the monkey” Thank you Agustin, never heard that one before.
- Agustin was really sweet when he spoke to Patrick, telling him not to use Richie as a rebound thing. He really cares for Pat and Richie.
- How much did you miss Doris and Dom ?
- Loved the ice cream truck and the music, I used to see one of this in my neighbour when I was a child.
- "To You", at work, in front of everybody, seriously Kevin ?

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