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Looking - Looking for a Plot - Advance Preview

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   Looking will continue its wonderful second season this Sunday on HBO with an all new episode “Looking for a Plot”. It will be a very special episode, mainly taking place in Modesto, Dom and Doris childhood city.
   For the first time, Doris, played by the amazingly funny Lauren Weedman, will be the main character of the episode. Something quite terrible will happen to her, she will learn the death of a family member and Dom and Patrick will help her during that hard time.

   I’m a big fan of Doris ever since she made her first appearance on the pilot. She is so bright, so fun and so clever. I love everything about her character. She always gets the best lines and her reactions were always priceless. So, when a bad thing will happen to her, Doris will react in her own special ways and it will be amazing. It’s also very special episode for me, it really has touched me personally like no show ever has. I’ll develop that in my review next Monday.

   “Looking for Plot” won’t take place in San Francisco, only the first and last scene will. Agustin will a part of the first scene but we won’t see him much afterwards. Doris, Dom and Patrick’s road trip and stay in Modesto will be emotional, fun and very instructive. Finally, we’ll get to learn about Dom and Doris’s past and history. They have the most stable and healthy relationship of the show, you’ll love to listen to their wonderful memories. Here’s a list of what else you can expect :

-  Another epic dance scene. It will be even better than Agustin and Eddie on “Finally”. This time it’ll be “Walking on Sunshine” so get ready to dance it off too !
- A crazy thing will happen during the road trip. It literally made me jump out off my chair. God, Looking isn’t supposed to be that scary.
- Dom and Doris will share a laugh at a very inappropriate moment. And Dom will be responsible for their laugh. He can be so damn funny sometimes.
-  A great swimming pool scene, and someone will pee (a little bit) in it… Eww…
-  Patrick will have a surprising reaction at the funeral. It will be his first funeral, that might explain everything.
- Doris will take dirty pictures in the least appropriate place.
- We won’t see of Malik but Doris will talk about him. Their story is so sweet.
- Dom and Doris will share a lot of their teenage memories, and so will Patrick. It won’t surprise you to learn Dom and Doris were way funnier than Patrick’s.
- Patrick will reveal one of his straight experience, to which Doris will reply : “I’m sure she has a very different memory of that evening” And she is probably right, like always.
- Patrick will receive a very nice surprise by the end of the episode. Totally unexpected ! Yay....

   “Looking for a Plot” is really an episode you can’t miss. First, Lauren Weedman is absolutely perfect in it. She will shed more light on Doris, how she became the woman we love. It will make her character more real. And it will be Looking at its best, excellent music sequences, beautiful dialogues and emotional scenes.
   Are you excited about it ? Don’t miss “Looking for a Plot” this Sunday on HBO. Hit the comments !

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