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Looking - Looking for Down the Road - Review

   Looking continued its amazing second season last night with “Looking Down the Road”, written by Ryan Fleck and directed by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.
   Once again, it was a very rich and dense episode. I’m so pleased to see how much the show has improved and evolved since its first season. The episodes are way richer this season, Agustin and Dom are more present and Patrick is more interesting. Last season, we got to meet Patrick, Agustin and Dom and this year, we get to know them better. And I love them more.
   "Looking Down the Road" was a major episode, marked by two breaks up, Patrick’s reconnection with Richie, Agustin getting more closer to Eddie and Dom finally being ready to take care of himself to pursue his dream.

   Patrick had a lot on his plate this week in “Looking Down the Road”. First, he finally reconnected with Richie ! Yay. I couldn’t be more happier about it. Richie always has been a great character,a supporting and not judging friend. Patrick was quite awful with him at the end of their relationship, it really shows how much Richie is great as a person to accept to reconnect with Pat. It was so sweet to watch them being so awkward, sharing an ice cream in the park together.
   Richie revealed he was dating someone, a hot ginger named Brady. Lucky guy. Patrick was relieved, because he wanted to tell Richie about Kevin and also he didn’t want things to be confusing, like he had an ulterior motive in seeing Richie back. Richie’s reaction to Patrick dating Kevin was priceless. God, I wish someone had told Patrick that before. Richie’s line “so now you’re a home-wrecker Patrick ?” was fabulous. Richie gave Patrick a very good piece of advice, it’s never good to be more involved in the relation than the other. The two people should have the same investment otherwise it can’t work. He couldn"t be more true and I couldn''t agree more with Richie. (I just wanted to kiss him).

   Richie’s advise, added to the fact Pat ear-dropped Kevin and John’s phonecall last week and that he saw Kevin and John at the market, was the kick in the ass Patrick needed. He saw his relationship with Kevin clearly, and like we saw it, for the first time. His speech to Kevin on the roof was one of the most amazing, true and touching scene of Looking. Jonathan Groff was so true and so perfect delivering his lines. Patrick was in pain because he was starting to build a life in his head with Kevin, he wanted more than just stealing weekends and lunches with Kevin, he wanted to have the life Kevin shared with John. And Kevin surprised me there, when he said he would talk to John and share his life with Pat 'cause he had the same dream.
   First, I was surprised and shocked. It found it was cute, I thought for a minute Kevin really cared and loved Patrick and he was finally ready to really be with him. Patrick believed in Kevin too, he always believed in him. But, when Kevin came at the party to find Patrick, kissed him and then told him he couldn’t talked to John, he tried to he couldn’t. He made his choice. Poor Patrick, it was expected for him to get hurt in his relationship with Kevin and it finally happened. It was so sad to watch him left alone, a tear on his face…. Guess things will be uncomfortable at work now.

  Patrick wasn’t the only one having problems in his relationships. Dom had a hard time with Lynn. Last week, after the rugby game, things were left a bit weird between them. They didn’t talk for a day and finally Dom visited Lynn… And he found him with Matthew in his hot tub. It was a bit weird, Dom felt like he was crushing something and I even felt his discomfort too. Maybe cause it kinda reminded me of something similar I’ve lived.
    Anyways, Dom reacted well and fully enjoyed his open relationship with Lynn doing a threesome with Matthew. I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t get to see more of them, but the hot tub kiss was particularly hot. The following day, Dom visited Lynn at his flower shop and they finally had the talk about their relationship.
   It was a surprising, sad and a bit angering scene. Lynn showed his true face to Dom and it was harsh. Dom was upset since he knew Lynn took a decision about his future behind his back. Dom clearly noticed Lynn was withholding, and he was always measuring and calculating everything. Lynn never was really himself with Dom. I was upset too because I really liked Dom and Lynn together, they were great, it was so good to see Dom happy with someone, trying to build something. But he was trying alone because Lynn was never really interested in building something with him. He built a life with Bryan and that life had ended. He gave a lot for that relationship and he wasn’t ready to give any more. He didn't let himself be surprised, to let himself fall for Dom. It’s a real pity for him, he’s losing la great man as Dom.

   Dom was a bit down, but he always has his girl Doris to make him feel better. Even though her appearances were short, Doris always brings so much light, so much fun to the show. Her kickstarter idea to get Dom’s chicken window open was great. She is always very positive and resourceful.
 Dom isn’t the only one to have a great and funny friend, Agustin has his bear Eddie.

   I’m growing fonder of Eddie episodes after episodes. He’s a real great character. I was so thrilled to finally spend more time with him, in his trans teens shelter. Eddie always brings the best in Agustin. I found him even sexier and hotter in “Looking Down the Road”. I don’t know if it’s what Richie did to his hair and beard but he’s way sexier now. How long until Eddie fall in his arms ?
   The shelter scene where Agustin got to meet the teens was absolutely great. It was so funny to watch Agustin being interrogated by those curious teenagers. Eddie and Agustin were perfect together, I very much enjoyed their relationship. Eddie was the right character for Agustin. He needed to have someone funny and light but also deeply connected to the reality. It was the change Agustin needed, he was fun with his artist friends and all, but he was disconnected from reality. With Eddie and the shelter, Agustin in right in the middle of reality.
   I was so thrilled that Eddie had recommended Agustin to work with him. They're so cute and so funny together, at least one the guys had a great time in that episode ! I'm really looking forward more of those two. Eddie finally made Agustin likeable.

   What did you think of “Looking Down the Road” ? Are you sad about Kevin and Patrick ? Lynn and Dom ? Or are you happy for them ? Hit the comments !

Gay notes :

- Eddie’s “I love Anal” mug : perfect. I want the same for my birthday !
- I love Patrick's thoughts on why people love to wait in SF ; and he chose honey lavender for his ice cream...So gay.... I want to taste it too !
- As usual, the music is amazing in Looking. The last song, “So This Is Goodbye” from Junior Boys was a brilliant choice.
- So Pat is coming out as a top, even to Dom, and he gave Kevin “the fuck of his life”. It’s not that surprising, Patrick always looked more of a top than a bottom to me.
- Kevin’s English breakfast and Patrick’s reminiscing his horrible surnames “Fatrick” was hilarious and a great way to open the episode.
- So, would you watch that movie from Dom and Doris ? I totally would !

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