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Last Week in TV - Week of Feb. 2 - Reviews and Episode Awards

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Hi and welcome back to Last Week in TV. Sorry this is a day late but I had to work late yesterday. This TV week was a vast improvement to last week's for most of my shows. However my TV schedule has gone insane since the hiatus and there's no way I can keep reviewing 20+ shows and keep my job. Since that job pays, it has to be my first priority. Therefore I am forced to drop some shows. My plan is as always to pick them up in the very short break between shows going on hiatus for summer and the start of the summer season. As such, I will be marathoning the following shows in May instead of keeping up with them on a weekly basis:  Supernatural, SHIELD, Fresh Off the Boat, Elementary, The Big Bang Theory, Helix, and The Musketeers. In all likelihood, once I finish the 3 episode trial I try to give all shows, Allegiance will join the list too. The plan is to get it down to about 12-15 shows in total plus the nominated episode. I thank you for understanding. It's hard to drop shows I like but there is only so much time in the day.

This week’s nominated show was About a Boy. Due to an unexpected snow day, I was able to watch more than just the nominated episode. I found it to be charming and a lot of fun. Add another show to my rapidly growing summer marathon list. Next week's nominated show is Nikita, a show I started but never ended up finishing because of time restraints. It will be odd to see Maggie Q back in her original role after watching her all season in Stalker. If you would like to nominate a show, please fill out the 2 question form below. Until next week, happy TV viewing.

Episode of the Week:

Red Band Society - 1.12/1.13 - We'll Always Have Paris / Waiting for Superman

Note  - This a a double episode review so the finale is the episode of the week, not necessarily the show.

The Stones said it best: "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well you just might find, you get what you need." What I wanted was for the Nielsen viewers to find this small gem of a show and give it a second season. What I needed was good closure to a story that surprised me in how much I was affected by the characters. Initially the only reason I watched this show is because I review all new pilots. Nothing about it seemed fun to me but then I laughed throughout the pilot and I was hooked. Yes, it did go into that exhausting teen emoangsting relationship issue mess a bit too much for me. Okay, way too much. There were also characters I would rather smack than listen to whine one second more (looking at you Kara) but in each episode there was that sense of community, family if you will, that I instantly connect to. They may not have always made the best decisions but the show had great heart. In the end the characters meant something to me. I cared about their survival and their struggles. Plus Nurse Jackson is still my favorite new female character. While we say adieu to the teens and adults of Red Band Society, I appreciate all the good times they've given me and I am grateful for having this heartwarming show to enjoy for 13 episodes. You will be missed.

Grade: C / A-

Best Reason to Watch - the teens supporting each other and singing together on the top of the roof
Best Scene - Jordi tells Leo they need to keep fighting and Leo agrees / Nurse Jackson talks to McAndrew about not getting used to everyone leaving
Best Reason to Fast Forward - everyone's relationship drama
Best Speech - Mae to Leo about how he doesn't have to be a superhero anymore
Most Heartbreaking - Hunter's mom comes back to find Hunter's shirt and invite Jackson to the funeral / Leo's mom asks if it is time to contact the Make-a-Wish Foundation because Leo is almost out of time Biggest Awww Moment - Emma's mom suggests that it might be better if she didn't come back but Emma reconciles with her
Best Monologue - Charlie comparing them to superheroes who rise out of the ashes of tragedy
Most Insightful - Naday and Grace, who both know what is really happening with Jackson and McAndrew
Most Interesting Plan - "slaughtering" to keep the kids from wanting to kiss each other
Most Fun - wheelchair flash mob
Best Plan - putting a bodyguard on each of them
Best Addition - Mae
Most Mature - Dash calls off the make out session to protect Mae's health
The "Hey, I Understand" Award - I completely get going to another country for hot chocolate. It and chocolate milk are one of God's gifts to humanity.
Best Moment - McAndrew pats Jackson on the shoulder on the first day after Hunter's death / Charlie rides around in his wheelchair
Most Improved - Britney
Least Surprising - Jordi's abuela decides Jordi should stay
Most Surprising - Unconscious Kara and Ghost Hunter's day in Paris was better than I ever hoped. It was better than all the stuff about seeing the light and the true gift of life. / Charlie talks
Worst Make-Out Site EVER- the morgue
Worst Timing - Naday tells Jackson he is leaving for Florida that day
Best Reaction - Dash, Mae, and I start laughing at the terrible acting on the PSA video Britney shows
Best Music - Boom by Laleh / You Can't Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones
The "Well That Sucks" Award - Dash and Mae could literally die from being together. That brings a whole new sucky level to tragic romance.
Hard Truth - Kara's mom tells her that she cannot brat out anymore
Best Back Story - Emma talks about her friend moving and how then she stopped eating
Best Quotes -
1. Dash: "I can't believe you all got us watching this corny flick, man." Mae: "Seriously. We were born with a terminal disease. Haven't we suffered enough."
2. Jordi: "Yah I know everyone else is worried about you but total silence is a great quality in a roommate. So here's the deal. Dr. McAndrew's going to cut me open again and this time I don't need you to help me get through it. This time I'm going to help you. Band of brothers, right? You know I read that play, Henry the 5th. It's not just a war they're in. It's the 100 Years War, longest war ever literally. To win a war that long you have to have faith and I do. I sat down with my abuela and prayed. I just closed my eyes and asked for a sign and I saw you. You gave me faith that day. So now that you've got this depression stuff out of your system, I say we just get up tomorrow like it's any other day and keep fighting because I don't see what other choice we have okay?" Leo: "Okay. Okay."
3. Dash: "Mae, slow down." Mae: "Get away from me." Dash: "No seriously. Slow down before we both drop dead."
4. Kara: "If I don't make it, I want you both to know I love you very much." Jackson: "Is it me or has Kara's new heart made her nicer?" McAndrew: "No, it's the morphine."
5. Kara: "I can't take your heart, Hunter. I wanted you whole. I don't want to ravage your body for parts like some zombie girlfriend as bada** as it sounds."
6. Britney: "Okay, stop trying to distract Kenji with 80's song lyrics."

Nominated Show:

About a Boy - 1.08 - About a Slopmaster

Note - I actually ended up watching several episodes although the grade and awards are strictly from 1.08.

About a Boy has a lot to recommend it. It has a kid wise beyond his years but still able to act like a kid. There's a mom who while being a little flighty and out of it most definitely loves her kid. You've got the somewhat obnoxious manchild next door who brings some fun into the kid's life and truly cares about him. They give off a tone of family even if they don't necessarily respect each other. It creates a balance with the kid in the middle that plays well for both laughs and heart. I have to admit that it did take me several episodes to warm up to Will though, hence the lower grade for this episode. His kid at heart thing often comes off as way too immature for me but it is tempered by his obvious love for Marcus and his willingness to put him first on many occasions. It's a sweetness that overcomes many flaws. Many of you know that I have been looking for a comedy to take the place of all the great ones I lost last season through cancellation. This may be it. It is immensely marathon-able so I’ll be checking it out some more this summer. Plus I'm a longtime fan of Minnie Driver.

Grade: B
Ranking - 4 (it's now on my summer list)
Audience - anyone who likes their comedy to come with a large dose of heart as well

Best Reason to Watch - Marcus
Biggest Unicorn - Did I just see a kid on TV take responsibility for his own actions, not make excuses for them, and then actually face consequences for them? I thought that became extinct in the 80's.
Most Likely to Land in Ye Old Stocks - Marcus, the counterfeiter
Best Parenting - Never make your kid the king. Kudos, Fiona.
Worst Yet Sweetest Reason to Bail on a Girl You Like - having to rescue a middle schooler from his momma
The "Nope" Award - as in, nope, I'm pretty sure getting a woman you like’s schedule changed is stalker creepy, not sweet
The "Welcome Back" Award - Adrianne Palicki, best known for Friday Night Lights and now SHIELD, but who will always be Jessica from Supernatural to me
Best Quotes -
1. Marcus: "What's a margarita, Will?" Will: "It's like a snow cone of bad decisions."
2. Marcus: "Mom look. We have 4G. We're in the cloud. I've always dreamed of being in the cloud."
3. Fiona: "Darling, I want you to understand that there is great joy that comes from earning money from a job well done." Marcus: "There's also a joy from buying a $500 margarita machine to bag a babe." Fiona: "What did you just say?" Marcus: "I'm…I'm not actually sure. I was repeating."
4. Marcus: "Personally I would have drawn the line at 500 unreturned calls but I respect your tenacity, Will."
5. Fiona: "Darling, I just wanted to talk to you about the way you conducted yourself for mini-society today." Marcus: "Oh boy." Fiona: "I couldn't be prouder. Honestly, life handed you a bucket of rags and a host of communicable diseases and you made the best of it. All I saw today was a smiling, happy slopmaster embracing his station in life with great joy and humility."

New Shows:

Fresh Off the Boat - 1.01 / 1.02 - Pilot / Home Sweet Home-School

I actually saw this over the summer when FOX was looking for feedback so the pilot was a rewatch for me and I actually liked it better that way. Right now most of the characters are a tossup. They could go either way. Jessica can be obnoxiously overbearing but she can also be sweet and protective. In many ways she reminds me of Beverly Goldberg and right now I like her the best out of the whole family. She makes me laugh the most. Louis is too naïve but he balances out Jessica well. He's also the anti-Murray Goldberg in that he does not need to hide his soft teddy bear qualities by a layer of gruff. Like his parents, Eddie too can go either way - a fun outsider or an obnoxious brat. I like him better in small doses but as the main character, that's unlikely. The other two boys are straight up awesome and I especially like Emery. Overall this show combines laughs and heart. Time will tell which way the characters fall and that will determine how long I watch. Regardless though, this show has to go to summertime because I have no room in my current TV schedule.

Grade: B / B+
Ranking - 4
Audience - people who like The Goldbergs, Black-ish, or family comedies

Best Reason to Watch - Jessica's early Tiger Mom ways
Biggest Consequence - Dine and dash, get hit by a car. Karma by mom.
Most Enthusiastic - Louis, who only sees the good in every idea even if it is not a good idea. Not sure this makes for a good businessman but it does make him a good friend and ally.
Biggest Product Placement - Lunchables
The "Well Duh" Award - the kid told you he was born in DC so of course he speaks English
The "You Move Fast" Award- One day at school and Emery already has a girlfriend. For a little kid, he sure is savvy.
Most Sad - the neighbor waiting for 3 weeks to see if his dad sent him a birthday card
Worst Reference - Melrose Place
Best Plan - Louis reverse psychologies Jessica into home schooling the kids after school each day
Biggest Tell - in the Wong family saying, "I love you" makes you instantly suspicious
Best Quotes -
1. Grandma Huang (to a taxidermy rabbit): "You were too slow."
2. Jessica: "His body is rejecting white culture, which makes me kind of proud. Good job, Evan."
3. Jessica: "Hey no more questions, Barbara Walters. Pick up a lamp."
4. Jessica: "Looks like we'll be going for academic scholarships."
5. Louis: "Damn it, that was beautiful. That filthy music you listen to turned you into a poet, boy."

Allegiance - 1.01 - Pilot

This best thing about Allegiance so far is its pacing. From the gruesome cold open to Alex confronting his parents about being spies in the cliffhanger ending, the show gets the overall exposition done painlessly so the story does not drag on. I like that Alex knows what the viewer knows because it allows the show to put its cards on the table instead of coyly flirting at him finding out. I'm also curious to discover whether this a going to be a double agent situation or if Alex is going to mastermind the downfall to protect his parents. I don't expect him to turn but from the way they were spotlighting his intelligence and unique point of view, I could see him trying to manipulate the system into bringing the spy ring down but with minimal damage to his family. I am curious to see if he can outmaneuver 2 different governments. As State of Affairs winds down, this might be the perfect substitute.

Grade: B
Ranking - 4
Audience - fans of spy stories or family dramas in which the pace moves quickly

Best Reason to Watch - great premise of a family spying on one of their own to save everyone / pacing bodes well for the series
Best Scene - Victor convinces Katya to NOT turn herself in but to spy on their son instead
Most Intense - Katya vs. Victor
Best Character Interaction – Katya and Mark
Most Disturbing - In a show about spies where people literally are burned to death, it is most disturbing that anyone would still believe that girls aren't supposed to be good at math. Say what?
Most Bratty - Sarah, who is the stereotypical annoying teen
Most Intriguing - The brilliant analyst gets rattled by tying a tie. Is he autistic?
Worst Cold Open - burning a guy alive
Worst Surprise – Sister Spy is screwing Viktor
Biggest Hmmm - There is really no traffic in DC? Really?
Best Talent - Katya cries on cue
Worst but Effective Plan - Mark t-bones their vehicles to keep Katya from turning herself in to the FBI
The "Welcome Back" Award - Scott Cohen from Gilmore Girls, Necessary Roughness, and bazillion others
Best Quotes -
1. Alex: "She drove into dad." Alex: "What?" Katya: "Yeah, he cut me off."
2. Alex: "Oh work sent me up here for something." Katya: "Something you can talk about?" Alex: "Not really." Katya: "Oh, Mama doesn't like that."
3. Victor: "You might actually be crazier than she is." Natalie: "Yeah, you think."
4. Katya: "Why are you here?" Victor: "Can't an old friend stop by?" Katya: "We are not friends."
5. Irina: "Your colleagues already asked me dozens of questions that I couldn't answer." Alex: "Well my questions will be easier. They're multiple choice."

Weekly Shows:

State of Affairs - 1.11 - The Faithful

State of Affairs is rapidly coming to a close and this episode left everything up in the air. I still have no idea why we keep panning over to Kurt's love life, but other than that, nothing felt like filler. A few dozen bombs are live and strapped to zealots in the DC area. Nick has eyes on Fatah and a takedown or a huge betrayal is imminent. Maybe both. All I can say is that I can't wait to see how this ends and at this point I'm rooting for the man commonly considered a terrorist. That's practically an impossible feat and yet I very much hope Fatah makes it out. Well, if only he isn’t playing them all along. That would be phenomenal.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - because it leads up to a huge cliffhanger
Best Scene - PotUS and David over the news conference
Most intense - Fatah while working up the men after Nick kills their leader
Best Reason Not to Work for a Psycho- Syd tries to quit on Gantry but is refused
Most Surprising - Fatah cuts himself to cover up Nick killing the guard so he could make a phone call
Least Surprising - Ahmadi kills himself to keep from being questioned and arrested for treason
Worst Brown Noser - Dash, who just makes things worse
Most Disturbing - it is that easy to get out of handcuffs and people are willing and able to break their thumbs to do so
Best Reaction - David to hearing that the President granted Jules a meeting / PotUS to realizing exactly what she agreed to with this interview
The "Welcome Back" Award - Anne Ramsay from Mad about You
Best Quotes -
1. Banks: "We, and by that I mean you, have a problem with the Ar Rissalah 7." Dash: "Yeah, they drove off a cliff." Banks: "That's not a problem. That's divine intervention."
2. David: "Your sole job tonight is to protect the mission to kill Omar Fattah…" PotUS: "Get out, David." David: "And Sheik Hakam…" PotUS: "Get out." David: "So everything is on the table…" PotUS: "Get out of my office." David: "If you embrace that, you won't get blindsided. If not, well then I hope you enjoyed your first term, ma'am, because there certainly isn't going to be a second. Excuse me."
3. Syd: "Old age and treachery will beat youth and skill every time."
4. Charlie: "You're dying Kenneth. You're bleeding out, so you have somewhere between 3 to 5 minutes before your body shuts down and you slip into unconsciousness. Another 3-5 before your brain function flat lines and you stop breathing altogether. 10 minutes, you'll be dead. All that talk about jihad and death. You don't want to die, do you? It's only now as you feel it radiating through you, swallowing you whole, that you realize how awful a thing dying really is. Before your time, before you've really lived life, it's just lost. Only fools rush towards death, Kenneth. Do you want to die today like a fool or do you want me to call an ambulance and save the life you've cast aside? Tell me now Kenneth, do you want to die today?"
5. David: "Despite repeated breeches in protocol, you've kept CIA analyst Charleston Tucker on as your briefer. Why is that?" PotUS: "Because she's damn good. She is the best at her job, hands down." David: "Not because she's a personal friend." PotUS: "No, we work well together because she understands that her job is to advise me. My job is to be the President."

Eye Candy - 1.04 - YOLO

This is my least favorite episode so far, in large because I have no empathy for stupid, spoiled brats. I did like the twist that the girl died via accident instead of murder but the rest of that story was pretty lame. Since we didn't get any further in the serial killer plot, it felt like the worst of filler. I have no problem with standalone episodes, but I prefer them to be worth my time and this one was not. Every so often Teen Wolf reminds me that I am not its demo audience. That's what Eye Candy did here.

Grade: D+

Best Reason to Watch - accident not murder is a twist
Best Reason to Fast Forward - emoangsting teens
Best Surprise - explosion
Most Lame - Amy's handheld “being attacked by a ghost” footage
The "Thanks MTV" Award - anyone who doesn't know how to restore their phone after dropping it in water now have a handy tutorial
Biggest Disappointment - the bracelet the killer sent Lindy is not actually her sister's but a replica so the two stories may not be connected
The "Welcome Back" Award - Danny Flaherty of The Americans
Most Annoying Partnership - Tommy and Lindy arguing about how to approach a case does nothing for me
Worst Trend - Lindy always has to save the day over the cops. It's getting old.
Best Quotes -
1. Tommy: "You want me to ask for a search warrant based on the chupacabra of the sea?"
2. Aaron: "I'm dating a Rubik's cube. I don't know what side I'm going to get or combination."
3. Walker: "People are more than what they post, Lindy. They lie. They embellish. You can only know that face-to-face."
4. Tommy: "I'm a cop. You're the source. The source works for the cop. The source listens to the cop. The cop is always right." Lindy: "So like a rock-paper-scissors thing." Tommy: "Nope. Like a cop thing."

Supernatural - 10.12 - About a Boy

Bwah!  This episode was hilarious.  I haven't laughed this hard in Supernatural in a long time.  I have to say that this version of young Dean is my favorite.  The kid can act and he carries that Dean combination of utter snark, laser-focused purpose, and a pinch of vulnerability that makes the character so appealing.  Kudos to Dylan Everett for embodying such a complicated character.  I was impressed by the actress who played Young Tina as well so more kudos to the Supernatural casting department.  As for the story, it was richer than I expected from a fan fiction rip-off topic, so I was pleasantly surprised.  Sam continues to shine as an ultra supportive brother.  Both the scene at the beginning and the ending Impala chat (sans Impala) were top moments for me.  I love that the brothers are actually able to support each other this year without some contrived drama dissolving the whole thing in an emoangsty mess.  Mostly though, this episode wins on humor alone.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - this episode cracked me up
Best Reaction - Sam to seeing Teen Dean
The "Fan Fic is Real" Award - after years of avoiding de-aging, they finally went there but at least Jensen Ackles got some time off
Best Brother Moment - Sam tells Dean he believes in his ability to fight the mark
Best Moment - Dean's look when Sam suggests they split up the first time
The "Poor Baby" Award - Sam's knees, which don't fit in Teen Dean driving space
Least Helpful Description - flowery flowers
The "Too Little Too Late" Award - If you've eaten part of the cake, you might as well enjoy the rest. It's already too late if it's poisoned.
The "Say What?" Award - The bar guy picks up Dean's jacket but leaves the gun at the dumpster? Really? That bar looks like a half dozen illegal transactions happen every hour. Surely he could have sold the pearl-handled pistol for a tidy sum.
The "Say That a Little Louder" Award - A prepubescent Tina tells an adult Dean that they'll always have the Royale Motel in a crowded bus station. That shouldn't set off any alarms for anyone. No siree.
Best Silver Lining and Possible Spin-Off - no mark of Cain and if they ever want to carry on Supernatural without Jensen Ackles (oh the horror, I shudder to even think it) they have a plausible way to keep the brotherhood intact
Most TMI - Teen Dean sharing in the Impala
The "Worst Time to Hang Up" Award - Don't tell your brother you have something and then hang up before you give him any useful information. What's he supposed to do with that?
Most Bizarre - Never thought I'd hear Dean compliment Taylor Swift or ever hear her playing in the Impala
Best Case for Alcoholism - one of the first things Dean wants to do with his "virgin" liver is to drink
The "Sucks to be a Cannibalistic Witch" Award- Amber Alerts put a big crimp in your dining
Best Quotes -
1. Sam: "You can beat this, Dean." Dean: "Do you really believe that?" Sam: "Yeah, you're damn right I believe that." Dean: "You also believed in the Easter bunny until you were 12." Sam: "No I didn't. Look I was 11." Dean: "And a half."
2. Tina: "Stay calm? I'm a freaking tween and you look like some One Direction reject, and we're in some creepy serial killer's basement."
3. Sam: "Apparently something is taking people and leaving their clothes." Dean: "Hmm, about time this gig got an R-rating.
4. Dean: "Don't say it." Homeless Guy: "Aliens." Dean: "He said it." Sam: "Yeah he did."
5. Dean: "So grand coven. Any idea?" Sam: "Doesn't sound good." Dean: "It sounds like an 80's hair metal band. You know a lot of hairspray, a lot of eye shadow, a lot of gui-tar. Nah, nothing? Come on man, I'm painting a word picture here."
6. Gretel: "A person filets one rugrat and people get so angry." Dean: "Yeah, I blame Obama."

Forever - 1.14 - Hitler on the Half-Shell

I can't imagine what it would be like to know your parents were taken from you but nothing else about them. To watch Abe finally get to see what his parents looked like or even just to know the name he was born with was a powerful thing. It is of course the best reason to watch. However, I also liked that Adam was the means by which Abe found out. Don't get me wrong. I still hate this subplot, but it did humanize Adam a bit even if he's still murkier than river water. The case itself is better because of the Nazi ties and nobility of the victim's intentions but it's still pretty transparent. I didn't guess Adam was going to kill the second guy though so that was a surprise. Overall I thought this was a great episode with strong character interactions, great back story, and a swift enough pace that it didn't start to lose me in the middle.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - Abe back story
Best Scene - Abe knows his family's real name for the first time and sees his parent's wedding picture
The "Even Neal and Mozzie Would be Impressed" Award - Julian conned billions in looted Nazi art
Biggest Hmmm? - it would be far more likely that a white man from the West Indies was pro-slavery than calling someone else out on it in those days
The "Not Him Again" Award - Henry's stalker is back
Most Awkward - the insurance lady asks about Henry's parents before seeing his Holocaust number tattoo
Biggest "Well Duh?" Moment - Henry exposits that the dead guy's son shares his DNA
Least Surprising - the man's son killed him
Most Disgusting - the guy they were trying unsuccessfully to make us think was murdering someone was actually cutting animals for art
Best Surprise - instead of Adam being a Nazi, he was tortured by them / Adam is the means by which Abe gets to know his family
The "Welcome Back" Award - Harris Yulin, who was the head Watcher in Buffy
The "Secrets Kill" Award - Oh Henry, never keep secrets from Abe. It will do neither of you any good.
Best Quotes -
1. Henry: "Look at how the artist captured the lines of the body almost perfectly." Jo: "Fascinating. I'm a little more concerned with the body on the floor."
2. Abe: "Luckily we're only responsible for our own sins in this world. Can you imagine if I tried to carry around your 200-years of craziness?"
3. Jo: "You know you kind of take the fun out of these reveals."
4. Hanson: "If this Max Brenner guy has been dead since the 90's, how'd he break into an apartment and kill Karl Haas?" Henry: "Well it's quite simple actually…" Lucas: "Max Brenner is a zombie Nazi hunter. Huh? What? We were all thinking it."
5. Henry: "Abe, you have been blessed with many gifts, one of which is having a sin-free father." Abe: "Ah you know it's not just our father's sins that we sons are not responsible for. It's also their scarves. Honestly, would you just butch up?"

The Flash - 1.12 - Crazy for You

The Flash is all about the character interactions and this week's were well done all the way around. So much so that it was impossible to pick the best one. I adore Henry and Barry bonding. I thought the Caitlin and Cisco interactions were sweet and sincere. I love how she reassures him after he confesses to locking Ronnie in. I even liked Cisco and Hartley's dual of snark. The only bonding I wasn't sure about was the drunk Caitlin and Barry part and even that had its moments of fun. Barry really can sing. Other than that, we made some headway into Ronnie's story which should make for a good episode next week. The case of the week this time wasn't much but it really wasn't about the "metahuman Bonnie and Clyde" story anyway. This was all about exploring the main characters and I am good with that.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - amazingly good character interactions
Best Scene - Cisco confesses to Caitlin about Ronnie and Hartley and Caitlin cheers him up
Best Speech - Henry tells Barry he's proud of him
Best Surprise - Cisco kicking Hartley's butt the first time
Best Reconciliation - Barry is able to see his dad while at the prison
Best Friend - Barry with Caitlin / Joe when he arranges for Henry to pass by Barry in the jail
Worst Friend - Clay who convinces Shawna to break the law to bail out his butt
Best Reference - Shawshank Redemption
The "Say What?" Award - Even if Barry can run really fast, he can't go through bars so how in the world did he get Julius out of prison?
Smartest Character - Henry, who figures out Barry is the Flash
The "Is the CW that Broke?" Award - Why did they randomly thrown in a big ape attack at the end of The Flash? I don't get it. Are they trying to justify all the money spent on The 100's gorilla CGI? Did they have a gorilla in Jane the Virgin this week too?
Dumbest Move - Does no one know how to keep a secret identity in this town? Why would you ever show a mobster your powers?
The "Welcome Back" Award - Woo hoo, it is Malese Jow, formerly Julia on Star-Crossed
Worst Villain Name - Peek-a-Boo. Caitlin, you can never name these guys again. Leave it to Cisco.
Worst Pun - Barry talking about being faster than a speeding bullet after getting shot
Biggest Hmm - Since when do dive bars have karaoke?
Biggest Umm - I have no idea where they are going with this Caitlin and Barry thing but dressing her for bed was super weird
The "I Feel Your Pain" Award - Not that I like comparing myself to supervillains, but I get his frustration when Hartley is trying to explain what happened to Cisco and he's just not putting two and two together.
Best Quotes -
1. Cisco: "How can you speak 6 languages and sound like a d** in every one of them?"
2. Caitlin: "Oh Hartley Rathaway, who is currently locked up in our supervillain basement jail for going psycho with sound waves." Cisco: "Yeah, he's made some poor choices…."
3. Caitlin: "You're fast and you can sing. What can't you do?" Barry: "Stop you from drinking apparently." Caitlin: "I'm not even sure that was mine."
4. Hartley: "Curiosity's a maddening thing, is it not?"
5. Barry: "You two kept working together and you didn't tell me." Henry: "Well it's not his fault. I did it to help you." Barry: "You getting stabbed and beaten is not helping me." Henry: "Look, I…I…I don't get to feel useful very much in here so if I can help you for a change, I'm gonna want to be there for you just like you've been there for me all these years."

Agent Carter - 1.05 - The Iron Ceiling

This episode ramped up the action and that's always a good thing. The shootout in the spy training camp was fantastic. It's more action than we've gotten in weeks. I also like how the child drew first blood. It set the tone for an anything goes fight. Doogan was a great addition and I'm glad he lived to return again. Not only was he funny, but he was also a welcome change from the prevailing attitude towards women in this time period. Don't get me wrong. I am glad they are being historically accurate in the show. It adds realism and allows the main character to be even more sympathetic. Still it was nice for once to encounter someone who already knew what Carter could do and who appreciated all she brought to the team. It was clear from the start that Doogan looked to Carter as leader over Thompson and she showed why. I love how she takes charge during the battle, a natural leader. Still for all those awesome escapades, it was creepy Dottie who stole the show even in scenes when she was alone. I like how she's equally adept as Carter, but way, way more crazy. I cannot wait until the ultimate showdown between them. Not sure what to think about Sousa figuring out that Carter is the blonde though. I give him full kudos, but the question remains. What will he do with the info?

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - Dottie, who becomes even more fascinating here
Best Scene - shootout at the spy training school
Best Reasoning - Carter demands to go on the mission to Russia because she's the only one who can decode the messages
Best New Addition - Doogan
Most Surprising - Carter is slowly being accepted into the boys' club
Least Needed Back Story - I don't like Thompson. I don't need his sob story. He's still a douche.
Biggest What the Heck - Did they actually have a kid Dottie kill another kid with adult approval in the cold open? Are you kidding me? Do not sign me up for Soviet spy training.
Biggest Huh? - Why does Dottie still handcuff herself at night? I get that she is wacked out but that's beyond weird.
Best Detective - Sousa, who realizes that Carter is the blonde woman from the photo
Best Quotes -
1. Carter: "Anybody else feel a chill going up their knickers?" Pinkerton: "I would if I wore knickers."
2. Cryptographer: "Look as difficult as it might be for you people to understand, I can't just beat a code into submission or shoot it with a gun."
3. Jarvis: He can be thoughtless, inconsiderate, vain, childish, unreliable, arrogant…" Carter: "You flatter him." Jarvis: "But he is a good man."
4. Pinkerton: "Really regretting the lack of knickers right now."
5. Carter: "Stop wah-hooing and help." Soldier: "Look at this mess. We were only gone 5 minutes."

The 100 - 2.11 - Coup de Grace

After a weaker episode last week, The 100 came back strong without nary a great ape in sight. In the end, this episode was all about power - who had it, who thought they had it, and who took it as the title alluded. Dante is overthrown by his son in the least surprising twist of the show, but it is the Ark where the real power struggle occurs. The 100 have always known Clarke as their leader and Lexa has appointed her to the position with the grounders. Obviously the Mountain Men know it too since they put the hit out on Clarke and Lexa, not Abby or Kane. It seems the only person who didn't realize Clarke was in charge was her own mother. While I am an Abby fan, I wanted someone to Gibbs' slap her throughout this episode. Channel your inner Elsa, honey - Let. It. Go. Abby was incredibly annoying this episode but it doesn't mean she wasn't right on occasion. I think what ALL the Ark leaders are missing is the willingness to listen to all sides before making a decision and their tendency to approach dissention as treason. There has to be a middle ground and a way to recognize each other's strengths if they are going to truly work together for the good of their people. As for Mount Weather, every scene in it was intense. This may be the best I have liked Bellamy in months and Maya is a new favorite. No way she gets a happy ending but I am rooting for her.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - Clarke fully takes power
Best Scene - Clarke tells Abby that she is in now charge and lets Emerson go with a message for Dante
Best Action - Bellamy, Maya, and Echo versus the guard
Best Speech - Raven tells Clarke that she can't give up
Best Reaction - Bellamy to seeing the son of the soldier he killed
Bravest - Maya
Best Bad Guy - Dante, who sticks by his principles even in the face of his people's unrest
Best Plan - grounder Trojan horse
Least Surprising - Cage overthrows his dad to take over Mount Weather
The "Give It Up Already" Award - Abby, you are not in charge. You have not been in charge since Lexa agreed to think about alliance. Shut up and let Clarke do her thing.
Most Clever - Raven for creating a radiation containment center
Most Eye Candy - they probably should have billed Bellamy's abs as part of the cast in this one
Best Quotes -
1. Clarke: "You may be the Chancellor but I'm in charge."
2. Bellamy: "I take it no one has told you we're not enemies anymore."
3. Clarke: "I have a message for your leader. We're coming for him. You're watching us but you haven't seen a thing. The grounder army is bigger than you think and even if you could find it, your acid fog can't hurt them and now thanks to you, neither can the reapers. So you have one last chance. Let our people go and we'll let you live. It's just that simple."
4. Abby: "People could get hurt." Clarke: "Not if you get out of my way. You need to trust that I know what's right for us."
5. Tsing: "The ground is our birthright. You can't keep us from that." Dante: "Watch me. Lock her up."

Empire - 1.05 - Dangerous Bonds

Everybody's crazy on Empire and the only thing that can't be bought is Jamal's music it seems. Anika's dad fakes a health report to ensure his daughter's billions. Cookie may have started a gang war with $5,000. Tiana's only with Hakeem to become a megastar. Andre will take over his dad's company by any means necessary, even if he sacrifices a brother along the way. It's a wealthy, high stakes train wreck and I'm not sure anyone's going to make it out alive. Still I can't look away. I am nervous about the escalating conflict between Jamal and Hakeem though because the only time Hakeem is tolerable is when he's with his brother. Perhaps he'll take out his entourage and use it to make amends with Jamal but I doubt it. However, the sparks that will fly when Cookie finds out about Lucious' engagement to Anika will make the brother feud look insignificant. I expect that is next week's agenda so it's another can't miss week of Empire ahead.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - things are still crazy up in Empire and it's just getting worse for all the characters
Best Character - sorry but Tyree rocks my world here
Least Surprising - Lucious convinces Anika's dad to lie about his health
Best Awww Moment - Lucious proposes to Anika to the music stylings of Anthony Hamilton
Biggest Oops - Cookie confuses Lucious' anniversary rose for a threat on her life from a gangster
Most Awesome Moment - Tyree comes in with a shotgun and breaks up Hakeem's gangster friend’s heist
The "I Never Learned Trig Like This" Award - Lucious' math isn't anything like the word problems I learned. We were stuck with 2 trains approaching each other.
Biggest Win - Andre got the fight between Hakeem and Jamal he wanted although maybe not with the consequences he's going to get
Least Likely to Stay a Secret - Cookie working with the Feds if she keeps talking about it on the phone and forgetting to switch who she's talking to
The "Watch Your Back" Award - Andre is playing too deep in the betrayal waters and it's bound to come back to bite him
Best Reaction - Cookie to learning that it’s too late to call off her hit on the drug thug
Best Reference - Phantom of the Opera
Best Quotes -
1. Tyree: "We can call this a standoff or we can make this a multiple homicide. You pick. Get your a** out of my studio."
2. Carol: "Girl please, your kids ain't real. They rich."
3. Cookie: "You know Lucious, it's almost morning and even vampires got manners." Lucious: "Did I wake you up from your coffin?"
4. Jamal: "You always come to me for advice. Hmm. So I'm gonna give you some. Don't ever underestimate me, little brother."
5. Cookie: "Dead B*** Walking. That's me out here right now."

Stalker - 1.15 - Lost and Found

While I found last week's episode a bit dull, this week had so many twists that halfway through I started to doubt my original guess of who the stalker was. Turns out I should have stuck with the best friend. It's always the best friend on Stalker. However trying to figure out how an adult knew and framed both the coach and Jenny was fun. It reminded me of Motive and this one was a doozy. I like how it ultimately came back to the mom and how sympathetic she is to Alexis when the truth is revealed. I liked how she wanted to visit Alexis at the psych ward in the end too. It was a sympathetic portrayal of a mom doing her best. On the serial front, I adored Ray hitting Perry and even more, him taking control of the situation. Ray is a whole lot more fun because he is less predictable and far less wrapped up in himself. I'm still rooting for Ray to kill Perry and rid us of him once and for all. I do wish Ray had a better plan though. Going after the team is so predictable.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - the whole episode is severely twisty
Best Scene - Alexis reveals that she is Monica's daughter
Best Awww Moment - Monica wonders if she can visit her crazy, newly found biological kid in psych
Best Twist - Jenny's best friend is actually her mom's biological kid she put up for adoption
Most Risky - Ray going out to take pictures of Beth
Weirdest Graffiti - misspelled Beeber written on teen hangout wall
Best Reaction - Ray punches Perry. I've been waiting for someone to do that since Beth took him down at the beginning.
Least Surprising - Ray wants to target the team to get closer to Beth
The "Welcome Back" Award - Lauren Bowles, who was also in the Cold Case episode I just watched / Austin Lyon, who played teen Grant Ward on SHIELD and was in The Goldbergs
Best Quotes -
1. Ray: "I just think you're under the impression that you're in control here and I think that we have to work together."
2. Janice: "He's one of those jocks who ends up back where he started." Jack: "You're bitter in the morning." Janice: "I'm suspect of anyone who willing goes back to high school."
3. Coach: "Rumors have already started and rumors become fact in high school."
4. Ben: "Aside from learning way more than I want to know about Liam Hemsworth." Janice: "He's Australian. He's hot. What more do you need to know?"
5. Coach: "I see a little prejudgment on my face." Beth: "No, it's just my face."

Backstrom - 1.03 - Takes One to Know One

I am not a fan of TV taking on religion because it is always, always one-sided. This was no different, which was an even greater shame because one of the characters is a preacher. I thought we might get a good discussion about both sides but nope. Same old, same old. The religious are always batty, evil, and hypocritical on TV with nary a mention of all the good religious people do. Just once I'd like to see a more even portrayal. Other than that, the secondary characters are growing on me and I still laugh throughout.

Grade: C+

Best Reason to Watch - both Gravely and Valentine are growing on me
Best Mother Hen - Valentine
Best Character Interaction - Deb and Backstrom / Backstrom and Valentine
Best Character - Nadia / Deb
Most Improved Character - Gravely
Most Obnoxious - Backstrom, like always
Biggest Idiot - Ryan for trying to run from the law IN A POLICE STATION
The "Welcome Back" Award - Sarah Chalke, formerly of Roseanne, Scrubs, and How I Met Your Mother /
Karin Konoval who guest starred on Sliders, Supernatural, and X-Files
Biggest Disappointment - Almond, who should have had a lot to say to balance this episode, is shoved in the background mostly
Best Quotes -
1. Backstrom: "My sleeping rhythms have been thrown off 'cause I quit drinking." Deb: "For that to be true, you would need to stop drinking. Mark that down - your first lie." Backstrom: "So you are bribing me with drugs to not lie in my journal of lies." Deb: "Consider how sad it is that this is necessary."
2. Backstrom: "How do we get her to stop yelling?" Almond: "Shoot her." Backstrom: "You do it. I shot somebody last week."
3. Valentine: "You really went through all this just to have sex? And with a girl." Craig: "Yeah." Valentine: "What's the matter with you? You never heard of cars, alleys, parks, garden sheds, rec rooms, broom closets, tepee, campers, cemeteries, attics, basements, locker rooms, bouncy castle. Those are fun. Elevators if you're quick, which I assume you would be."
4. Moto: "Welcome back, lieutenant. We just helped two civilians break into private property so it's going great."
5. Deb: "You realize that nightmares and insomnia are mutually exclusive. You must pick one or the other."

Elementary - 3.13 - Hemlock

The partnership between Sherlock and Watson has been off all season long. While Kitty was there, it was less noticeable. She brought another person for them to communicate and react off of. Now that she is gone, things are fizzling again. The show is now grasping at cheap cliffhangers to desperately still the ratings slump but what they really need to do is restore the main relationship. I don’t want to watch them bicker and meddle. I really don't care about Joan's love life. At this time, they either need to put a moratorium on all romances or bring back a character like Moriarty to stir things up again. Either way, the strength of the case was the only thing keeping this episode from getting a D.

Grade: C-

Best Reason to Watch - the case was nicely twisty and I didn't know where it was heading the whole way through
Best Reason to Fast Forward - anytime Sherlock and Watson bicker, which is almost every time they open their mouths / Joan and Andrew's relationship
The Say What?" Award - Joan's fling falls down not breathing after she breaks up with him
The "My Sentiments Exactly" Award - Sherlock: "Oh thank goodness." Watson: "For what?" Sherlock: "I found a way out of this conversation."
Most Interesting Boredom Buster - turtle painting
Most Missed - Kitty, big time and in almost every scene
The "Best Be Wary" Award - if Sherlock's bored, no one is spared and then it's all possibly cheating husbands and investigating your partner's love life
Biggest Hmmm - How did Sherlock steal a painting from the lobby of the law firm?
Worst Habit - Sherlock has got to stop licking evidence. It's nasty.
Most Fun Recurring Entity - Everyone
Best Nostalgia - Horchata, which will always be a Vampire Weekend song to me
Best PSA - Stop spending what you can't afford!
The "Welcome Back" Award - Brian George, aka Raj's dad on The Big Bang Theory and the king on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Best Quotes -
1. Sherlock: "There really is no version of meeting someone's parents that doesn't involve actually meeting their parents."
2. Sherlock: "I'm an expert in many things, but love is not one of them. I do know however it cannot be reduced to a checklist of traits."
3. Sherlock: "Oh thank goodness." Watson: "For what?" Sherlock: "I found a way out of this conversation."
4. Sherlock: "Watson, what are you doing here?" Watson: "Oh I just came here to punch you."
5. Santhosh: "We worry about our children. That never goes away, but to me it sounds like you found your passion. You were open to it when it presented itself. Didn't settle."

How to Get Away with Murder - 1.11 - Best Christmas Ever

Once again How to Get Away with Murder knows how to stick the landing. Sam's body is found? What? I didn't think that would be until closer to the season finale. I wonder what they are going to do for season 2. With this pace, they'll all have to kill someone else. I do love the extra pressure that Sam's sister brings to the forefront. It helps that there is great chemistry between Viola Davis and Marcia Gay Harden, which makes their scenes together even more intense. You can feel the grief and hurt roll off them as they sit down to dinner. I almost wish that we could have had another episode with them before the news of the body broke. I also liked that we got to see how each of the college students dealt with the murder away from each other. I have no idea what that smile Laurel gave was all about but it creeped me out. I do need them to tone down Asher again because he's back up to his original obnoxious levels, which negates the fact that he's the only one not wrapped up in this murder. I also wasn't into this case of the week, given that the client was completely psycho. I'm glad Annalise dropped her because that's one pile of crazy I don't need to see on a weekly basis.

Grade: A-

Best Reason to Watch – the fractured relationship between Keating and her sister-in-law
Best Scene - Keating tells Jackie that she's going to jail
Best Character Interaction - Keating and Hannah
Best Cliffhanger - Sam's body is found
Most Interesting Premise - seeing how each of the characters spend their Christmas after the murder
Biggest Prick - Asher, like always
Biggest What the Heck - This woman has a child alone somewhere while she's in prison. Are you kidding me?
Weakest Threat - I promise that anything Asher throws at Keating or Bonnie, they can handle it
The "And I Thought My Holidays were Depressing" Award - Keating drinks her troubles away in a hotel for a week
Worst Manipulator - Connor / Jackie
Best Quotes -
1. Rebecca: "No more falling asleep while you're working cases about crazies."
2. Bonnie: "Do you want me to get rid of her?" Keating: "No, we can use some fun around here."
3. Hannah: "You know all this time I was praying that you were hiding him somewhere. That all this vilifying him in public, this avoiding me, was just a ruse. You were covering. That you had him some place safe. That's not true, is it?" Keating: "He's gone."
4. Keating: "I said you had a deal, but no one was here to testify to that fact. Just you and me. You're not the only good liar in this room. I've withdrawn as your lawyer. Good luck finding a new one."
5. Hannah: "Well you won't talk to me. I have no choice but to find answers to my questions in more unorthodox ways." Keating: "By stalking me." Hannah: "Call it what you want."

TBBT - 8.14 - The Troll Manifestation

I loved the Leonard and Sheldon cooperation. They need to spend more time working together and less time tearing each other down. I wasn't such a fan of girl time this episode though. Maybe it's because I am not a fan of most fan fiction. It tends to be pornographic, shipping driven wish fulfillment. There's not enough brain bleach in the world. As for this episode, Leonard and Sheldon were amazing. The rest was mostly meh.

Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch - Leonard and Sheldon working together
Best Reason to Fast Forward - watching Amy's fan fiction play out as Penny reads it to Leonard
Best Character Interaction - Leonard and Sheldon
Worst Plan ALWAYS - feeding the trolls
Best Symbolic Gesture - Sheldon and Leonard click the mouse to send their paper to cyberspace together
Most Embarrassing - Bernadette's pageant dress
Most Intriguing - Leonard goes to Sheldon for approval that his idea is good
Best Guest - Stephen Hawking, online troll
Best PSA - bullying, online and from friends
Best Quotes -
1. Penny: "If you're pausing for dramatic effect, I'd keep it moving."
2. Amy: "You know there was a time when I was alone and had no friends. Starting to miss that."
3. Sheldon: "My name is right on there with yours. That is a surefire mark of quality. That might as well say directed by Joss Whedon."
4. Bernadette: "Sorry I had to get the spotlight off me and tearing down other women is part of my pageant training."
5. Leonard: "I'm not a preschooler." Sheldon: "Fine. I'll take it back." Leonard: "I earned this. Back off."

Grimm - 4.12 - Marechaussee

I am going to be in the minority here. I know fans are excited about this episode because of Juliette the hexenbiest. I'm actually good with her being a hexenbiest too. A normal hexenbiest. A baby hexenbiest who can take out a manticore, something that the Grimm had a hard time facing, I'm not so thrilled with. I do not understand why they need to make Juliette the most super special hexenbiest in the whole wide world. Instead of finally making her interesting, she becomes yet another plot device and let's face it. Nick cannot keep getting bested by the other people in his life and still be the Grimm. I mean that's why they got rid of the far superior Trubel. (Still miss her, by the way.) Nothing about Juliette's instant ascension makes sense. Exactly why would a made hexenbiest be more powerful than a regular hexenbiest? There's no good reason for this except that Juliette has languished as a character and thus needed to be propped up by some plot. I would much rather see Juliette grow "naturally" into hexenbiest powers instead become an instant megamonster. It's more practical, less glaring a plot device, and better for character growth. Mind you if Juliette manages to kill off Adalind in the next episode, all will be forgiven here. My hatred for Adalind's scene chewing outweighs my dislike for Juliette spell side effects.

Grade: C+

Best Reason to Watch - the Wesen Council may have finally gone too far
Biggest Plot Device - Juliette, the newest super special snowflake in Portland
Best Scene / Biggest Laugh - Juliette hits herself in the head when magicking a pepper mill
Most Moolah - Apparently I am in the wrong profession. $1500 for not more than 15 minutes of work. I should have practiced my fortune teller voice.
Most Surprising - Juliette actually still has her vet practice. I thought she changed careers to Research Woman.
Most in Need of Dying (Standalone) - Casey
Most in Need of Dying (Series) - Adalind, followed closely by the always boring Viktor
Most Chill - Wu to finding out that there's a 100,000 Euros bounty on Nick's head. You might want to lead with that next time, Wu.
Least Subtle - even Nick is picking up that something's going on with Juliette
The "Promises, Promises" Award- Nick, give it up. No one in your life is ever going to be safe. Your house has seen more murders than Detroit.
Best Quotes -
1. De Groot: "The Grimm is dead?" Alexander: "Not exactly." De Groot: "Well I hope the Council doesn't take this personally." Alexander: "Or the Grimm."
2. Wu: "So thanks to my quality late night, caffeine-fueled trailer time I would suggest we're dealing with a manticore or something similar."
3. Viktor: "You may not like it but you're part of the family. Mistreated though you were, you still have the blood." Renard: "Hasn't exactly been thicker than water, has it?" Viktor: "No family's perfect. But those that wanted you dead are dead, and it's time you think about your relationship with this family as it is now, not as it was then."
4. Wu: "She is positive she just saw the devil in the flesh." Hank: "Not that far from the truth."
5. Rosalee: "Nick and Juliette coming over?' Monroe: "More like Nick and Hank." Rosalee: "Oh, that didn't take long."

12 Monkeys - 1.04 - Atari

Well that was one trippy mind freak. Cole meets Cole and I had no idea what was happening for most of the time. While we did not get any further on the mystery until literally the last second and that was more a tease than actual info, I did like getting to know Cole's background more. It wasn't just Cassie who wanted to know more. It was also good to flesh out Ramse more, who goes from more than just an apocalyptic ladies' man to the moral compass of the show in one episode. It greatly improved the character for me. Cassie got sidelined for Ramse's story, but it was well worth it especially after her melt down last week. Still this episode feels a bit like a stop gap to keep us from learning the truth too soon so that knocks a bit off the grade for me.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - time travel is always a brain melt but this one is more so than most
Best Scene - Ramse tries to give Cole his knife to kill him but Cole can't do it so they run
Most Surprising - they didn't kill the dog for lunch / Max saves Cole
Least Surprising - Deacon lives to attack another day
Best Back Story - how Ramse and Cole got sucked into Deacon's gang
Best Character - Ramse, who confronts Deacon about killing just for pleasure
Biggest Question - Where is this unlimited amount of ammo coming from this far into an apocalypse?
Least Comforting - there's still pulling rank in a post apocalyptic future
Best Plan - Jones tries to send Cole back in time for good since Deacon invades the time machine
Biggest Moron - Did Cole really think that Deacon was not going to listen to him blab the secret entrance?
The "Welcome Back" Award - Todd Stashwick, who will forever be ShifterDrac to me. "Is there garlic on this pizza?"
Best Quotes -
1. Cole: "They're going to have to break through a lot of crazy before she leads them anywhere."
2. Deacon: "How you doing? It's Tuesday by the way. I know you're having trouble keeping track."
3. Ramse: "Sorry buddy. You're on your own from here on out." Cole: "What are you talking about?" Ramse: "I'm in Atari."
4. Cole: "I think you'd like Cassie. She reminds me of you, always waving her moral compass around."
5. Cole: "Who knows? Maybe things happen the way they do for a reason." Ramse: "If that's true then why undo it at all."

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