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Grimm - Maréchaussée - Review

In this week at Grimm Maréchaussée, we see the shows is getting even more serialized. Juliette is still at Henrietta's house, asking for her help to make her Hexenbeist's status stop. However, the woman tells her she can't stop it but control it for now. To make it stop, she needs some of her blood. As she tries to manage her powers, Nick gets more confused than ever - Nick, Nick, you can see things other people can't, but you can't see your girlfriend is acting weird?

Meanwhile, Nick, Hank and Wu (yes, it's kinda reliave to write also his name into the Grimm team) investigate a series of murders that lead back to the Wesen Council and a mysterious bounty hunter named Maréchaussée (guest star Arnold Vosloo).

Adalind and Viktor are in Portland as soon as Sean Renard comes knocking on their door. Viktor's request is more evil than Adalind's one: she wants Diana back because she's her mother and she's her daughter. Viktor wants Diana back because of her mysterious powers. They know about Nick's mother, so it won't be long till they'll find out where she and the baby are. Later, Renard warns Nick and Hank about Viktor and Adalind. They need to keep Juliette safe. Renard is also worried about a possible Juliette vs Adalind confrontation, and I know, we can't wait to see them fight.

Monroe and Rosalee are back in Portland (already?) and help Nick, Hank and Wu during the investigation because it seems there's the Wesen Council involved. Rosalee makes the call but unfortunately the newly married couple can't help a Grimm anymore, otherwise there will be consequences. Poor Monroe and poor Rosalee. It's completely understandable, after what they have been through.

Also, Nick has other issue when the Council put a reward on his head (how nice) - the Marechausse is on his track, but the police is faster. As anyone else noticed how Nick's become more impetuous with Wesens since he's come back to be a Grimm? At this point, Nick and Juliette are kinda impulsive right now and I wouldn't be surprised if we'll see a fight between the two of them!

In the end, Henrietta shows Juliette her powers and she must face the truth: there's no coming back. I'm really glad the writers decided to give a better storyline to Juliette. She can even manage to fight against the Marechausse and kill him. Too bad Nick missed this. I think she's pretty ready to tell Nick everything. Bad news are coming when the Council figured it out Juliette killed the Wesens and I'm quite sure even Nick will be surprised to see her girlfriend in action.

Considering we still don't know for sure if Adalind is still a Hexenbeist, how will this impact in Nick and Juliette's relationship? Share your comments below.

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