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Chicago PD - Erin's Mom - Review

Following the lead Bunny (Erin’s mom) gave in the last episode, the team investigates a sketchy guy who frequents John’s (Bunny’s husband) rental truck company.

Bunny and Voight do not get along, to put it nicely. It would be interesting to see some sort of flashback showing how these two interacted back when Voight took Erin in. It’s a tough situation, but the least these two could do is remember they both love Erin. Their tension is strongly felt throughout the episode, and I can’t help but think that this is only the start of their on-screen differences – these two are in Erin’s life, and they are going to clash. Pass the popcorn.

When Halstead and Lindsay check out Bunny’s tip, they end up seeing a robbery in action. The robber, Nick, not only holds a woman (Sarah) at gunpoint, but his partner Jared has her husband and son.

Assisting the team is Gina, who worked with Antonio back when he was in Vice. Right away, it’s clear the two have some sort of history. Surely that won’t come back into play…right? She’s worked this case before – one guy robs a check exchange manager while the other holds the family hostage in an untraceable truck.

When the unit finds a truck at the bottom of a lake with the husband and boy inside, things take a dark, angry turn. While Voight and Lindsay literally drag Nick out of his hospital bed and dump him in the snow, Ruzek joins Olinsky for his first notification – informing someone about the loss of family/loved one. The acting by Sarah (the wife/mother) was less than stellar, but the scene still managed to show the darker, depressing side of the job. Olinsky tells her, “Some men just don’t belong walking the Earth.”

Nick caves and gives the team the name and location of his partner – who, once in jail, kills a fellow inmate and escapes. Oh, and he beat the snot out of Olympic boxer Antonio, so he’s not to be trifled with. Worry not, Antonio gets his revenge. But as they reach the steps of the district, a hooded person shoots and kills Jared. When they pull of the hood, Sarah is revealed as a killer.

This was an interesting (albeit depressing) twist. We don’t always see the mourning family members on this show – and it just goes to show that in the heat of the moment, a snap decision can have lifelong consequences. Sarah wanted revenge, wanted to feel some sort of justice, but instead, she’ll spend time in prison and carry that with her for the rest of her life. Talk about heavy.

When Olinsky asks her why she did it, she repeats his words to him, “I’m not sorry…What you said earlier…I couldn’t stop thinking about it, that some men just don’t deserve to be walking the Earth.”

Apparently, a reward of $25,000 was offered for anyone who could give information regarding the robbers. Bunny knew, of course, and it’s just another setback for her and Erin. I want Erin and her mom to work something out, but I’ll be honest, I don’t like Bunny. I have a lot of respect for her and how she’s turned her life around, but she carries a chip on her shoulder and is entitled, defensive, and self-centered.

Because of Bunny’s close complacency with the robbers and her sketchy past, the reward is revoked. Of course, Bunny’s furious because well, she’s Bunny, and she owes a shady guy quite a bit of cash. In another surprising twist, Voight reaches into that secret vault of his and pays Bunny’s debt. Of course, he didn’t do it for Bunny, he did it for Erin.

To repay him, Voight insists that Bunny stay out of Erin’s life. She complains and tells him that he never wanted her part of Erin’s life, and he reminds her that she only reached out twice in ten years, and was not in any condition to see her daughter either of those times.

Bunny childishly says to him, “Okay, you win, Hank. You were the better parent.”

You know what, Bunny? He is. By far. I didn’t realize just how good a parent Voight was until this episode. And when Bunny walks away, Voight gets a call from Erin, who saw the whole thing. She simply says, “Thank you,” and it’s a beautiful moment between the two.

Other happenings…

Jay and Erin are still going strong-ish! He’s adorable, and not-so-subtly jabs at Erin’s rocky relationship past and her mom’s five marriages. Right now, these two are happy. But, I do think that when (and yes, I say when) they hit a rough patch, it’s going to be because of Erin’s complicated past. I’m not saying they won’t ride off in the sunset together come series end (because duh, they will), but they will have a few bumps in the road along the way.

Also, did anyone else notice the talk of Burgess and Ruzek? Halstead comes right out and says that the only reason Burgess and Ruzek were given a pardon on the relationship rule was because Burgess got shot. So, let me get this straight – don’t follow proper protocol, let your frustration get the best of you, and you get rewarded! Makes complete sense.

While that scene did temporarily bring back my frustration over the whole Burgess debacle, it ended up being really cute.

“I’d take a bullet just to come over to your house tonight,” says Erin.
Laughing, Jay responds, “What part of your body would you sacrifice?”

Love these two.

Nadia is studying for her criminal law test! I sure hope she passes. When she tries to cheer Platt up about the jailbreak, Platt immediately rebuffs her, in true Platt fashion. But we all know that Platt has taken a liking to Nadia, and she insists on driving her to the library for her study session. So sweet!

So Gina and Antonio definitely have chemistry. She’s pretty forward, and quickly asks him out for a drink once the case is closed. I have mixed feelings. I want Antonio to be happy of course, but I also want his family to be together. But going off this episode, the picturesque family is slipping away quickly.

What did you think of the episode? Did you like the darker tone of the case? How will Voight react to Jay and Erin’s relationship? Should Antonio keep seeing Gina?

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