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Chicago Fire - Three Bells - Advance Preview

Chicago Fire, one of my favorite shows of all time, comes with a strong episode this week as part of the #OneChicago crossover with sister show Chicago PD. Now, Chicago Fire has been apart of other crossovers in it's run as well, participating in the 3 show crossover with CPD and SVU as well as the #OneChicago crossover at Chicago Med last year. This episode is quite similar to those crossovers in the fact that it brings both teams together as one family, and can I say it's a phenomenal episode.

I will link my Advance Preview to part 2 of the crossover once it is posted.

Chicago PD - Advance Preview (Crossover Part 2)


This episode follows right on where the last episode left us, the arson investigation into Shay's death at the beginning of season 3. But there are also other storylines this week with some of Chicago Fire's other characters.

A new character makes an appearance this week, Shay's sister (Ellen Woglom) comes to town. She definitely got to learn a lot about her sister by visiting Chicago, there are a couple of scenes in which she reveals that she didn't know her sister went into these types of situations. However, this makes her really want to find justice for her sister's killer.

Also making an appearance this week, is long time friend, Hadley. I can't reveal too much that goes on with his character, but it definitely is a help to the rest of the house. But as you could imagine Severide isn't too keen on going to visit him in Prison.

As part of honoring Shay, there is a very emotional scene where the firehouse pays tribute to Leslie Shay, Dawson says some very emotional and heartfelt words, it was a very nice scene. The scene really reminded me back to the days of season 1, when the firehouse honored a victim, just so much honor in this show.

The firehouse also share a lot of memories involving Shay this week, which is a great addition to the legacy of Shay. A lot of the memories really reminded me of the character Shay was.

The majority of this episode is focused on the firehouse trying to get justice for Shay, even more when Chief Boden finds out something that makes it personal for him, but the way that Severide and Gabby act in this episode is like nothing I have seen before. The fact that they are trying to get justice for Shay really shines through in the whole episode.

Now what happens with Dawson and Casey this week? Well, I can't reveal much, but let's just say that there is a scene shared by both Dawson and Casey that gives Dawsey a glimmer of hope for the future. 

Overall, this episode is a must see, and if you don't normally watch Chicago PD, I'd suggest tuning into that also. I'll have my preview up for that episode tomorrow. These #OneChicago crossovers are really nice to watch, and I love when they come on.

Be sure to keep it tuned to NBC on Tuesday at 10/9c for part 1 of the #OneChicago crossover and stay tuned for Meghan's full review of the episode!

What are your thoughts on the episode? Leave them down below!

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