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Banshee - All the Wisdom I Got Left - Review: "You Gotta Finish What You've Started"

   Last night Banshee continued its amazing third season with “All the Wisdom I Got Left”, wirtten by Chris Kelley and directed by Greg Yaitanes.
   It was a very special episode, Hood and Brock went to Louisiana looking for Chayton so he would finally pay for what he did. Hood deeply wanted his vengeance (and he got it yay !). While in Banshee, Rebecca continued to mess around Kai’s business and got him in very big trouble and Job and Sugar settled a little money problem.

   I loved watching Hood and Brock in New Orleans. First, it was a nice change of set, those shots of Louisiana were gorgeous and it was much enjoyable to watch Hood and Brock evolved in a different environment.
   They soon found out where Chayton was, because he wasn’t much hiding actually. He was in a fight club, not surprising for a psycho warrior. And Sani Crow didn't want him to stay on his land, because of the cops looking for Chay. The fight club scene was really great. I think I stopped breathing when Chayton finally saw Hood was in the crowd watching him... And then he cracked a neck again. God, that sound is so morbid and awful. I can't stand it anymore. Chayton really was a psycho.

   His fight against Hood was epic, clearly he was stronger so Brock had to intervene. Being a cop inside an illegal fight club wasn’t much of an help at first. There was no law in that building, but the man in charge couldn’t let a police officer die in his building, So everybody left alive, of course it didn’t mean it was over. Hood needed to kill Chayton. He needed it for Siobhan, and he needed it to finally find peace and get over her death. It’s how Hood sees the world, who it works him. It’s an eye for an eye.
   It was a great idea to team Hood up with Brock, because his vision is very different. I’ve never been a big fan of Brock, but he’s growing on me. He has always wanted to be right, to do things by the books, to be a real sheriff but working with Hood has taught him there can be another way, when the law can’t do justice. Even if he didn’t see that they were doing as justice but only as vengeance, he was a part of it, as he was a part of killing Hondo. He might not see those killings as justice but he wanted to kill those men for what they've done. He made me a little angry when he screamed at Hood about what he was doing there with him. Brock chose to come along, he just had troubles admitting he’s doing something wrong by his standard. It's not easy living in Hood's world, but Hood never asked him to come along on his revenge mission.

   Chayton found Hood back at his motel and attacked him during his sleep. Such a coward. For someone who thinks he’s a God, he could have Some honor and not attack by behind. Anyways, that second fight scene was even more epic than the first. I’m always amazed how realistic those fight scenes are in Banshee. Usually in movies or other TV shows, the characters fight but they’re never really injured, no blood, they’re never out of breathe and they recover from anything. I love in Banshee how Hood looks confused after being thrown on a table or against a window. It made everything more real, more scary and way more suspenseful.
   I really wanted Hood to kill that mother fucker but he was strong. Chayton left the motel room, Hood had injured him quite badly, again. He was running off, leaving a trail with his blood so Hood ran after him. Their pursuit was epic, Well, the whole Hood vs Chayton was truly epic. Banshee never disappoints in those crazy showdown.
   Chayton was a wounded animal, trying to survive, hunted by Hood. He knew Hood would never stop chasing him. Even if Hood was only a man, he was actually able to kill him. Chayton stopped running. Their final dialogue between was great. Chayton finally recognized he underestimated Hood and Hood acknowledged he wasn’t a real cop. Chayton clearly gave up and wanted to end it, he started mentioning Siobhan and how he felt her life ending against his own hands. He knew Hood would react and shoot him.. And it was exactly what he did. The first shot was specially gruesome and quite shocking but what Hood did afterwards… Oh my god. I’ve never been that horrified and disgusted and shocked watching TV. Hood’s “He” so Chayton would open his eyes and see him, and then boom… Half of his head exploded and we didn’t miss any part of it…

   Hood finally got what he wanted. He killed Chayton, Siobhan’s death is avenged. After putting Chayton’s body into the water, Hood refused to come back to Banshee with Brock. Wait what ? Hood said he was done with Banshee, he had nothing left. Hood really surprised me there but tt was true he had lost a lot there. But he wasn’t finished with Banshee. Brock’s speech was just perfect. In that moment, I really liked him, he was the right character to convince Hood.
   Brock always has had a lot of questions about him, about what happened to Hood, what made him the way he’s, where he’s from but he has still followed his orders because he respects him. Hood was the first, and only, to stand up against Proctor in Banshee. He has to finish what he started against Kai, in Banshee. They're both criminals, but not the same kind. Hood wants to survive, Proctor wants power.

   And during that time, in Banshee, things weren't working great for Kai Proctor. He was still spending sweet time with Emily, not aware of his niece's actions. Rebecca has been on a wrong track since of a coupe of episodes, since Emily arrived at their house. She was clearly jealous of her and her relationship her uncle. She continued her secret deal with the Salvadorians, but Burton caught her. It was so weird when she tried to seduce him, actually putting her hand in his pants… That look on her face was so disturbing.
   Burton was kind with Rebecca, he gave her the opportunity to come clean herself to her uncle, so he would be more gentle with her. But Rebecca continued to be arrogant, she  was convinced Kai will choose her over anyone and anything because of their special bond. I won’t be so sure of that, but we will see.
    Anyways, Rebecca didn’t say anything to Kai and when he was with his father and their church, reconnecting with God, Frazer came in with his men and took Emily and Kai. Guess he wasn’t happy about being screwed over but Kai had no idea Rebecca was selling to the Salvadorians… Oh God, Becca, what have you done ? And shooting at that distance was totally stupid and shocked your whole former community.

   Other parts of “All the Wisdom I Got Left” focused on Job and Sugar, and on Carrie and Stowe.
   Job and Sugar’s storyline was fun and still interesting. There was nothing major, but we got to know Sugar a little better. He always has been an emotional character, so it was no surprise he was stealing some money just to help out someone else.
   But the best part of that storyline was Job actually fighting on the ring to get back the money. First, his clothes were great and the way he fought… Hoon Lee always impressed me so much with his fight choreography. He’s just so graceful and fierce. I loved the way he moved his legs during the fight, it felt like he was dancing. It’s such a delight to watch him on screen everytime. I’m still hoping for a Job flashback episode !

   Carrie and Stowe’s Parts were shorter, but it was setting up for the next final episodes. Stowe is out to get his vengeance too. He wants to find who steal from him and he will make them pay. That sounds quite bad for Hood, Job, Sugar and Carrie. They better have covered everything.
   From the way Stowe was watching Carrie, it was clear he had doubts about her... I don’t want to lose another main character but I’m getting really worried. Stowe is a psychopath too, maybe even worst than Rabbit.

    “All the Wisdom I Got Left” was another exceptional hour of television Banshee offered us. This season has been remarkable. After killing Rabbit last season finale, the writers put themselves in danger, they needed to come up with a new storyline even better, scarier. They needed a new serious enemy for Hood and his gang and they totally found one. It's so delighting to watch a show getting better, developing more its characters an giving them more sense, more reality.
   What did you think of “All the Wisdom I Got Left” ? How happy are you about Chayton's death ? How disgusted were you during that scene ? There is only two episodes left this season, what are your hopes ? Hit the comments !

Banshee notes :
- We got to see how Burton and Kai first met ! I loved their flashback scenes, Burton is so mysterious.
- Loved Job's costume on the ring, made me think a bit of Madonna’s new costume
- So Job is THE Hacker ! Congrats, you're excellent at your job.

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