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About a Boy - About a Cat Party - Review

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Well, well, well, look what sneaky, heartbreaking holiday has rolled around again -- that's right, Valentine's Day.  Now obviously the actual holiday is not as difficult to navigate as it is in the media, but hey!  This is a TV show, and Valentine's Day does not come easy to the men/boys this year.


Apparently Marcus is dating Shea now?  Or at least they made plans to hang out on Valentine's Day and she expected some sort of special treatment.  Did I miss an episode?  Or are they just friends who made an odd Valentine's Day playdate?  This whole thing is a tad confusing.  And it seems like Marcus feels the same way, as he first plans a big event for their walk to school (complete with a horse-drawn carriage), and then scraps everything upon hearing of Shea's distaste for the holiday and opts for a casual screening of some old black and white films from the 30s when she comes over at night.  But it turns out Shea is just a sullen 13-year-old girl who doesn't want to admit to enjoying anything, and she actually does hope Marcus will do something special for her.  (Though of course she has nothing in return.). Although Marcus turns to Will for help the notorious ladies' man's assistance backfires when Shea catches on* that Marcus regifted one of Will's gifts.  *"Catches on" in this case meaning "hears one of Will's flings cooing to him from a recorded voice message in a teddy bear."  And so Marcus has to turn to Mr. Chris for advice (since his mother is off doula-ing).  It turns out that his teacher's advise is on point -- it's not really about giving her a gift, it's about making it special.  So Marcus decides to perform a wonderfully lipsyched rendition of "Anarchy in the UK," the Sex Pistols song Shea played when they met.

This story might be a little more interesting if I knew what was going on.  Last I checked, Marcus was majorly into Shea, who seemed to enjoy spending time with him/teasing him.  I honestly have no clue whether perhaps episodes were aired our of order, or if the show just decided to move forward with their "relationship" and explain later.  Either way, the trope of a girl/woman claiming she doesn't want something but then still expecting it is OLD and tired.  At least here it makes more sense given Shea's age and demeanor.  It was nice to see Marcus and Mr. Chris getting along, and to see the success of Mr. Chris' advice.  Although Will and Marcus' friendship is sweet, it's much better for Marcus to have some other mentors/role models when it comes to romantic relationships.

Will hopes to use Valentine's Day desperation in order to woo a one night stand -- or two.  But hi sleazy plan fails when Wingman TJ picks up a French woman on the way to the bar, and the two lock lips while Will strikes out.  Luckily, Will finds a new wingman in the bartender, Liz  She helps him to get the attention of a pretty young woman down the bar, and then the two hang out and people watch while they wait for the girl to take interest.  She eventually wanders over and invites Will to a Cat Party (exactly what it sounds like).  Liz totally pinpoints that Will's had his heart broken, since he's been hitting on the kids in their early 20s, when everyone else in the bar is an adult.  He heads to the cat party but loses interest and returns to the bar to kiss Liz as she's closing up.

That's right!  Will Freeman turned away from his potential hot, young, hook-up, and toward a woman his own age.  With a kid!  About Marcus' age...I wonder if he and Marcus go to the same school?  ...Anyway, I really like Liz so far -- she seems a little cynical, but still good-hearted.  Definitely hoping to see some more of her!

What did you think of the episode?  What are your thoughts on Marcus and Shea?  Are they friends?  Dating?  Will Fiona ever make it through a birth without getting kicked out the room several times?  Is Will going to find love again, this time in Liz?  Let us know below!

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