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Throwback Thursday - CSI: NY - Indelible

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Throwback Thursday, a weekly article in which we look back at our favorite TV episodes from over the years.

CSI: NY is one of my favorite shows of all time, it was a very successful spin-off from the CSI franchise. The characters on CSI: NY I had a great connection with, and was sad to let them go, so I happy to be revisiting this pivotal episode of CSI: NY.


This episode was such a great episode in the way that it showed us how the team are dealing with the post 9/11-world, especially Mac. This episode displayed more real-world issues more that anything. But the flashbacks in this episode produced yet more depth to an already emotional episode. Seeing how members of the team reacted to what happened in 9/11 was very emotional to watch, especially thinking that this event actually happened in real life.

Starting off with Mac, he is the highlight of the show for me, we get flashbacks back to where Mac and Claire are establishing their love for each other. But the flashbacks to when tragedy strikes, this was probably the most emotional piece of television I have ever watched, as the tower came down, and we watched Mac's reaction, exceptional.

Throughout the episode Mac shares some scenes with a former firefighter, Joe Vincent, who lost his son (police officer) to 9/11. Joe didn't want to attend the ceremony that he and Mac were organizing, but Mac reminded him who they were doing this for, the families of the fallen, and Joe was one of those families.

 The other characters shared several memories of September 11th in this episode, triggered by their surroundings. They don't discuss these moments, because these are moments of private reflection. However, it was quite a neat scene between Lindsay and Adam, learning that Adam had slept through the whole day after a night of partying and Lindsay was out of the city at the time. We then learn that they were both on the 'bucket brigade', and part of the rescue efforts, both of them felt compelled to do their duty as Americans. Who would have known they had been working alongside each other this whole time? None the less, this was quite an emotional scene for the two of them, this was the first real personal reflection from Adam in a long time.

As I said before Mac is organizing a ceremony for families of the fallen in 9/11, this ceremony had a special connection to Gary Sinise himself. Gary Sinise actually helped raise the money to build the 'Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance', and the scene was filmed in font of the wall on location, and the first responders and families filled the audience. To me, this ceremony was so much more than a television scene, it was CSI: NY's tribute to the fallen.

At the end of the hour Mac honors Claire legacy, and his personal journey comes to an end when he releases the opera tickets into the waves. This referenced the first flashback of the hour, when Mac had bought the tickets for Claire. Mac releasing them, is a sign for moving forward for Mac, which was yet another emotional scene.

The real world connection in this episode really made it what it is, the fact that the September 11 attacks actually happened just re-iterates all the stuff that happened in this episode probably would have happened somewhere in New York. The way that CSI: NY honored such an emotional, sad and heartbreaking day in America's history was just incredible.

Overall, this episode was one of the best hours television I have ever seen, I would definitely compare this with Hawaii Five-0's tribute to Pearl Harbor. These types of episodes that have special connections to the world we live in, really make it that much more special, and CSI: NY nailed it in this episode. This was a great way of honoring the fallen, the families and paying tribute to such a defining moment in America's (and New York's) history. The episode was filled with emotional scenes which just added to this exceptional episode.


Mac delivered a great speech at the ceremony, it touched on so many things, but most importantly that we will never forget those who gave their lives.

"For the last four months, it has been my honour and privilege to be a part of something so important and that I am truly proud of. To contribute a little bit to so many who lost so much. These 417 first responders, the portraits of their faces etched in granite and honored here on this Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance, will live in our hearts forever. Ten years have passed since that tragic day. Many of us here have been personally affected and share a loss. And so once more, we pause and we pray, and we will continue to do so as each anniversary passes. In helping to finish this memorial, I've met some truly remarkable people. And we've had the opportunity to meet with many of you who generously shared your thoughts and feelings on how best to remember these fallen heroes who demonstrated such unmitigated courage and selflessness. The effort to build this wall of remembrance has been a great blessing, as we attempt to heal our broken hearts. And here today we gather, a people united not only in our grief, but in our resolve to stand together as one family of Americans. God bless these brave souls who served so selflessly. They will never be forgotten."


Joe Vincent: "You lost your wife, I lost my son. It is what it is. There is no good way to let go of that."
Mac: "We were both down there on that pile, Joe. Digging, searching, hoping. When we first met, I remember you telling me how moved you were at seeing some of the same faces, day in and day out, down there at the site. Everybody coming together to pitch in and help out. How inspired you were that so much evil and pain could be channeled into so much good. Celebrate that. Share that. You said you did it for the families. You're one of the families, too, Joe. Don't forget that."

Lindsay: "So you joined the bucket brigade?"
Adam: "Yeah."
Lindsay: "Me too."
Adam: "I thought you were in Montana."
Lindsay: "I was when it happened. I watched the whole thing on TV, feeling totally useless, and like I wanted to help, but they weren't letting planes in, obviously. And then I heard that trucks from all over the country were going to New York. So, I jumped on a local fire truck, and I got here a few days after. We might have been on the same line, never even knew it."

Claire: "This is crazy, Mac. There are still so many people inside."
Mac: "Claire, look, I know you want to help. Listen to me. Just stay on the phone and get as far away as you can."
(Jet engine roaring)
Claire: "Oh, my God."
(Loud crash)
TV Newswoman: "Oh, my God! Another plane just hit the other tower. A second airplane just flew directly into the South Tower. This is obviously not an accident."
Mac: "Claire? Claire! Claire!"

What did you think of this episode of CSI: NY? Leave your thoughts down below.

Never Forget.

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