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The Musketeers - An Ordinary Man - Review: "The Ones We Leave Behind"

Episode: 2.02 "An Ordinary Man"
Directed by: John Strickland
Written by: Adrian Hodges
Air date: January 9, 2015

Reviews so far:
Episode: 2.01 "Keep Your Friends Close"

D'Artagnan - I have to start with him as he was clearly the hero of the episode. I usually find him too immature or impulsive to say that but in this hour he made a really great impression on me and I think I've never liked him more. A part of that is certainly because of the contrast between him and one of my least favorite characters, King Louis XIII. A kindness D'Artagnan showed toward an ordinary man met on the road, the way he spoke about his father and protected the King despite the way he often treats the Musketeers (and pretty much everyone else), it all made the character really grow in my eyes. Luke Pasqualino did a great job in this episode, especially in the last (and my favorite) scene where the Musketeers bring their money to support Pepin's family after his death. It was the best they could do and gestures like that are exactly why we really care about and root for these heroes. Such a sad, yet beautiful moment, with strong performance by Luke was a great ending to an already powerful episode.

King Louis XIII - Unlike his companion in the episode, the King only showed his spoilt and selfish side with just a few short exceptions. It was nice to see him talk about his father and how much his "son" means to him, especially thanks to Ryan Gage's performance, but I really lost most of my sympathy for the character back in season one and his actions in the episode certainly aren't helping to change that. He wasn't only a naive and ungrateful fool but he simply didn't care enough to remember an ordinary man who died trying to protect his King. Not to mention how easily he was charmed by Milady and pardoned all her crimes. I admit, she can be quite persuasive but considering the fact that I'm almost sure he's going to get involved with her very soon, I find myself out of words. Not a good episode for the character at all. Though he sure adds a little comedy to some moments from time to time, so there's that.

Milady de Winter - Even though she's clearly not a character you really root for, I sure missed her. There's something very interesting and powerful about Milady. She is quite a master manipulator. The way she handled the entire situation and ended up in such a different position was pretty impressive. Looks like she and Constance will now be located pretty close to each other. Not to mention Athos. I'm really excited to see her different interactions with other characters in the castle. There's just so much potential in their dynamics. If only for that, it's good to have her back.

Athos - There wasn't many things to do for Athos in the episode but his meeting with his wife is surely worth mentioning. If anyone still needed proof to see how much he has changed since season one this would be a great opportunity to notice it. Despite his very strong feelings towards Milady, his hate and pain after all she's done, he managed to stay pretty calm (though shocked) after crossing paths with her again. I do admire the way he managed to keep his objections and anger hidden. I can't wait to see how the things between them are going to change now that she's back (and this time more officially) in the castle.

Rochefort - Looks like Rochefort is not the only one with a bad influence on the King now. I wonder how he's going to be acting around Milady and will the two join forces at one point. For now, it seems, he's more interested in the Queen and like I mentioned last week, it's the thing that worries me the most. After this hour, he now has a letter signed by Anne that could easily be used against her as a proof of treason against the King and France. As if her situation wasn't dangerous enough without it. After seeing next week's promo, however, I'm thinking whether he has a more personal interest in the Queen than I suspected. And if the letter will be used, whether it's going to be soon or maybe more closer to the end of the season. Rochefort is definitely quite a villain.

Queen Anne - Sadly, so far in season two, the Queen is no longer the voice of reason on the court. Rochefort's influence on her grows deeper and faster than I expected. Hopefully, Constance will continue to advice Anne and will eventually help the Queen find a right direction. If not, if the things are to get worse next week, I would be even inclined to see Aramis help. Though it would sure be desperate times if only one dangerous connection can save Anne from another one. I'm really excited to see where are we going from here.

Aramis - Oh, Aramis! He's so determined to stay close to his son that I don't even know whether I should call it foolish or heartbreaking. Unfortunately, he's just in a terrible situation and there's no way out of it that would be a happy/good solution. It's a lost cause really so I do understand his actions. Hopefully there will be more storylines (and postive ones) for him in the future.

Constance - As expected, it was great to see Constance in her new role. I like how she's not easily fooled or scared by Rochefort. She can be smart and strong, without being overshadowed by just one of the character's aspect (her marriage with Bonacieux and love to D'Artagnan). Basically, she's on the right path now and I'm excited to see more of her dynamics with everyone on court. Now especially with Milady, since their last meeting almost ended with Constance's death.

Porthos and Captain Treville - The two are still mostly in the background of the story with the secret about their past hanging over them. Not so many things to say for now, but I'm waiting to see a progress in this storyline. Also, I really wish Aramis would tell Porthos the truth about the baby (he's like the one person I think should really know).

Notes, thoughts and quotes:

Best Character: D'Artagnan
Best Scene: The Musketeers visit Pepin's family at the end
Best Return: Milady de Winter
Biggest Mistake: Anne signs the letter
Best Plan: Milady de Winter
Best One-Time Character: Pepin - Poor, poor Pepin. His story and the story of his family was just painfully sad. And I honestly liked and felt for him. He was an ordinary man and his life mattered. Just like anybody else's. The way the Musketeers could see it and King Louis didn't even remember him speaks volumes about these characters.
Memorable quotes:
1. Anne: "How could your men have allowed this?" Treville: "The king was adamant he experience Paris as a commoner." Anne: "Then they should have made clear to him the utter stupidity of his suggestion."
2. Pepin: "If we are to die, this is how I want it to be - by my King's side, fighting again for our freedom, not in the belly of some ship."
3. Louis: "How much further must we walk?" D'Artagnan: "Until we are certain we are safe." Louis: "When I was a boy and I was tired my valet would carry me." D'Artagnan: "My father carried me. Sometimes I'd pretend I couldn't walk another step. Just to be in his arms." Louis: "That's only because you didn't have a valet."

Favorite to Least Favorite Season 2 Episodes Ranking:
1. An Ordinary Man - It was a close call but in the end there was more heart to this week's story. And with D'Artagnan's great character development and Milady's return this hour ended up as a more memorable between the two.
2. Keep Your Friends Close

In case you haven't read it yet, you can find Sandi's preview for the next episode here. Don't miss all new The Musketeers which airs on Friday 16th January at 9pm on BBC 1 and BBC 1 HD in the UK!

And now, what did you think about "An Ordinary Man"? Any favorite scenes/quotes in the episode?

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