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The Musketeers - Keep Your Friends Close - Review: "Dangerous Allies" [Updated 8/1/14 with Videos]

Episode: 2.01 "Keep Your Friends Close"
Directed by: John Strickland
Written by: Adrian Hodges
Air date: January 2, 2015

Hi, everyone! It looks like this season I'm going to review the show so below you'll find my reflections and opinions on the premiere. It's great to have the show back. It's been so long that I was starting to forget how much I enjoyed season one. Gladly, it all came back to me in the first minutes of the episode and it was only getting better from there. In advance, I'd like to apologize if some of the reviews will be posted a little late. I'll do my best to work on better timing my writing with job and studies. Okay, without further ado, let's start. Today's review will be a sort of character study. Let me know what you think about this form.

Comte de Rochefort - I have to start with our newest addition to the cast. And what an introduction he had! We meet him when he is about to be executed for his crimes (that include a murder) and the Musketeers intervene and save his life. Right from the start, we see that he knows (and clearly dislikes) our heroes. And it sure doesn't get better when we find out that he appears to be a Spanish spy who's planning on taking over Cardinal's place at king's side and in order to do that has to play a hero in a rescue mission and get rid of the king's most loyal Musketeers in the process. I'm saying "appears to be" because he strikes me as someone who, in the end, only works for himself. After only one episode, Rochefort already seems like he could be even more dangerous than the Cardinal. He's not only brutal and isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty but he also has something Richelieu never did - Queen's trust. And I have to say it makes me worried. Especially considering the secret she's hiding from the King. Great performance by Marc Warren and I'm looking forward to Rochefort's next step.

Athos - Seeing him at the beginning of this season certainly makes quite a difference compared to his introduction in "Friends and Enemies". Finally letting go of Milady changed his perspective and he doesn't seem quite so dark and hurt anymore. Now he seems to have this incredible talent to show up every time Aramis is anywhere near the Queen or the baby, or any possibility of the secret being revealed. I do wonder how he does that. But seriously, I really enjoy this closer friendship between the two.

Aramis - It's no secret to anyone who knows me or heard me talking about the show that Aramis is my favorite character. And it was quite an episode for him. Even though he didn't have much of the screen time, it sure seems like it's going to be a painful season for him. This week, he finally found out the truth about Adele and his reaction was exactly what I wanted to see from the start. I wasn't sure if he really cared about her so it was good to finally get the confirmation. And as if this surprise from the Cardinal wasn't enough, it appears that there might be someone out there who knows the truth about Aramis being the father of the little Dauphin. It's just heartbreaking to watch him trying to get close to his son but being forced to keep his distance to protect the ones he cares about. On the bright side, whenever he's with Porthos, these two work great together and say most of my favorite lines from the episode. Always loved the bond between these two!

Porthos - Speaking of, despite the fact that there aren't many things to say about Porthos' actions in the episode itself, I'm very excited (and maybe a bit worried) that we're getting to learn more about his story. It might just be one of the show's most interesting reveals yet.

Captain Treville - It was not a good episode for the Captain. It appears that he played a role in Porthos' tragic childhood and when the truth comes out, it's possible we will never be able to look at him like we used to. As if that wasn't enough, he also declined King's offer to take over Cardinal's job to advise him and I'm sure it's something him and the Musketeers (and us!) will regret very soon.

King Louis XIII - The King is now left with Rochefort as his right hand and it doesn't look good for the ones around them. But... There was a lovely moment in the episode where King Louis meets his "son" and Ryan Gage plays it all perfectly, making many of us feel for him, despite his actions in the past (I didn't forget "Knight Takes Queen"). It's emotional scenes like this where the character (and the actor) can really steal the viewers' affections.

Queen Anne - Despite the smile on her face in a few short moments (like when she presents her son to the king), the Queen seemed truly sad and distant. The secret is clearly taking quite a heavy toll on Anne and I'm worried it might make her more vulnerable for Rochefort's plans. Which is why I'm especially glad that she found herself a loyal confidante in Constance. I can't wait for more scenes with them, I think I'm going to enjoy their interactions and maybe even a friendship between these two very different, yet both strong women.

Constance Bonacieux - Poor Constance. It seems like, after seeing the reality of her situation, she chose to accept that her only option is to stay with her husband and then she just gave up. She didn't quite seem like the woman we met in the show's first episode. And I absolutely don't agree with D'Artagnan calling her a coward because that's certainly not the case here. She just seemed broken and hurt for most part and I hope that her new position at Queen's side will change it soon. As we know from last season, she can bring so much energy to the story that it's hard to watch her lost in her sadness.

D'Artagnan - Oh, D'Artagnan. He can be so immature at times that it's hard to believe there's also a hero willing to risk his life saving someone else's during the zip wire escape in there as well. But after all, we're all so many different things, also his youth and inexperience speak for themselves sometimes. But isn't it all a part of what makes D'Artagnan a character we all root for? He can be crazy and brave, and romantic and foolish. And I absolutely can't wait to see him with the King next episode!

Notes, thoughts and quotes:

Best Scene / Biggest Shock – Aramis finds out about Adele
Best Reveal – Captain Treville has history with Porthos and his family
Best Action - The zip wire prison escape
Biggest Aww – Aramis meets his son / King sees Dauphin
Best Duo – Athos and Aramis
Best Introduction - Comte de Rochefort
Worst Decision – Captain Treville declines King’s offer
Most Unlucky / Craziest Ideas – D'Artagnan, pretty sure it’s always D'Artagnan
Most Missed – Capaldi’s great portrayal of Cardinal Richelieu

1. There were also a few other characters introduced in the episode. But since I don't feel like I have a lot to say about them for now I'll wait and see what's going to happen with them next. How about you? Do you already have some first impressions you'd like to share with?

2. Milady de Winter is back next week! Be honest, did you miss her? I did. What do you think she's been up to since the last time we saw her?

3. What plot are you most excited to see this season? Rochefort's plans against the Musketeers? Captain Treville's secret about Porthos? Aramis and the Cardinal's revenge from the grave? Or maybe something on the romantic front?

4. Any favorite scenes/quotes in the episode?

In case you haven't read it yet, you can find Sandi's preview for the next episode here. Don't miss all new The Musketeers which airs on Friday 9th January at 9pm on BBC 1 and BBC 1 HD in the UK! And remember to come back and let us know what did you think about the episode.

Below you can find two new behind the scenes videos. Thank you Sandi for sharing!

Secrets of The Musketeers: d'Artagnan's Underwater Stunt

The Music of The Musketeers

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