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The Musketeers - Emilie - Teaser Hangman

The episode may have been delayed a week due to the FA Cup, but that doesn't mean you get to go totally spoiler free. Here's this week's hangman, along with some cryptic clues about its topic. Good luck!

The hangman has been cracked. Well done to everyone, that was incredible teamwork to get it so quickly! :)

The first picture clue has also been worked out. It is of Lake Constance, as seen in Austria.

The second cryptic clue has been worked out. Mr Ed & Stop & Ard = Ed Stoppard

Fans of Constance will be pleased to hear that she is involved in the story in a much more satisfying and plausible manner. We finally see the bond she shares with the queen as she reassures and supports her majesty through a vexing time in the episode. She also has important scenes with most of the Musketeers, as well as Emilie and a returning character from an earlier episode this season.

F won the first poll and has been added
G won the second poll and has been added
K and J won the third poll and have been added
B won the fourth poll and has been added along with a bonus letter, U
L won the fifth poll and has been added
N won the sixth poll and has been added

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