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The Musketeers - Emilie - Teaser Hangman 2

The first Teaser Hangman has been worked out - you can find it here. So here is the second one for you to work on, along with cryptic clues about its subjects. Good luck!

The hangman has been solved, well done everyone!

The first picture clue has been solved. Simara + mirror image = Aramis

The second picture clue has been solved. Oaths + scrambled letters = Athos

Aramis is the main Musketeer highlighted this week - although all of them have some sort of character development. He and Emilie develop a spiritual and close relationship, as you would expect from two people holding the deep-seated beliefs they do. Athos is vital to the main story and also shares personal time with d’Artagnan, while Porthos receives unexpected news.

B and W won the first poll and have been added
G and K won the second poll and have been added
M won the third poll and has been added
U and V won the fourth poll and have been added
C won the fifth poll and has been added

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