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The Mentalist - The Whites of His Eyes - Review

Troubles in Paradise for Jane and Lisbon in this week's episode of The Mentalist, The Whites of His Eyes. Jane worries for Lisbon’s safety when the team puts itself in the line of fire to protect the witness in a murder investigation from a skilled assassin.

The witness and her husband made Jane think about his relationship with Lisbon: the couple both want to protect what they love - Matthew, the husband, want to protect their kid and ask his wife Lily "Why do you want to risk your life for these people?". On the other hand, she thinks about what she witnessed it may help other people to be safe from this killer. Lily wants to do the right thing and be brave. In her job, Lisbon does the same. She fights for what's right, she joined the law enforcement to be a cop and make justice. Jane's arrived at some point in which he can't stay there and just watch her girlfriend risk her life for other people, who barely know her.

Agent Spackman is back on The Mentalist, and this time he admits Jane's theory was right. We haven't seen him since the seventh season premiere. When the three go and check Peg Baily and her connection with the Bittaker family, Jane reaches the point in which Lisbon isn't safe anymore as he sees the hole on her jacket after the real hit man, Lydon, shot Spackman and almost got her killed.
Abbott did a great job by 'threatening' Belinda Bittaker and her son's health. His sarcastic mood when he claims he's Supervisor Agent Dennis Abbott made the woman tremble.

Jane's plan to frame Lydon involves everyone, but he can sees the worries of being shot into Lisbon's eyes. Night in the airstream makes him think a lot about "Someone may get hurt", as if Lydon was Red John 2.0. Even if Lisbon reassures Jane that everything's gonna be alright, she's just faking it - she got scared by the simulation they did in the hotel. The scene in the airstream was really sweet and cute. Lisbon's singing a lullaby to Jane and they sleep cuddling in each other's arms. That's the reason why the chose to be in the airstream: the bed there is tiny so they can stay closer.

Jane's plan worked of course. Despite Matthew was worried about his wife's safety, Abbott reassures him and - indirectly - those words were referred to Lisbon too - because they will do anything they can to save her. During the action of evacuating Lily out of the hotel, Jane is constantly worried about Lisbon and he gives her wrong directions in order to leave her out of the picture. Lydon's smart but not enough when Vega once again plays the undercover thing dressed like Lily, and Cho arrived just in time to shoot a surprised Lydon.

Meanwhile, Vega and Wylie keep going on with their flirty thing and they share a funny scene playing some videogames. That girl has balls!

The only one who's not happy with the results is Lisbon. She's been taken off in purpose and she can't accept this: she's an FBI agent and she thinks she can protect herself, but how far will she be safe? Jane just acted like a man concerned about the woman he loved - he's already lost his wife and he can't loose Lisbon too.

Special mention to the music: Blake Neely did an awesome job, as always.
Will Jane and Lisbon work out their issues?
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