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The Mentalist - Little Yellow House - Review

This week, we got to know Teresa Lisbon's other brothers in The Mentalist  Little Yellow House. A murder investigation becomes personal for Lisbon when she learns that her underachieving younger brother, Jimmy, is being sought as a key witness.

Lisbons united! Teresa Lisbon and her sense of being half mother and half sister to his brothers. She's always been protective with them and all the Lisbons family is a messy. We've seen her with Tommy back in season 4, now we got to see Stan and Jimmy.
Stan is a father and a good dad, even if he's got a gambling problem, and on the other hand, Jimmy is a troublemaker. Teresa almost feels guilty when she talks about their brothers because she thinks she didn't do a proper job watching over them. "They're not angry, they miss you." Thanks God, Patrick Jane can understand better than anyone. I wonder if it's in Lisbon's genre being all messy, but it's time for Saint Teresa former "Student of the month" to get that they're all grown up and she needs to think about her life for good.

Michelle Vega's started to trust Jane. At the beginning of the episode, he's showing her some "balance" tricks, that reminds me of he doing the same with young Grace Van Pelt back in season 1. (At this point of the seasons, parallels with the past are due.) Also, Vega seems to have a lot of fun with Wylie more than with Cho. Beside, Wylie's crush for her keeps growing so that he's even started studying Spanish for her!

The good thing about the poker game scene was Lisbon pretending to be a psych again. She did play that role really well! The case of the week solved around a poker table, and the killer murdered the victim because of his jealousy and envy on the game. Since the world runs around power, money can turn people into killers.

Then, finally those three words. I guess it took Lisbon some time to finally say "I love you" to Jane. Not because she didn't feel that way, because she did and she's always - but because she didn't express her feelings very often to someone. Maybe Teresa never said "I love you" to someone beyond her brothers. Never to Marcus Pike. Patrick understood that and once again he got really surprised to hear those words. Aren't messy people good lovers?
One last thing: it took seven seasons to have Teresa Lisbon wearing various dresses and show some legs.
Plus one more thing: how sweet was Lisbon watching Jane playing with some kids? That smile on her face suggests that she's ready to start a family on her own with the man she loves. Or can we drop the bomb and asks ourselves if she's pregnant?

Did you enjoy the Lisbons reunion? Finally Teresa told Patrick she loves him: what's next step now?
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