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The Mentalist - Copper Bullet - Review

Team united in The Mentalist Copper Bullet. When Abbott’s old boss, Agent Peterson, threatens Abbott’s career –and possibly his freedom – Jane devises a risky plan to protect his friend’s future.

I like that Jane involves everyone in the team into his plan, despite the fact that Vega was at first left behind. Jane and Abbott are now more emphatic than before, and they share this dark past that changed their lives and make the women they love - Lena for Dennis, Angela and then Teresa for Patrick - in serious danger.
They started as enemies and became buddies. Abbott understood Jane's intentions in killing Red John, that's why he first confessed about Agent Petersen and how he felt back in the past. Like Jane, Abbott chose life and the woman he loves and made the big step to move to Washington with her when his duties in Austin will be done. Giving to Kimball Cho his blessing as next chief of the FBI was the top. Cho deserves this, there's no other reasons to explain why. He's the man of honor.

Abbott saved Jane in "My Blue Heaven" by giving him a second chance, now it's time for Jane to return the favor. We all know Agent Petersen is a dirty cop. To make sure his plan works, Jane calls his old friends from the circus, Pete and Samantha, who agreed to frame Petersen and save Abbott's career. Those two have been the family Patrick Jane never had. Also, how much they were happy when they tell him about Lisbon? Does Pete may be right by saying it's time for Patrick to take off his ring?

Let's talk about Michelle Vega and her character development. She joined the FBI because she's ambitious and she wanted to learn how to fight in the field. What she didn't consider was Patrick Jane. He's opened her into a new kind of world, where having a gun doesn't always make you the smartest guy. But patience, fun and friends can make your work a little bit easier.
I felt sorry when she was left alone and in the dark about Jane's plan. She wanted to be part of the FBI's family and I liked the fact that Cho agreed to let her in. He trusts her and she did a great job when she stops Petersen by hitting his car. Also, finally some sparks with Jason Wylie are concreate: they share a dance at the end of the episode.

And the, there are Jane and Lisbon. They've never finished their conversation started in the previous episode. Being a cop it's part of her; she likes what she does, because it's what makes her who she is. Jane is worried, maybe a little jeaolus of her dedication to it. Does he want her on his own? He's being protective and "I don't want to lose you" speaks for itself. How many times we said Jane lost his wife and his daughter, and now that he found love again, he's afraid to lose it. Again. Lisbon shows her true love for him twice: with "I love you" and invite him to dance in front of everyone. Yeah, right. Old Teresa Lisbon wouldn't never danced with Patrick Jane. But lovely Teresa Lisbon keeps showing how much she's in love with this man. Can they work out their relationship? At some point, I think Lisbon's going to make a choice: Jane or her job.

With The Mentalist coming close to an end, what are your expectations for the finale? No spoilers, please. Share your comments below.

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