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The Librarians - And the City of Light / And the Loom of Fate - Roundtable Review

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And that's a wrap for season 1. Here's hoping for season 2. Today to talk about the final 2 episodes, we have a full house with Adam Wright, BlueStar, Gavin Hetherington, Justyna K, Kris, Suzana, Dahne, and Robert Fruin. We also plan to do a wrap-up roundtable review for season 1 next week. If you have any questions you'd like to ask us, please put them in the comments section so I can add them in. As always, we'd love to hear your opinion about these episodes and if you'd like to be part of the final roundtable of the season, the questions will be posted on Google+ and my Twitter. Thanks for being part of this fun run and we'll see you next week.

What was your favorite thing about episode 1.09?

Adam - The mystery behind the townspeople.
BlueStar - Jake's character being more front stage. This is one of the few times I didn't feel like he was in the background. I loved learning more about his back story and him visiting Paris in the end.
Gavin - Got to admit, I wasn't all that enthralled with episode nine if I'm honest. I like the town trapped idea and Eve turning invisible so she couldn't really help the others in a big capacity. I also liked how Jake got a bit more material to work with.
Justyna - I was glad that we finally got to focus and learn a bit more about Jake in the episode. It was a nice change and it worked very well with the story.
Kris - I liked Eve encouraging Jake. "If your gut tells you something is wrong, go with it." It's the first steps of the mini-librarians gaining some autonomy and confidence in themselves.
Suzana - The case was about technology and a Tesla experiment. I've had some strong Warehouse 13 vibes. I liked that they had to deal with the case without Baird. And also the Jacob background was more than welcomed.
Dahne - I too am a big fan of getting Jake back story and as a Teen Wolf fan, it was good seeing Haley Webb again. Mostly though I found the idea of a Tesla-engineered town fascinating. Plus cranky Jenkins is always a hoot and Ezekiel kicking butt was fun to watch.
Robert - I really liked the scene where Baird "went" into Ezekiel. We all know he isn't a fighter, and is considered more of a coward, but even though it wasn't him really fighting it was good to see him take down the bad guys. I only wish that he could be more useful on a regular basis in terms of fighting. That way he wouldn't need to rely on Baird to protect him as much as he does now

If you could change anything about episode 1.09, what would it be?

BlueStar - I guess the fact that those poor people trapped on the other side have to wait another 100 years before another Librarian can come back and try to release them again. But at least it's not hopeless.
Kris - I wish that Jake would have caught onto Maybelle and the town a lot sooner. He's not stupid, so why didn't things catch more of his attention?
Suzana - The French part. I am French and the dialogue in French was torture to my ears, for most part. No offense.
Dahne - I wasn't a fan of the ending. We are too close to the end of the season for them to lose like that. Seasons 2 and 3, sure. Just not the penultimate episode. I also really disliked the jealous Cassandra stuff. The last thing this show needs is shipping.
Robert - Cassandra. I found her this episode to be slightly annoying; she seemed to me a little jealous of Kane and Mabel. They clearly had some connection, and great chemistry between each other, but I felt them scenes between them were ruined by Cassandra and her little comments that she made when they were not really paying attention/listening to her

Baird is missing for most of 1.09. How well do you think the others did together without her leadership? Would you like to see the team take a more democratic approach to leadership in the future or do you prefer things be more like the other episodes?

Adam - I prefer when Baird is involved but they worked well without her though her presence was sorely felt. I do enjoy when the others have to figure things out and take things on without her.
BlueStar - I think they did well for their first time working on a case without much guidance. Considering what happens in the finale (them graduating), I think a more democratic approach to leadership in the future would work best.
Gavin - I did like that they didn't have Eve to sort of help them but I think, for me, I want that to just be every so often and not permanent. I know that's not an option now after the events of the finale but I still just love that team dynamic the group has.
Justyna - I think they did okay. I would prefer to see everyone working together (go, team!) but it's good to know that even without their Guardian, these Librarians are doing pretty well. However, it was such a sad thing to see, in the end, despite everything, they still lost the fight.
Kris - I thought that the mini-librarians were able to stretch their wings. While I do want them to be able to add their input, I don't want every episode to devolve into a power struggle. There needs to be a leader.
Suzana - I think it was good for them to do without Baird for once. To be able to make a decision on their own. And it wasn't an easy one either. I think I like this approach better. I love Eve Baird but I think they are very good like that.
Dahne - I prefer Baird in the fold, moving things along. For one, without her, it means that there is even more emphasis on Cassandra. Also it makes Baird feel more superfluous. What I've enjoyed most so far is the whole team feeling.
Robert - I think the others handled the new case well without her. She has been training them so they can look after themselves, and that's exactly what they did. I would prefer it though it there wasn't a leader among them, and if they all were just a team with an equal level of leadership between them.

In this episode, we get back story on Jake? Were you satisfied with what we learned? Did anything surprise you? How does it affect your take on the character?

Adam - To be honest, I wasn't completely paying attention because the episode kind of bored me at times and was my least favourite so far.
BlueStar - I liked the back story on Jake. I still want more of course, but it was satisfying for the moment. His back story wasn't all that surprising. I come from a small town so I've seen what he talked about (people feeling like they need to take over the family business, stuck in the town, etc.). Being able to understand his character more made me love him more.
Justyna - I'm happy we finally got to learn more about him. His feelings and perspective are slightly more revealed, though his past stories and relations with family and friends aren't anything new at this point. The way he can talk and connect with people is certainly making him even more likeable character.
Kris - Sort of. With all of Jake's knowledge I'm surprised that he's never been "more than a tank of gas away from home". Does that mean he never went to college? I do need more back story on him.
Suzana - Yes, I was satisfied, and no, I was not surprised. From the beginning Jacob seemed to be the kind of people who feel obligated toward his peers. But what I liked the most was him admitting that the company became an excuse. We learnt in a previous episode that he wore a mask most of his life. I think, he went to a point that wearing the mask felt easier, by force of habits I guess. He end up convincing himself he was like the people he knew. It's just so terribly human and that's why I liked it.
Dahne - I love that we finally got to know Jake better even though it felt too little, too late. I was surprised that his father was an alcoholic but I think the tale made for an even stronger character.
Robert - Firstly, it's about time we got some back story on Jake. It's a shame it came so late on in the season, as it could have helped better develop his character. I did start to feel sorry for him as we learnt more about his past as the episode progressed. He felt a connection with Mabel as they are the same really/were. They both wanted to do so many things, but didn't really want too since they preferred to take the easy route, and stay put. Now Kane is with a Librarians he can do whatever he likes, go wherever he wants to, So I think he appreciates Baird for giving him the opportunity to leave his town when she met him.

Episode 1.09 marks the first time the librarians really lose. What did you think about this ending?

Adam - I thought it felt a little depressing but refreshing because it gave a sort of balance to the show, it's sad that they can't save everyone every time but it shows that they aren't always ensured to "win".
BlueStar - While I prefer a happily ever after type of ending for fun shows like this, it wasn't bad. As long as there is hope that's what counts. And it is realistic that the Librarians can't win all the time.
Gavin - I liked it. It would be impossible for them to get everything right and do everything perfectly that they always win, so I think it was important for the characters to feel what a loss is like. They did their best as always but sometimes it's just not enough and winning isn't something that should happen all the time.
Justyna - Some fights you win, some fights you lose. Sadly this is how things work and the team had to face the no-win situation like that sooner or later. It was a pretty sad ending but quite a good choice before the finale. This way the stakes are getting higher and the reality and danger of the situation really hit the Librarians, more than ever before.
Kris - I thought that it was really well done. You can't win all of the time. Not if you want the series to have some gravity. The librarians must be capable of losing. I also like that losing doesn't mean the end of things, what with the appointment book.
Suzana - Well, we can't "win" all the time. And in the end, the only one they lost is Mabel. I liked that Jenkins gave them the possibility to pass down the duty of freeing the lost town when possible again to future Librarians.
Dahne - I think this ending was too depressing for the penultimate episode. I would have been better with it had it been in season 2 or 3, but with the rush to complete this season, it feels a bit too much. I also doesn't help that Mabel cannot return because I think she was very interesting.
Robert - I am so used to them winning it came as surprise to me, but they're not perfect, and sometimes they can't always come out on top with everything going the way they had hoped. Sometimes they have to take a loss to make them all stronger, and better at what they do.

What was your favorite thing about episode 1.10?

Adam - The timeline jumping, I loved to see the various outcomes of each timeline with Stone, Cassandra and Ezekiel all having a chance to be the Librarian. All of them had interesting stories and I liked the common link between them being Eve, it really gave a sense of how much she means to them and how they've gelled as a team.
BlueStar - The ending scenes were great. I loved how it ended happily with the newly graduated Librarians going on their own adventures and Eve and Flynn going on one together. I also loved all the answers we got to questions we had about things such as Jenkins and Du Lac's history.
Gavin - I love how past artifacts and experiences really helped in the finale so everything came together. It was really well done, and I love the jumping through alternate timelines to get back to the loom of fate. It was very exciting. I loved that Cassandra, Jake and Ezekiel got their own little books so they could go out into the world on their own but they end up going on another adventure together. I love that friendship.
Justyna - It was fun to explore the other possibilities of the past/present/future, the Librarians all caring and fighting for Baird and graduating at the end (even though it might be too early, especially for some), as well as Flynn's (always welcome) return! And let's not forget: the Library is back! So, in other words, lots of good things.
Kris - AlternateEzekiel. It was the first time that I didn't want to throttle him in the series. He seemed to thematically the same, yet not immature or annoying. Please grow our Ezekiel into this guy immediately.
Suzana - Baird's reaction to AlterStone kissing her. It was hilarious. I really liked seeing all the different version of the Librarians. And liked seeing Lamia at Cassandra's side. Honestly (Apart from the episode where she was overwhelmed by the Lits' Evil sides and her reactions were hilarious), I wasn't expecting anything from her character, as long as she was with Dulaque. But with the Lits, I think she would have had a great potential.
Dahne - Jenkins and Dulaque's history was my favorite part. I'm glad they resolved who they are. However kudos also have to go to the writers for how they ended it. If we don't get a second season, I can't imagine a more perfect way to send them off. If we do get more, it is a simple process of reuniting them under a new Big Bad. It could also spin-off into a series of movies, which would be fun.

If you could change anything about episode 1.10, what would it be?

Adam - Lamia dying, I really enjoyed seeing Lesley-Ann Brandt in a new environment (having seen her in Spartacus where she was wonderful), and I was slightly disappointed that she died the way she did, it was a great twist to have Dulaque turn on her but I was hoping she'd somehow survive when Eve and Flynn returned to the now restored timeline.
BlueStar - It felt a little rushed. It could have been two episodes, not one. Flynn just suddenly shows up with a way to save the Library and then in no time ta-da it's back. It would have been nice to have an episode that built towards this. Maybe having the team and Flynn get one last object needed to find the Library and ending the episode with a to be continued when Du Lac cuts the fabric/Baird finds herself in a different timeline. Then have the rest happen in the finale.
Justyna - The alternative versions of the story could have been better. And as much as I liked this different, not-the-Librarian Flynn, I would have liked Flynn being himself, like Baird, better. Also, is it just me, or the Librarians never really got a chance to help out in the end? Interesting choice to focus the finale on the Guardian more.
Kris - I wanted MagicCassie to be explicit about her relationship with her Eve. I've talked to a few people, and I'm not alone in thinking that MagicCassie and her Eve were lovers. If that's true, then it's a real disservice to the LGBTQ community to relegate it to subtext.
Suzana - Surprisingly, Lamia's death. And her last word were far from glorious. And the lack of Jenkins.
Dahne - More time in the alternate worlds. This episode could have easily been a 2-3-parter and I think that would have made it even better.

Episode 1.10 shows us what the world would be like in 3 alternate timelines. Which would you like to explore more? Did anything surprise you? How well do you think the show captured the characters in these alternate universes?

Adam - Cassandra's was definitely the more exciting of the 3 alternate timelines, I like how she'd embraced magic and she seemed to have gone through something quite dark (maybe) to have ended up being the way she is, she seemed closed off but caring at the same time. I liked that Lamia was her guardian too since we know she's a villain, it was nice to see her on the side of good.
BlueStar - This is a tough one. I liked them pretty much equally and none interested me more than the timeline we have now. If I have to choose between the other three it would be a tie between Jake's and Cassandra's alternate timelines. Jake's because it seemed very adventurous and Cassandra's for the dragons.
Gavin - The ghosts possessing people in Ezekiel's timeline was pretty scary actually, I would have loved an episode on that as it could have been a very frightening episode. I loved Cassandra's and how she had learned magic and that there were dragons roaming the place. I like the idea of magic being out in the world.
Justyna - None of these alternate timelines seemed to work too well for the character. I guess, Jake's world was still somehow better than the other two.
Suzana - The timeline who intrigued me the most was AlterCassie's. She was like a mix of her evil self and her 'prince Charming' self, with a snobby note. I would have liked to see what the world looked like. Well I was surprised by Stone kissing Baird. Probably not as much as her though, her reactions were just hilarious. I do think they were well captured, AlterStone was the explorer type and it suited him well. I liked the back story on AlterEz and Baird very much.
Dahne - I would like to explore them all more in depth and maybe even see flash backs to those 10 years they kept talking about. I loved how each world was different from each other and made sense with the characters. Ezekiel was definitely the most improved for me.

It is also confirmed that Dulaque is Lancelot and Jenkins is Galahad. How do you feel about the development of this reveal throughout season 1? Do you think this storyline is over or would you like it to be developed more if there is another season?

Adam - I'd love to see them develop it further because it was a twist I wasn't entirely certain on, I thought Jenkins would turn out to be Merlin but Galahad works fine. I don't see how they could fit it in but I'd definitely love to see them give it a go.
BlueStar - There were only hints throughout season 1, episode 5 having been a giveaway to me that they were related. Not having much besides general knowledge about Camelot I couldn't have guessed correctly how. I think the writers did okay leading up to the reveal in the finale considering the time they had in the first season. I wasn't quite expecting them to be father/son but I had figured they were family. I don't believe this storyline is over because I don't think this is the last we'll see of Du Lac. I think there's a lot more to explain, like when and how they ended up on different sides, and how Jenkins became a part of the Library team.
Gavin - I liked it, it came very full circle so I wouldn't mind if nothing more came of it. I was quite surprised it was Rebecca Romijn's real life husband who was the young Dulaque aka Lancelot and that he stabbed her! I'm not sure if we have seen the last of Dulaque but if it was, I wouldn't mind so much. I'm ready for a new Big Bad, maybe one who isn't as cartoonish.
Justyna - Interesting choice to make them these characters, though Jenkins being Galahad was pretty much revealed a week ago. It could be the end of the story. But if the writers will find some other great aspect of it, I'm on board.
Kris - I think it was nice. Nothing earth-shaking, but nice. I did like that Lancelot wanted to undo his part in the downfall of Camelot, and considered Arthur a "just king". Dulaque isn't dead, Morgan Le Fay is still around, and Jenkins is still at the annex. This storyline is far from over.
Suzana - I think the development of this storyline was well balanced, with some clues throughout the entire season.
There's still Morgan Le Fay left so I don't think this storyline is over yet. We might have the occasion to learn what exactly happened back then in Camelot with Morgan and Jenkins. And Dulaque too perhaps.
Dahne - I liked the little hints and name dropping throughout. I do wish they had made this subplot more of a focal point, including how these guys are immortal and what that means. If we get a season 2, I want Jenkins and his history to be a big part of it since I think his is the most fascinating story. I like that hint at the end as well, where it may be that Jenkins knew this would happen all along and purposely sent them on their missions to have everything ready.

What grade would you give these episodes and why?

Adam - Episode 9 would probably get a C- for me. I thought it was by far the weakest episode of the season. Episode 10 was wonderful, not perfect but I thoroughly enjoyed it so I'd say maybe an A-.
BlueStar - I'll give 1x09 an A- because I loved getting to know Jake more and loved seeing Ezekiel get so upset over the people getting possessed. It's nice to see the lines he won't cross. I'll give 1x10 an A because it was very interesting and action packed. I had fun with the timeline jumping and loved that so many questions were answered. I was tempted to give an A+ after watching, but I've decided I'm saving that for a perfect episode. Plus as I said, the episode felt a bit rushed.
Gavin - I would give episode 9 a C- as I wasn't all that enthralled by it, but I'd give the finale and A+ because it made past episodes have a point that might have seemed filler and everything came full circle.
Kris - B- for "The City of Light", and A+ for "The Loom of Fate".
Dahne - I gave them both a B+. Overall I loved the plots of these stories but both had some pacing problems.

Anything you want to add?

Adam - I really hope we'll get a second season because I think there's a lot more to explore with this story.
BlueStar - TNT better renew this show. That's all I have to say.
Gavin - The season flew over which was a pretty good thing as I'd have hated it to have been dragged out, but it was such a fun show and the finale has left me wanting more but it was perfect enough to be a series finale if TNT choose not to renew it. They'd better because it's been such an enjoyable ride.
Justyna - Fingers crossed for Season 2! I thought we would hear something (good!) by now. Hope you all enjoyed the series as much as I did!
Kris - - LibrarianJake is a spot on copy of Nathan Drake from "Uncharted". - Give MagicCassie's seeming sexuality, maybe the reason the Libris Faery chose her to be Prince Charming because it knew something about her that she didn't.
Suzana - Why did AlterEz had white hair? I assumed it was to make him look older but that doesn't make sense since he is supposed to have the same age as the regular Ezekiel. It was weird. All the more so as I give him fifteen most of the time (his behaviour may have something to do with that). I guess it was just for the look...
Dahne - Just want to re-emphasize how much I like how this ended. If it had been a cliffhanger, I would not be happy. Overall, I really liked this show and hope for a second season.

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