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The Fosters - Over Under - Review: "So. Much. Drama"

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The winter premiere of The Fosters was full of drama, little bit of comedy, and lots of twist and turns. The episode opened up a lot of new doors to most of the characters on the cast, and presented a lot of conflict between the characters.

I have to apologize yet again, for the timing of this review, I haven't had much free time to be able to get this up quicker, however it is something I hope to avoid in the future.


(Note: reviews only started from episode 2.11 onwards)

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Starting off with Callie, the fact that she found out that Brandon and Lou are dating was excellent. She needed to find out where Brandon's romance is at, and seeing that he is dating someone else pushes her in the other direction regarding her relationship with Brandon. I never liked seeing them as boyfriend and girlfriend, I personally preferred them as a brother-sister relationship.

But that wasn't all with Callie this week, she certainly doesn't want to be with the Quinn's. But Callie was especially annoyed at Sophia, who was the mastermind behind her adoption being canceled. I just want Callie to find a family, be it the Quinn's or the Fosters, just somewhere Callie can belong.

Sophia did not like the fact that Callie did not want to see her anymore, Sophia is definitely too emotionally attached to Callie. But Sophia definitely has some issues, suicide is not the answer, Callie is not just going to welcome her back into her life after she was the one who stopped her adoption. What do you guys think?

On the other side of the family, Mariana is having some troubles with Kaitlyn, who decides to cut her solo. Of course, this doesn't sit very well with Tia, who instantly quits the team. But Mariana sticks with it, (because she actually read the rules of the competition) and Mariana and Tia decide to create their own dance team. I quite like the friendship of Tia and Mariana, so this will be interesting to watch.

Elsewhere, Jesus discovers that his birth mother is actually pregnant, this was a major twist in the episode for me. The fact that Anna is now expecting another child gives her a second chance, and I sure hope she doesn't screw it up again. As far as Mariana and Jesus goes, I'm not sure how they will act, or even care at all?

Other Plotlines:

- Jude and Connor are forced to tell Connor's dad about what happened on their camping trip. However, then things go from bad to worse for Jude, as Connor is angry that Jude told Lena.
- Brandon is offered a summer scholarship for classiscal music, but he wants to go on tour with the  band (and especially Lou).
- Lena and Stef conflict about Stef confrunting Robert Quin about signing the adoption papers. However Lena just wishes Stef would stay out of it.


Overall, this episode was a great start to the winter season of The Fosters, I think we are in for a great couple of episodes. I am really liking the Sophia/Callie conflict and drama, and also I'm quite enjoying the Mariana dancing storylines. I hope The Fosters can continue creating episodes like this!

Rating: A-

The next review of The Fosters will be written by Robert Fruin

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