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The Fosters - Over Under - Advance Preview

This episode of The Fosters is a great one, I really enjoyed this one, in my opinion, it has to be one of the best episodes to date. However, before I get into the preview of Monday's episode, I want to express my happiness that The Fosters has been renewed for a third season! Here's to a lot more great episodes of The Fosters!


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This week's premiere picks up right where the Christmas episode left us, an ambulance racing down the street. I can't say who the ambulance was for, but I will say that it is fairly obvious. This episode contained a lot of drama, and a lot of character building which was great to see.

The dying question everyone wants to know, is where Callie and Brandon's relationship stands, well this week Callie finds out something about Brandon that will send her in the other direction about her relationship with Brandon. In my opinion, this was something that Callie needed to see and understand.

Mariana has some troubles with her dancing this week, Mariana has had trouble with her fellow dance club members in the past, but this week she is working hard on a solo when suddenly it gets cut from the routine. You definitely know how that would impact both Mariana and her fellow dance member helping her with her solo.

Jesus definitely finds out something interesting about his birth mother, Anna this week, I can't disclose what that is, but I will say that you won't be expecting it one little bit. It will be very interesting to what Jesus does with this information about Anna. I honestly think Jesus still has some connection with his birth mother, and that is certainly evident in this episode.

Jude is still trying to deal with his incident with Connor, and for one point things to seem to be on track for Jude, but then things topple over. Jude just cannot catch a break, first his sister not getting adopted, now this? Jude deserves much more. It certainly doesn't help when Lena resigned from the school earlier this season, but this week she attempts to rectify that.

The real drama this week was with Callie's dual families, a whole lot of drama about which family Callie belongs with, and after the events of "Someone's Little Sister", there was certainly going to be some conflict between the two families. Need less to say, Robert makes a decision that makes matters go from bad to worse regarding Callie's adoption into The Fosters family.

Callie and Sophia's relationship certainly gets worse this week, and Sophia is definitely insecure. When Callie agrees to see Robert only, and not the rest of the family this certainly does not put Sophia in a good position. This week we find out that Sophia is too attached to Callie, but she does something that makes her whole family worry for her safety.


Overall this week is a cannot miss episode, there is loads of drama, and a bit of comedy here and there. The big thing this week was with Callie, and her families and Sophia. It will definitely be interesting going forward to see if Callie does get adopted into The Fosters.

Are you excited for this episode? Leave your thoughts down below! This episode of The Fosters, airs on Monday 19th Jan, at 8/7c, so tune into ABC FAMILY!

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