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The 100 - Remember Me - Review: "Death by a thousand cuts"

The 100 returned from the hiatus with a season 3 renewal and its first episode of 2015, entitled "Remember Me". The episode gave our characters (and the viewers) some time to breathe.

The episode picked up right where we left off. Clarke is washing Finn's blood off her hands as her mother comes in. Clarke quickly breaks down but regains herself when Gustus walks in and tells her the Commander is ready to talk. Lexa tells Clarke there will be a death ritual in the village TonDC (from Washington DC) where Finn killed 18 Grounders. On their way to TonDC, Gustus warns Lexa about how the alliance could divide the 12 clans, and Clarke, while seeing hallucinations of Finn, says Bellamy can't get inside Mount Weather because she doesn't want to lose him too. When they arrive in the village, the Sky People get a not-so warm welcome but Lexa makes it clear that this alliance is here to stay.

Following the death ritual, Clarke and Lexa shared some heart-to-heart moments as Lexa told Clarke that she her lover Costia was killed by the Ice Nation. Hence, Lexa stopped caring about people and advises Clarke to do the same, because love is a weakness. Later, it is time to celebrate the newfound peace between the Grounders and the Sky People, and Kane offers them a drink as a gift. As Clarke and Lexa prepare to toast to peace, Gustus tries the drink and collapses. It turns out he is poisoned, and Lexa and Indra immediately shut down the room. A search reveals that the poison is in Raven's bag, but she claims she wasn't behind this. After a quick consideration, Indra tells them Raven will die and that the alliance is dead. So be it, and Raven is tied to a pole to suffer the death by a thousand cuts.

That is, until another Finn hallucination hints at Clarke that the poison was in the cup instead of in the drink. Clarke reveals her finding to Lexa, and Bellamy is quick to deduce that Gustus poisoned himself. Gustus admits to committing the crime, saying he had to protect Lexa because the alliance is dangerous to her. So instead of Raven, Gustus dies the gruesome death. This also makes Raven realize that this would have been Finn, and maybe that opens the door to her understanding why Clarke killed Finn.

And as we watch the death by a thousand cuts, Mount Weather begins to show its first cuts. Monty and Jasper are still looking for Harper and are looking for a way to transmit a message to their friends. Eventually, Monty breaks into the control room and manages to transmit a message, but sadly he gets caught by a guard and is put into a cage, where he finds Harper! Fortunately, Bellamy is on his way as Clarke allowed him to break into Mount Weather, because after all, love is weakness. But he sure needs to hurry to save Monty!

This was a great episode and a great way to come back from the hiatus. Honestly, nothing really happened but still the episode worked for me. Its slower pace allowed for some nice character moments and development and gave them some time to breathe. Clarke going full dark is going to be an interesting thing to see, although I hope she doesn't get too dark. The Mount Weather part of the story had some great developments, and the stakes are now much higher with Monty in a cage. I am curious to know more about the Ice Nation, and it was good to get some backstory on Lexa.

A few remarks:
-Mount Weather is spying on the entire ground! That is an interesting reveal, and I wonder if they're gonna change their defense system now that they know about the Sky People/Grounder alliance.
-Clarke realizing that she was just like her mother when they talked about her father was a great moment. It was good to address the death of Clarke's father and Abby's involvement in it.
-"Maybe we should shocklash him." Lol, Abby reminding Kane of what he did was funny.
-Finally one of the adults realize that Clarke is really in charge! Way to go, Kane!
-Whoa, Raven had a lot of knives on her. I'm betting she still had a few on her when they entered TonDC.
-Any Frozen casting suggestions who should play the Snow Queen? Or would the queen of the Ice Nation have a different name?

The next episode of The 100 airs this Wednesday. A promo for the episode can be seen here.

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