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Sleepy Hollow - Episode 2.16 - What Lies Beneath - Extended Synopsis

Sleepy Hollow - Episode 2.16 - What Lies Beneath

A team of surveyors hired to map the tunnels beneath Sleepy Hollow discover a long abandoned trapdoor which has been hiding... something... that quickly overpowers them. Following the men’s disappearance, Crane and Mills are called in to investigate. Ichabod and Abbie follow the men’s trail to the rune-marked trapdoor, and discover a huge underground vault – the “Fenestella” – which appears to have been designed by Founding Father and Masonic architect Thomas Jefferson. After consulting Grace Dixon’s journal, the Two Witnesses learn that the vault – which was clearly designed to conceal something of high value to the revolutionary cause – is now also occupied by something (or things) originally meant to protect the unknown treasure kept inside, but on whom the centuries of mystical concealment has taken a decidedly evil toll. As Crane and Mills descend deeper below ground to try and rescue the missing men before it’s too late, they make another startling discovery as they come face-to-face with an ally they could never have anticipated, who has information vital to the Two Witnesses’ overarching mission. But securing that information, rescuing their quarry and destroying their foes may prove to be an impossible task. Meanwhile, Frank Irving approaches Jenny with a seemingly innocent favor, but the former captain’s motives and objectives may not be as clear cut as he’s lead her to believe; and more is revealed about Irving’s return to the world of the living. (09-Feb-2015)