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Resurrection - True Believer - Review: "Something For Nothing"

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Resurrection continued its downward slide in the ratings department last Sunday night with episode 11, "True Believer". The show had been doing slightly well previously having increased their ratings in each of the past 3 episodes. Although, it is also important to note the Golden Globes had aired at the same time, which could have accounted for the nearly 25% decrease in viewership from the previous episode, "Prophecy".

In last week's episode, 'Prophecy", we saw Margaret Langston (Michelle Fairley) sink to her lowest point since her return resulting in Fred carting her off to the ," unclaimed" government facility. This week we witnessed how she fitted in and it's no surprise that she immediately took control of the situation she is in with her reputation obviously preceding her time there. The 'returned' seem to both admire yet also fear her, believing she has the ability or special "power" to make any one of them disappear at will. Margaret takes full advantage of this when she took on a bully there using the controlling demeanor she has developed since her return. This act of altruism no doubt subtly won the hearts and minds of the other individuals which may very well play into the final two episodes. Although we've yet to see if Margaret will oblige to help the 'returned' escape the facility one way or another.

Since Pastor Tom's demise, one story arc we have not heard much from in quite some time has been Rachael and her ever growing baby. Rachael finally shows up to visit Maggie, explaining to her what transpired with Janine. Maggie informs Rachael the baby is fine yet still in the accelerated growth mode. It's a sure bet Rachael's baby will play an important role in the remaining two episodes, but what role it is we still have no clue.

During Sunday's episode, we inched ever closer to what mysteries lie beyond the grave and why the 'returned'...well...return. We begin the episode with a dream/vision which Marty and Preacher James seem to share together. We've definitely seen before with Margaret and Rachael the 'returned' can somehow occupy the exact same dream at the same time so this is not new to us at all. However, this is the first time we've seen a 'returned' interact with someone who has just come back from the other side. In this case it's Marty and the preacher interact with a newly returned and confused Mr. Henderson. Later on, we witness Preacher James holding an assembly in the middle of town with a small crowd gathered about him. Mrs. Henderson approaches him and he tells her if she believes hard enough then he can bring her husband back to the land of the living. It's at this point that I thought Preacher James was the opposite of Margaret being she would take loved ones away, as Preacher James brings them back. We can definitely see where Marty is coming from when he says the preacher is a con-artist out for a quick buck because we certainly know they saw Mr. Henderson in the "vision". Of course it is possible Preacher is out for money, but we have yet to learn more about what his true motivations are in regard to the 'returned'

Henry's story this past Sunday was seemingly the highlight of the episode and of the season. We were able to see Preacher James in action and he came through just like he told Marty and the Langstons he would. The scene with Marty, Fred and James was enjoyable and I actually laughed a little at Fred's over-willingness to help out. Some questions still remain about the mysterious preacher (I listed some below), which I imagine will be addressed in the last two episodes. We still have yet to learn why Marty is so important in all this and what his true purpose in Arcadia actually is. The final scene between Preacher James and Marty spoke volumes as to what we can expect from the final episodes of the season. Preacher James mentioned many other 'returned' he 'sensed' while going to the other side to retrieve Henry. It was implied he wants to bring back all the deceased back to Arcadia, thinking this is his true purpose. It was a very ominous statement on the Preacher's part as well as what's in store for Arcadia. From what we have learned so far regarding the 'returned', you never get something for nothing.

Thoughts and Discussion

- Did you notice...In Marty and the Preacher's dream/vision they see Mr. Henderson walking around in a confused state, as if he had just appeared and didn't know how he ended up the forest? Right before Marty wakes up, Mr. Henderson tells him that he is lost and he wants to go back. Marty responds with, "Back where?", and Mr. Henderson replies, "The 'remote'". This is also what Jenny was saying that woke Marty up so it could have been just Marty's brain playing a trick on him, but I believe we should use it as the name for the 'transition' where the resurrected come from - "The Remote".

- Did you notice...Since the beginning of the series when we first met a 'returned' they all wear what I like to call, Resurrection Red. They have all had some form of the color red on them. In the government facility when we see the 'returned' eating in the cafeteria (another trait all the 'returned' share in common with each other, a voracious appetite) they are all wearing Resurrection Red in the form of an ID wrist strap.

- There are some very important questions I hope get answered before this season ends:

One is, "Who brought Preacher James back from the dead?".

Also, "Where was he before he came back?".

"Where did he go after Fred shot him?"

"How did he know where to find Henry and how, exactly, did he bring him back?"

It's entirely possible we may not get answers to these questions before the
season is out. If this is the case then let's hope we do get a season three.

- Did you notice...Behind Margaret, on the wall in the facility, there is a poster that read, "Don't spoil your second chance"?

- Did you notice...Rachael walks past Preacher James gravestone. He was 33 years old when he passed - the same age as Jesus. His last name is also Goodman - "Good - Man".

- What does Rachael realize when she walks past Preacher James gravestone? Is it possible she knows him? Has she met him before? There is definitely something there and hopefully we find out what her hesitation at the moment meant.

- Did you notice...There have been many instances lately suggesting Christian principles. Elaine mentions to Rachael that, "If three wise-men on camels come around", she will know where to send them, implying that Rachael's baby is messiah-like figure. Also, Preacher James talks about the day he saved Marty (Robert) from the "flood", which echoes Moses' story from the Bible.

- Is the Preacher's main goal to return as many people as he can to Arcadia? It sounded like he was telling Marty exactly that. He said, "When I died to save Henry, I could sense their were others waiting". It was implied he wanted to bring them all back. I wish the creators would have introduced the preacher earlier in the season, it is such a great story line.

Thank you for checking out my Review! There are only two more episodes left this season. Hopefully, we get a third season because the show is getting even better now that Preacher James came along. Have a great week everyone!

About the Author - Geo N
Geo N is from Detroit, MI. His favorite shows include The Blacklist, Hell On Wheels, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, LOST, The Leftovers, The Strain, Sons Of Anarchy, Sleepy Hollow and countless others. When he's not watching tons of TV, he enjoys reading, playing hockey, comic books, weightlifting, and writing. Thanks for checking out my post.
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