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Raina Reveals: Exclusive Spoilers and Teasers - 12 Monkeys, Elementary, iZombie, Jane the Virgin, Red Band Society & Shameless

Thanks for tuning in to the twenty-second edition of our weekly article, Raina Reveals, which covers exclusive spoilers and teasers brought to you by The SpoilerTV Team! This week we will be answering questions received via Ask Raina. As usual, if you are desperate for details on a particular show be sure to send your question in via the form at the end of the article.

Kara: Loving the 12 Monkeys remake! What's coming up for Cassie and Cole?
Episode 1.03 sees Cassandra called into the station to discuss her time at the Mental Hospital. Cole goes back to 2014 to follow a lead in Haiti but must ensure he doesn't encounter Cassandra in fear of affecting her timeline. We learn Cassandra had a personal relationship with their new lead and see Cole take drastic actions which will come between him and Cassandra in a future episode.

Bonus: If you're dying to learn more about Cole's history next week's episode introduces us to a host of new characters connected to Cole including Deacon (Todd Stashwick) and Max (Romina D-Ugo).

Elisa: Can you spoil something about Elementary?
Tonight's episode sees Del Gruner (Stuart Townsend) fire Watson citing the week's events as the cause however there's an underlying reason. When Gruner's lawyer threatens to sue the Department, Watson refuses to make it easy for him. Flashbacks give some insight into how Sherlock and Kitty met. Keep an eye out for scenes that throws back to an episode in Season 1. For more on the episode be sure to check out Elementary - The One that Got Away - Advance Preview.

Patty: Tell me more about Alyson Michalka's character in iZombie please!
Aly Michalka plays Peyton Charles, Liv's (Rose McIver) roommate who is also the Assistant District Attorney. Peyton is struggling with Liv's drastic lifestyle changes believing she is suffering from PTSD. If you're looking forward to Peyton's scenes episode three is one not to miss. While we can't share too much yet, we can say the episode heavily features Liv and Peyton's relationship and includes a confrontation, a vision and a celebration, and not in that order. Be sure to track our iZombie tag as we reveal more spoilers and teasers leading up to the premiere.

Ellen: More spoilers for Jane the Virgin?
The next episode of Jane the Virgin sees the death of Rogelio's soap character. What could be a dramatic event turns into a wonderful bonding moment between father and daughter. Jane watches with pride as Rogelio takes the high road and Rogelio is overwhelmed when Jane calls him Dad for the first time.

Jade: Will Red Band Society end on a cliffhanger?
While we can't reveal whether the series finale ends on a cliffhanger we can tease a few details for the episode which is scheduled to air 7 February 2015. Emma visits a Therapist where they discuss the lifestyle issues which could be behind her condition. A trust exercise reveals her true feelings and the Therapist strikes a cord when he mentions her Grandmother.

Sam: Anything for the next episode of Shameless?
Frank spends the episode retracing his steps, unable to remember what happened to him the night before. Lip visits his girlfriend Emily, meeting her family and hitting it off with her father. The episode also sees Fiona marry Gus, Debbie develop a crush on a new guy when he rescues her from a nasty situation and Ian's bipolar disorder spiral out of control.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed our spoilers and teasers! Please note: All spoilers were compiled directly from the source by The SpoilerTV Team. They are accurate at the time of posting, however, as with all information given ahead of time they are subject to change.

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Raina is an avid TV fan from Australia. Her favourite shows include Agent Carter, How To Get Away With Murder, The 100, The Flash and The Vampire Diaries. She provides spoilers and teasers in a weekly article called Raina Reveals and will be reviewing upcoming Syfy series Dark Matter which premieres Summer 2015.

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