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Parenthood - We Made It Through the Night - Review: Emotional Tears

Parenthood’s Ending couldn’t be more emotionally driven. We Made It Through the Night is one of the series’ best ever.

I literally loved how they are portraying the character of Zeek. It’s nearly impossible not to be involved in the struggle of the Braverman’s patriarch. His difficult decision about the operation is completely in character. My eyes were glowing during his screen time. I loved the walk of Camille and Zeek, I loved the talk with Sarah, and his reaction to the fight of his two sons.
“I just want to live my life, enjoy every moment I have left. I think this is the right thing to do, what’s best for us.
Are you with me?”
“Of course I am with you, I am always with you”
And the tears come straight down your face…
For the first time in a long time, I really appreciated the character of Sarah. She was a good mother with Amber ( Lauren Graham sang and played the guitar!), she was a good daughter and a good fiancé. So natural and heartfelt. Jason Katims started Parenthood with Sarah pennyless going back home to his family, and he is ending the show with her getting married, with a job and a strong relationship with his parents.

Crosby and Adam situation is difficult, but realistic. Kristina even if is annoying, is acting as a wife would do in real life. And who can not understand both Adam and Croby reactions? I just hope that situation will end up with a positive outcome.

The storyline of Julia and Joel lived the consequences of their decision. From Victor’s doubts, to their fights and derived from the consequences of their breakup. I’m so relieved that the writers decided not to end this story just with a happy and unrealistic ending. Life is complicated, relationship are even more complex and convoluted. I am just sure that they will figure it out. Jason Katims was capable of portraying this, and I truly think that this writers and this cast deserve Emmys' recognition!
And then.. that’s it. This episode is just the perfect representation of the show. It’s heartfelt, emotional, realistic, involving… and tear dropping, like life. We Made It Through the Night is the perfect title: it is just a impeccable representation of Zeek’s situation.

I just need a box of Kleenex, because I am sure that after the emotionally tears I have shed because of Zeek holding little Zeek, Amber’s son, we will cry all the time during next week Series Finale.

Parenthood will end his run next Thursday at 10/9 c on NBC. Don’t miss for any reason May God Bless and Keep You Always!

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