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NCIS - Season 12 - Spoilers for Upcoming Episodes

Is it a hate crime when openly gay Navy Lieutenant Eric Kutzler (Andy Favreau), who was nominated for the Medal of Honor, is murdered? Gibbs is joined by his former flame Hollis Mann (Susanna Thompson) to investigate the crime.

"The episode delves into the complexity of that issue -- how some of Kutzler's fellow officers feel about it, how it is being handled," Glasberg told FOX411. "It was brilliantly directed by our first-time director Rocky Carroll [who is normally in front of the camera as NCIS Director Leon Vance]. It is a terrific episode. The acting is really strong. I am excited about it on every level."

As for the return of Hollis, it is too soon after the murder of Gibbs' ex-wife Diane (Melinda McGraw) at the hands of Michnev for there to be any romance in the air. And no reveal is made as to whether or not Hollis is still happily married. According to Glasberg, she is there strictly on business. She was assigned as the investigator to vet Kutzler's Medal of Honor, so when the case blossoms into a murder investigation, she then works with the team to solve it. If she also lends a shoulder and is a supportive friend for Gibbs, so much the better.