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Helix - Scion - Review: "I Just Want to Save the Few Who are Left"

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Helix - Scion - Recap/Review

This episode was a rather shocking episode, not just because of the somewhat sexual content at the beginning, but because Hatake returned. Hatake seems to have completely lost the plot.

In the episode we see the rather dark side of Amy come out after she comes up with a plan to have poor Kyle beaten and battered by the kids who were under some form of brainwashing? Whatever they had in their eyes was freaky, and the music playing as the kids approached Kyle completely creeped me out. When Kyle was getting beaten the only thoughts I had going through my mind was, could Kyle become like Doreen, someone who dies early on in the season so that it gives the others more of an incentive to find out what’s going on. Luckily he didn't, and now he can get his payback. I don't want him to die as he adds a lot to the story, and can help develop other characters, such as Sarah.

We see Alan again this episode who was snooping around trying to find a few answers of his own, when he finally does Peter knocks him out. I understand that he doesn't trust his brother anymore, but I am certain Peter isn't telling the truth or the entire truth at least, he is definitely hiding something. When Sarah mentioned Alan again earlier Peter became extremely agitated. Peter must still be working for Ilaria, as its really the only explanation, especially though as he felt sympathy for them after Alan allegedly blew up the Paris building. I wouldn't feel sorry for people who tried to kill me. I don't think his ties to Ilaria are cut just yet. A long shot is, which would provide a truly shocking twist, is that Peter knows members of the cult and is being used again by Ilaria who most definitely have some involvement with the cult, and is helping them somehow. This could also explain why he doesn't want Alan's help. You would think that if the world was on the brink of a pandemic it would be all hands on deck regardless of the personal issues. It's a longshot, but I could see the writers surprising us with a shocking twist, and I like to stay ahead, and think of every possibility.

If you remember back to episode 1 where Layla, the last surviving boat victim was hung up in the shack, this episode her body was missing when Peter and Sarah entered it to find the dropped samples. Peter's initial reaction was that it wasn't the cult that took it. This makes me even more curious about him having some involvement with the cult, how can he assume it wasn't then, when they are really the only people that we know of that you can blame currently. We do know there are other people on the island, but by the looks of things it’s just infected people. So I doubt it’s them. Then again they don't seem as unintelligent as the people who were infected with Narvik they seem to be functioning normally so it could well be them, and maybe like people who were infected with Narvik they have a mind of their own.

When confronted by Peter and Sarah, Brother Michael didn't even deny that he was aware of what was going on outside the Abbey with the cult members that were infected. His response was that they left by their own free will and that they were following their own path, but we all know that he is being kept in the dark on a lot of things, and that the sisters are injecting cult members with that yellow fungus stuff. Perhaps when someone wants to leave the Abbey he gives his blessing then just before they do the sisters grab them, inject them, then throw them out. I think Michael has lost control over his cult, and knows as much as the CDC team do. He does continue to want to help the CDC team, and even he is questioning Anne now.
The episode proved that the writers have gone mad. They brought back Hiroshi, this time with him having long hair and a beard. He isn't the same man as he was back in season 1, he has gone completely insane and delusional (was there ever a time he wasn't insane). Before we saw Hiroshi there was a shock in store for us the viewer’s when Daniel appeared on the screen. Daniel though wasn't real; him showing up showed us just how mad Hiroshi has gone. I doubt it now if Tulok will show up at all, maybe Meegwun will continue to play Daniel, this would lead to some interesting conversations between the pair, as during season 1 there private talks were always so entertaining to see.

Hiroshi captures Julia, but how he knew she was coming was very strange since Daniel, who isn't real told him. Julia confirms this episode that she is indeed still working for Ilaria,but what was even more curious was that the place on the carving found in Alan's tomb led to Hiroshi. Is Hiroshi who Caleb is afraid of, as sure he seems mad, but he doesn't seem at all that dangerous. Also going by Hiroshi's response to Julia telling him she is infected I am starting to consider if it could well have been Hiroshi who came up with the virus in an attempt to try to wipe out all the immortals, as part of his revenge for Daniel and Jayne's death or he at least has some involvement in the making of it. Perhaps he took the original fungus from the cult, and somehow modified it to specifically attack immortals. That would make sense if the writers were to reveal that.

Other notes:
- Why are the children afraid of Amy, what does she/has done to them to make them scared of her?
- What is the pit, is it a place where they store people before they get injected with the yellow fungus?
- Why did Hatake go to the island? Perhaps he stole the virus from the cult, and turned it into a weapon that kills immortals?
- Is that plant in brother Michael's safe related to the virus/fungus?
- Is the fungus the same thing that is killing off immortals or are they both different?

This episode we found out a lot regarding the infected and the virus/fungus, but it also brought back a few familiar faces from Season 1 that we were waiting to see. The amount of questions though I have is building weekly, and I am hoping the show will start to answer a few, as since the ratings have been declining to series lows after series lows I worry if the show will even make it to the end of the season.

As always, thank you for reading! Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments!
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