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Hawaii Five-0 - Last Three Episodes - Review: "Hawaii Five-0 at it's Finest"

Happy New Year everyone, 3 episodes of Hawaii Five-0 have aired since my last review, so I thought I would put together a post discussing what's happened recently. Of course, I would have rather reviewed each episode individually, but I got caught up with all the holiday festivities. So, here we go!


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These three episodes have aired in the last few weeks on CBS, episode 5.09 aired in 2014, whilst episodes 5.10 & 5.11 have aired in 2015. These episodes in my opinion have been the best of the season, take a look at my thoughts on each individual episode below:

5.09 - Ke Koho Mamao Ak

Christmas in Hawaii, always a treat. This episode was fantastic, I really liked the sprinkling of holiday elements throughout the hour, it really created something amazing. The case of the week really wasn't that interesting to be honest, however the plot with Max was interesting, as we learned about Max's past a little more.

Starting off with Steve and Danny's Christmas tree hunting, this was H50 at it's best, the bromance evident in these couple of scenes is what makes Hawaii Five-0 so unique. I loved the fact how Steve was quite happy to cut down a protected tree for 'free', however they ended up paying $700 in fines. Danny still did not get over the fact that Steve had stolen a tree from a protected forest.

Gawd I love Pua, his recurring character is quite a neat one, I loved the fact how he treated this Christmas tree theft as a murder like crime, with his CSI kit and witness statements, it made him feel important. But he couldn't give in and take the tree away on Christmas Eve in front of all his friends, good on you Pua!

It was a nice, welcome change to have a case of the week not situated in Honolulu, Oahu but on the island of Hawai'i. It opened up the perspective of the other islands, especially for me as I have only visited Oahu. But none the less, the case of the week was okay, I wouldn't crave especially about it, but to be honest the conflict between Max and his nemesis was much more interesting than the case of the week. Speaking of Max, the writers did a great job of keeping the subject of the argument under wraps until the end of the hour, I was honestly thinking it was a real woman/girl that they were fighting over, not a barbie doll!

Some great interactions between Danny and Kono this week, as these two characters don't generally cross paths. It is usually Steve/Danny and Kono/Chin/Lou, it was great having Steve out of the mix, this week as it allowed for some great interaction and development with the rest of the cast, which it did. Who would have thought, Kono was an expert horse rider?

The episode ended on quite a nice ending, a great way to send off the mid-season break, with a nice family gathering (all the cast on H50 are regarded as Ohana), and especially a great Christmas carol sung by Kamekona.

Another great episode of Hawaii Five-0, I loved the return of the Danny/Steve bromance, especially the Christmas Tree shenanigan, and the addition of Max's nemesis to the episode made for a great episode on the personal level. The case of the week was satisfying, but nothing to crave about. Overall, this was a great episode to round out 2014 for Hawaii Five-0.

5.10 - Wawahi moe'uhane

This episode of Hawaii Five-0 saw the return of a familiar face, Ellie, but I'm still not convinced on her being so right for Steve. Numerous personal moments were scattered throughout the episode, as well as a lot of emotional scenes. Finally, Harry Gray brought something new to Five-0 that was a nice, welcome change and was very nice to see.

Starting off with the main plot of the episode, this week's case of the week was thoroughly interesting, I assumed the father of the fiancee right away. However something that this show loves to do is make the plot not be as simple as it seems, the cases of the week in Five-0 always go deeper.

As far as Steve's love interests go, I enjoy his and Ellie's relationship, but I can't help but feel that the writers are giving us mixed signals. A couple of episodes ago, I would have sworn to say that they would be together, now not so much. None the less, I do enjoy their 'friendship' and maybe sometime in the future we may get some real clues on where their relationship is headed.

This episode was filled with personal moments, Kono's morning scene, Dr Shaw's conversation with Danny, Steve and Harry's sending off with Steve. This episode really demonstrated the pure uniqueness of this show, all this emotion makes this show even more incredible. Take Dr Shaw's conversation with Danny for instance, these two had a great moment in this scene and brought out the best in both of their characters.

Hawaii Five-0's guest star of Harry Brown (played by William Forsythe) was a great addition to this weeks episode. To be honest, I didn't know that to think of his character initially, but he ended up having a great relationship with Steve. I'd love to see his character return to the show at some point.

Overall, this edition of Hawaii Five-0 was an enjoyable ride, I especially loved the emotional and personal moments among the characters. The case of the week was very enjoyable, and very deep and precise. Finally, the romantic arc between Steve and Ellie was confusing, yet satisfying in the way that they looked to be having a great friendship. Also, the guest star of the private investigator kind of reminded me of the old Five-0 (though I have only seen one season), with his old fashioned style. I would love to see more episodes like this in the future in Hawaii Five-0.

5.11 - Ua'aihue

This week's Hawaii Five-0 continued it's winning streak of episodes, with a very interesting case of the week and very satisfying side plot with Kamekona. Noticeably, Danny was missing from this episode, however it didn't affect my enjoyment of the episode, however I would like to see him return next week!

Starting off with the storyline involving Kamekona, it was a great outcome for him, I have been waiting for something good to happen for good ol' Kamekona. I loved the fact that Troy was an immortal enemy of both Kamekona his teacher. But overall, it was a great win for Kamekona!

Onto this week's main case of the week, involving a series of art thefts. I must admit, this one was quite interesting to watch, and some very interesting twists and turns along the way, in true Hawaii Five-0 style. Also, we got a very action packed thriller gun fight.

I loved the undercover aspect of this episode, both Kono and Chin created a very different ideal for the show this week. Also, Jerry created a standout moment this episode when he crashed the van into the ambulance, but seriously just give Jerry that badge! But I loved the twist with Nicole, being the real mastermind of everything, making sure the art gets back to their rightful owners, was a nice change.

Something that confused me yet again, is Steve's romantic life. Just last week I couldn't understand how the writers were wanting us to feel about Steve and Ellie's relationship. However, this week it took a turn for the worst, the writers introduced us to a NEW interest for Steve, this being Nicole. I honestly thought both Nicole and Steve had some great chemistry, but I just want something clear from the writers to where Steve's romantic life is heading. To be honest, I think Ellie is more suited for Steve, but no one can replace Catherine in my book.

Overall, this episode was nice, although I would have liked to see Danny, I always enjoy his dialogue quite a lot. I especially enjoy Steve and Danny's romance, it contributes to my love for the show. None the less, this week produced a very compelling episode, and Kamekona's side plot was enough to keep me interested, when the episode wasn't focused on the crime at hand.


5.09Ke Koho Mamao Aku

Steve: "It is Christmas Danny. Alright, you and Gracie need a tree. You want a tree?"
Danny: "I do. I want a tree, but not like this."

Kono: "You know I never really got that one. Who puts a cat in a bag?"

Lou: "How does a cowboy end up dead on Mars?"

Danny: "Well if it is the governor tell him you spent this morning vandalizing his trees."
Steve: "Please hold for Mr. Malcontent"

Danny: "I cannot believe you made me an accomplice to a crime."
Steve: "A victimless crime."

5.10 - Wawahi moe'uhane

Harry Brown: "The American dream - some find it. Others don't. Then there are the unlucky few who die trying. This gal was one of those."

Max: "In our profession, seeing the worst in humanity everyday can take its toll."

Harry Brown: "Cupid gets it wrong, goodbyes tend to get messy."

Chin: "Jerry, you do realize you just admitted to tax evasion, right?"

Harry Brown: "But the one bright light in all the darkness is knowing that men like Steve McGarrett are out there to make sure that the good guys always come out on top."

5.11 - Ua'aihue

Lou: "Running head first into a suspect. Vintage McGarrett."

Jerry: "The real question is how is he getting out? After that alarm went off this place is as impenetrable as the the Dread Fort?"
Steve: "What?"
Jerry: "Game of Thrones. Anyone?"


These episodes were a great trio of how much potential Hawaii Five-0 has, the 2015 duo of episodes have gotten off to a rocket start, and I hope to see the same standard of episodes for the rest of the season. I especially want to see something more with Jerry and Kono's situation, and of course who can forget the Steve/Danny bromance! I also want to see something clear with Steve's relationship status, I just want something clear writers!


5.09 - B+
5.10 - B
5.11 - A-

The next episode of Hawaii Five-0 airs this Friday at 9/8c on CBS! Be sure to give your thoughts on H50 down below, for instance what are your thoughts on Steve's relationship status?

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