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Fortitude - Episode 1.02 - Extended Synopsis

As the police close in on their murder suspect, Morton follows a different line of enquiry and Governor Odegard takes action to protect her glacier hotel project. Elsewhere, Ronnie Morgan is acting suspiciously…

As Dan shuts Morton out of the investigation, the Met detective proceeds with his own enquiries, while the sheriff hunts for a potential suspect out in the Arctic wilderness.

As news of the murder spreads through the community, local miner Ronnie Morgan decides it’s time to leave town and secretly slips away with his daughter, Carrie, while Governor Odegard takes action to stop the recent events affecting her plans to turn Fortitude into a tourism destination.

Elena’s relationship with Frank is put to the test when she becomes aware of his son’s injuries – injuries that were inadvertently caused by their adulterous actions. Natalie Yelburton, a scientist at Fortitude’s Arctic Research Centre, is asked to assist with the investigation, but with Morton and Hildur both pushing her for information as well, she’s not sure who to trust. Plus, Dan learns of Elena’s involvement with Frank.


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