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Fortitude - Episode 1.01 - Extended Synopsis + Promotional Photos

Episode 1.01

In the remote Arctic town of Fortitude, two children make a remarkable find, while the discovery of a horrific crime brings a new arrival to the island that complicates Sheriff Dan Anderssen’s investigation.

In a feature-length pilot episode, a young British scientist, Vincent Rattrey, arrives in Fortitude to start ground-breaking research into cannibalism among polar bears and the changing Arctic environment. Meanwhile, two children make a startling discovery in the permafrost that will change both of their lives forever. Fortitude’s Sheriff, Dan Anderssen, has to deliver bad news to his old friend Henry Tyson, as well as grappling with unrequited love for beautiful Spanish newcomer Elena Ledesma. However, he is unaware that Elena is on the brink of an affair
with his new colleague, search-and-rescue pilot Frank Sutter. Later on, Vincent makes a horrific discovery when he finds the victim of a brutal murder.

With suspicion falling on newcomer Vincent, Dan and his team work on the crime scene, as Fortitude’s governor, Hildur Odegard, tries to keep the news from investors in her glacier hotel project. It isn’t long before a detective from the British police force arrives to investigate the murder, though, much to the disquiet of Dan and the governor.

Elsewhere, Frank and Jules Sutter keep watch over their ailing son, just as their marriage implodes when Jules realises Frank’s been having an affair.


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