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Chicago Fire - Let Him Die - Review

Happy New Year! 2015 has officially begun and shows are back. Chicago Fire wasted no time diving back into the drama, so I won’t either…

Chicago PD’s Detective Halstead is on the scene with Casey and crew as Mills and Sylvie are missing. Anthony Lullo is clearly prime suspect number 1, as his previous threats to Mills have definitely not gone unnoticed.

Cruz refuses to leave Halstead’s side as he carries on the investigation. Sylvie and Cruz – I’m SO not buying it. There is absolutely no chemistry here, the writers better not push this for very long.

Side note: I always forget that Halstead and Dawson dated…it feels like a lifetime ago.

Because of some alcohol prep pads lying in the street, Dawson is able to pick up on the Mills and Sylvie trail. The team gets there just in time and Mills and Sylvie walk out mostly unscathed.

Through a series of flashbacks, we see what transpired with Mills and Sylvie’s abduction. Two men take the paramedics at gunpoint. Mills attempts to gain the upper hand in the car by pulling out some sweet moves (that would have come in handy if he had switched over to PD, no?) that ultimately causes the car to crash. How everyone managed to escape with heads in tact is still beyond me.

One of the kidnappers isn’t so lucky, he’s got a serious neck wound that needs attention. Sylvie and Mills are forced to operate in a warehouse with tools that are definitely not surgical. As they open the wound, 2 arteries (I think?) are shown; clamp one and he survives, clamp the other and he strokes out and dies. In a pool of blood next to the body, Sylvie spells out, “Let him die”. It’s morbid and graphic and perfectly filmed and I’m so impressed with Sylvie’s character development. Months ago, she would have crumbled in this situation. Now, she’s calling for some pretty gutsy decisions and wielding guns. You go, girl!

Maybe this is me desperately searching for a way out of the Cruz/Sylvie nightmare, but I could have sworn I saw some sparks between Sylvie and Mills. And that dashboard shark doll? So cute.

The investigation is going nowhere as Anthony Lullo’s two lackeys refuse to talk. Sylvie decides to call in her favor with the man from the helicopter crash, much to Cruz’s overprotective, annoying chagrin. Seriously man, chill.

Sylvie’s mystery man comes through and one of the lackeys agrees to talk to Mills. Peter is able to convince him to turn on Lullo, and what do you know, the case is solved! Wrapped up in a nice, neat bow. Sometimes, I wish things were a little messier on this show.

Elsewhere, Baby Boden is still fighting for his life. I’ll say it again, if that baby is not okay, I don’t think my heart can take it! Herrmann and Cindy may just be the best couple on this show. I have loved the bonding moments between Herrmann and Boden this season, and I love the spotlight Herrmann has received.

Baby Boden can’t breathe on his own, and things aren’t looking good. Herrmann and Cindy are with them the entire time, and it’s nice to see both Herrmann and Boden in an out-of-work setting.

Well they made us wait for most of the episode, but Baby Boden will be okay! Thank goodness. Now bring on the proud papa Boden scenes, those are heartwarming!

Casey and Dawson are not on good terms, to say the least. Guys, I’m flat out mad at Dawson. All season long in her relationship and position as candidate she’s been selfish, distant, and entitled. When she and Casey finally have their heart to heart, things don’t go well. Dawson tells Casey that things are too difficult, their relationship and jobs have blended too much. She walks out, and he doesn’t stop her.

Okay, I know that for the series couple, you can’t keep them together the whole time. We need the drama, fine. But the way this has gone down really irritates me. I used to love Dawson, I definitely have not this season.

We did have a nice Severide and Casey moment this week, perhaps now that it’s just the two of them in the house we’ll get more.

On the only fire call of the evening, the team responds to a storage unit fire. Once inside the burning unit, suspicion sets in as it seems the team might have been meant to find that fire. Newspaper clippings of Shay’s death are found. Perfect. Let’s relive that again. Get ready, tear ducts. Next week may be rough.

I haven’t read any spoilers for the second half of the season, so this is pure speculation. But, I feel like a major shift is coming. Herrmann has been sneaking into the spotlight quite a bit, does this mean a lieutenant position is on the horizon? Boden now has a family, could he be thinking about stepping down as chief? Will Dawson stay a candidate? Will Mills stay a paramedic? And when for the love of God will we have some more prominently featured Squad men?

What did you think of the episode? How long will Cruz and Sylvie last? What are you hoping to see during the second half of the season?

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