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Castle - Episode 7.11 - Castle, P.I. - Advance Preview

The episode picks up sometime after the events of the midseason finale, when Castle was banned from the 12th precinct, and most of that time Castle spent in his pajamas. He surprising both Beckett and Martha by being dressed n the morning and telling Kate that he has another surprise for her. Just then Beckett gets a call about a murder. The victim is a woman who works at the admission office of a prestigious theater pre-school.

While, Beckett and her team are at the crime scene, Castle surprises them all by appearing there and telling them all that he got his PI license. This comes as a shock to Kate and the others. As Beckett makes it clear that he is still banned to investigate with her, Castle tells her that he will be conducting his own investigation. As the episode proceeds, the game of who can solve the case first ensues between Castle and Beckett.

- Perlmutter is very happy that Castle is not working at the 12th precinct anymore and he is not pleased to see him. There is a hilarious scene when Castle sneaks in his ME office to look at the victim's autopsy file.
- There is a really awkward phone call between Castle and Beckett midway through the episode.
- The episode includes a rather enjoyable voice-over.
- Beckett has a present for Castle at the end of the episode. Make your guesses.

Dialogue Teasers
- Someone has to provide us with out of the box thinking now that Castle is not around.
- I hate to admit, but baby Castle over here might be right.
- He (Castle) is resourceful, but he's not that resourceful
He got you to marry him, didn't he?
- What happened to that rebellious girl with the leather jacket and the motor cycle, would she say "can't"?
- Sorry Sherlock, not this time

Castle, P.I. airs January 12th at 10/9c on ABC.