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Black Sails - X - Advance Preview

Black Sails continues this upcoming Saturday with the second episode of the second season. This episode begins with a surprise return of a character that I wasn't expecting to see ever again. I can't mention who or where the character is, but as soon as you see the rolling credits you will know who I am talking about.

The show continues with the use of flashbacks in its second episode to tell more of Flint's backstory, from how he went from a noble officer to a pirate. At this point Flint's former Captain Thomas Hamilton wants to bring peace to Nassau, and to restore it to its former glory. Hamilton needs a man he can trust so asks Flint for his help in achieving his goal. Flint is skeptical about restoring Nassau because of the overwhelming amount of pirates on the island, but Hamilton believes with Flint by his side he can accomplish it.

Back in the present Flint is continuing with his plan to achieve his goal of getting his captaincy back, with the help of Silver. Flint has two days to get the crew on his side, so you will see this episode Flint offer his services, and council to the current captain Dufrane in a bid to try to manipulate him and the crew to scrap his punishment of being banished. This is all in his push for power once again, but whether Dufrane decides to listen to Flint is a whole other situation. Silver on the other hand is also attempting to win back the crew. He gets given a lot of information that can help him do that, but whether anyone decides to listen to him is an entirely different story.

Elsewhere, Low's quartermaster, Mr Meeks is having major doubts about his captain. Meeks want's the men to obtain a decent profit, but with Low making deals here and there, and making stupid decisions he fears they won’t be able to do that. With Low's men still listening to his every word, and not truly knowing what is going on Mr Meeks decides to bring it to the attention of Eleanor, and makes a request that leaves her in a familiar situation. Before she can make a decision their conversation is interrupted, before they can resume it Captain Low does something that changes the dynamic of things. He doesn't like to be kept in the dark on anything, more importantly he doesn't like to be threatened. You will see just how mad, and deadly Captain Low can truly be, which forces Eleanor to try to forge an unlikely alliance.

This episode also sees Jack make Anne and Max an interesting proposition, which can change all of their lives for the better. He also discovers something that makes him rather jealous, but his jealously doesn't last long when he decides to put others before himself.

A lot more happens, but that's all I'm going to give you as I don't watch to spoil anything, but below are a few dialogue teasers for you all!

"I don't want to earn money, I don't want to join another crew. If I am being honest I don't want to be on this ship a day longer than is necessary"

"We are in possession of a warship, why would we shy away from a prize"

"What good are your efforts if they yield no spoils"

"Take your men, take your shit, and seek life elsewhere"

"I'm sorry we have had a rough go at it, you and I, but I'm afraid I am enjoying myself way too much"

As always, thank you for reading! You can catch "X" this Saturday 9pm on Starz.
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