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Ben's Mid-Season Review : Chicago Fire, The 100, Stalker, The Flash, NCIS: Los Angeles, Hawaii Five-0 & Much More

Now that shows are going to begin returning, I thought it was a good idea to evaluate and review shows as they currently stand. I currently watch over 35+ shows, most of which I am not caught up on, I am only reviewing a select few here. I will also select a best episode and give the episode a grade from A+ to E, A+ is the highest. I have also dropped 4 shows, and plan to watch a few in 2015, and also have a few shows on my watch list. You can see that list down below. Hope you enjoy my review!

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Network: The CW
Currently on hiatus, returns January 21, 2015

After hearing many great things about Arrow after the 2013/14 TV season, I decided to binge watch seasons 1 & 2 before season 3 started. I ended up really enjoying both of those seasons of Arrow, however this season has failed to impress me as much. I must admit, the 'Sara's Killer' arc has been quite interesting, and the Flash vs Arrow crossover was absolutely exceptional.

I think Roy's character has been underused a bit this season, his character has so much potential, and to just see him sitting in the background is quite annoying. I like his character, like.... a lot. Something that did surprise me this season was the surprise death of Sara, for a moment I was quite annoyed that she was killed off.

Felicity still remains my favorite character on the show, and The Brave and the Bold was a great episode that gave us insight into her character. I really enjoy learning more about my favorite characters, after all it just allows me to love them even more. Roy is my second favorite character, but unfortunately his character has been underused this season, which is a bit of a disappointment.

Best Episode: The Brave and the Bold
Rating: B-


Network: ABC
Currently on hiatus, returns January 7, 2015

As with every new show, I try it and give it three episodes before making a decision, this show really surprised me. The pilot was a bit flat, but once I got into the season, I really started to enjoy it. Out of all the comedies I tried (A to Z, Bad Judge, Marry Me and Black-ish), I enjoyed Black-ish the most.

Black-ish certainly is enjoyable, I was skeptical at first, when I thought it was going to be full of racist jokes, but that seems to have been toned down now. I really enjoyed the holiday themed episodes, especially the Christmas episode.

As far as character development goes, this show has done really well, we know a lot about each of the characters, however I have missed seeing Pops the past few episodes, he really adds a nice dynamic to the show. However the tension between Rainbow and Andre's mother certainly provided a nice storyline for us all to enjoy.

Best Episode: Prank King
Rating: B+


Network: NBC
Currently on hiatus, returns January 6, 2015

Chicago Fire has been fantastic so far, the ending of last season left us not knowing the status of everyone except for Chief Boden. Chicago Fire always does a great job of cliffhangers, the mid-season finale of season 2 left us not knowing the future of Firehouse 51. As we got close to the premiere we started to think about who might die....

As far as characters go, fans were not happy when newcomer, Sylvie Brett came as Shay's replacement. I personally am growing to like her, but no one can replace Shay in my book. Dawson and Casey remain my favorite characters on the show, but on our current cliffhanger they are going through a tough time. I think Dawsey is probably the best relationship on the show, and really want Casey and Dawson to get their stuff sorted.

Something I have enjoyed this season so far, is the return of the Chicago Fire comedy. I have been loving the Cruzzumba scenes, especially the one where the firehouse showed up to surprise Cruz at his Zumba class. We also got the return of the pranks this season, since Dawson was now a candidate, Truck 81 got back to their tricks. I have been loving the comedy this season.

Best Episode: Always
Rating: A


Network: NBC
Currently on hiatus, returns January 7, 2015

Chicago Fire's sister show, Chicago P.D. has again been at a very high standard, I especially enjoyed the crossover with SVU. Some interesting plot-lines this season have been very good, especially Lindsay's job offer for a federal task-force. The characters on Chicago P.D. are some of the best characters you can find on any show, they are just so likable.

There has been only one newcomer this season, with the addition of Roman as Burgess' new partner. I personally think he brings a unique sort of feel to the show. He is something different from the rest of the characters, but his supposed affair with his ex-partner, that is pretty weird.

The crossover with SVU was one of the best crossovers I have seen to date, the way Voight and Benson conflicted was some great scenes. I also loved that two teams came together to solve one case, and the fact that it was personal for Lindsay -- that just added to the emotional aspect of the crossover.

Best Episode: They'll Have To Go Through Me
Rating: A


Network: CBS
Currently on hiatus, returns January 2, 2015

Hawaii Five-0, is seriously an excellent show. Season 5A has been an incredible start to what should be a fantastic season, pity the ratings have been pretty average. I absolutely loved the 100th episode that Hawaii Five-0 produced, and the way the emotional character of the show was weaved through the entire episode was incredible.

Hawaii Five-0 is also known for it's bromance, between both Steve and Danny, these two are seriously one of the best reasons to watch this show. They have such a unique relationship, and are there for each other no matter what. For instance, this season when Danny shot and killed someone, Steve was there to back him up.

This has been an incredible start to Five-0, and I can't wait to see what the rest of the season holds. As far as my predictions go, I don't think that Danny's troubles are behind him, and I'm sure we'll see something new go down for Jerry. I'm also hoping for some character development with Lou, he's such a unique character and I'd love to learn about his past some more! If you are looking for something to watch in the next few months, give Hawaii Five-0 a shot!

Best Episode: Ina Paha
Rating: A


Network: ABC
Currently on hiatus.

I recently got back into Modern Family, and I enjoyed most of the fifth season, but the sixth season has failed to impress me. I don't think Modern Family is as funny as it is made out to be, Modern Family definitely receives far too much credit than it deserves. I personally prefer Black-ish, The Middle and The Goldbergs much more than Modern Family.

None the less, Modern Family has still been decent this season, there have been quite a few hilarious scenes, and the characters are still very solid. The dialogue this season also has been decent, producing some great punch lines.

I hope Modern Family can improve and be up to same standard as the other ABC Wednesday comedies, because for multiple Emmy wins, Modern Family is not doing very well. However it still is a great comedy to watch when your in the need for a good laugh.

Best Episode: Marco Polo
Rating: B-


Network: CBS
Currently on hiatus, returns January 4, 2015.

I haven't always been an avid fan of political dramas, but Madam Secretary caught my eye. The format this show uses is rather good, and the characters on the show are very good and rather likeable. I like the way the show balances the storylines at Elizabeth's home and at the State Department.

Some interesting episodes have been produced this season, my favorite was So It Goes, as I am yet to watch the last two episodes. I have rather enjoyed the subplots in Madam Secretary, especially the whole suspicious death of Elizabeth's predecessor.

Overall Madam Secretary has had a solid start to the season, developing the characters are long way, and producing some fine episodes. I'm interested to see where Madam Secretary heads in the second half of the season, and how the season will end.

Best Episode: So It Goes
Rating: B+


Network: CBS
Currently on hiatus, returns January 6, 2015.

The mother-ship of the NCIS franchise has begun it's twelfth season and has had a pretty solid season so far. The mid-season finale was a fantastic episode producing some fine moments with McGee. However something that has annoyed me this season is the absence of Vance in the last few episodes.

Vance is one of my favorite characters in the NCIS franchise, and to see his character not be put to good use is quite disappointing, but I hope to see more use of him in the second half of the season. I once again enjoyed Tony's dialogue, he is certainly the best part of the show for me, and I've quite enjoyed his quirky dialogue this season.

Overall, NCIS has produced some interesting episodes of the season, and developed some characters further (specifically Ellie Bishop), but again, it's disappointing to see such a great actor and is character be put to waste, I really hope Vance returns in season 12B.

Best Episode: House Rules
Rating: A


Network: CBS
Currently on hiatus, returns January 5, 2015.

NCIS: Los Angeles is my favorite show from the NCIS franchise, mainly because of the characters. Now I can't say I'm a hardcore Densi fan, I do enjoy the chemistry between Eric & Nelle and Sam & Callen. But seriously, Kensi & Deeks make this show seriously awesome.

Something else this show has been known for, is the high-octane action it produces, that aspect of the show has been exceptional this season. Something interesting this season has been the plot-line with Hetty and her troubles in Washington, even though it was revealed that it was a setup by Vance, I am not sure that Hetty's troubles are over just yet.

One moment that I really loved so far this season was the ending of season 6A, when Kensi & Deeks finally kissed. I have to admit, I did not know what the writers wanted to do with their relationship, but I'm glad to see they seem to have made up their mind. I'm really excited to see some more action, quirky humor, and some great moments from NCIS: LA in 2015!

Best Episode: Humbug
Rating: B


Network: CBS
Currently on hiatus, returns January 6, 2015.

Despite not being up to date with the latest episode, NCIS: New Orleans has been decent this season, it hasn't amazed me, but it hasn't disappointed me either. I currently review this show for SpoilerTV, so feel free to browse my reviews of individual episodes on my author page.

This was actually one of the few shows I was excited for this season, the episodes NCIS: New Orleans produced were mediocre at first, however delving into the season a little more, and NCIS: New Orleans actually was pretty good. The characters on the show are actually very good, and I find myself laughing at the dialogue, quite a lot.

None the less, NCIS: New Orleans still doesn't beat the other two shows, I think it will take time for it to get up to the standard that both NCIS and NCIS: LA are producing at the moment. I think NCIS: New Orleans has spent the first half of it's season finding it's feat and as we head into the second part of the season, we might start seeing some standout moments from the show.

Best Episode: Chasing Ghosts
Rating: A-


Network: NBC
Currently on hiatus, returns January 8, 2015.

When I discovered the news that Parenthood was having it's final season this season, I was quite annoyed, but happy at the same time. I'd rather have a clear final season, than have it canceled right on a cliffhanger. None the less, Parenthood is doing rather well for it's farewell season.

I think Parenthood is making good use of it's 13 episode final run, producing some great emotional scenes, as well as some great funny moments and the usual family conflict you would expect. I like the interesting plot-line, with Zeek and his health, and I am seriously hoping for Julia and Joel to reconcile!

I am going to be incredibly sad when this series ends, however Parenthood has had an incredible run. It was something different. As far as the ending goes, I'm hoping for something happy yet clear, I don't want to have to create my own ending. I'm hoping for something that will be remembered as a great ending for a fantastic show. I highly recommend watching Parenthood if you are looking for something with a lot of emotion, a lot of character and a whole lot of heart.

Best Episode: Lean In
Rating: B


Network: CBS
Currently on hiatus, returns January 6, 2015.

Person of Interest is absolutely insane, this show always impresses me every single week, there is just so much of everything that I enjoy about this show, and not to mention the characters are exceptional. Person of Interest changed gears this season, when they assumed new cover identities, I must admit this was a very interesting twist in the show and I was ecstatic to see what the show could do with this type of plot.

Reese still remains my favorite character on the show, and he has got even better this season. He really suits a detective (no pun intended), and I've really liked him working with Fusco a whole lot more. Something awesome that happened in the season premiere, was the fact that Reese was given Carter's old desk, that is a great way of honoring Carter.

Person of Interest is full of high octane action, and partnered with a group of unique characters and incredible dialogue, this creates an outstanding piece of television. I'm really interested to where Person of Interest heads into season 4B, as the start of the season has been absolutely superb.

Best Episode: The Devil You Know
Rating: A


Network: CBS
Currently on hiatus, returns January 5, 2015.

Scorpion was probably the show I was most excited for going into the 2014 Fall Season, the premise was really interesting and I thought it could turn out really well. Once I watched the pilot, I was hooked, and once I started watching episodes throughout the season, the series got better and better.

Scorpion's characters are the main reason to watch the show, they offer something new to CBS' current lineup of it's shows characters. My favorite character is probably Toby, he's a quirky humor type of character, he reminds me a lot of Deeks on NCIS: LA, Scorpion actually is quite similar to NCIS: LA.

I really hope Scorpion's second half has a big case that spans across multiple episodes, the case's of the week that Scorpion have produced over the first half have been very interesting and a great mix, but a big case would test the team and produce some fine television. Scorpion is something different, something unique, and is definitely worth a watch.

Best Episode: Revenge
Rating: A-


Network: CBS
Currently on hiatus, returns January 5, 2015.

Stalker has been yet another fantastic show this season, it shares a lot of it's traits with Criminal Minds (a crossover between both of those shows would be awesome!), a very intellectual show focusing on a assessment unit. One thing I loved about Stalker this season, is it's subplots, they have been the best part of the show, especially Beth's stalker.

The characters in Stalker are a fine bunch, I like them all, but Jack is my favorite. Jack and Janice have some interesting chemistry, and I am wondering where their relationship will head in the season. Perry sure does add some quite interesting storylines to the show, though I'm not sure whether the worst of him is over yet.

Stalker is quite an interesting show, I enjoyed it much more than Criminal Minds (but CM is still an amazing show), and I really enjoyed the cases of the week it produced. In season 1B I hope for Stalker to continue to produce some great episodes, and I'm interested to see where the Perry arc is headed.

Best Episode: Fanatic
Rating: A-

THE 100

Network: CW
Currently on hiatus, returns January 21, 2015.

The 100 is really really good this season, like really good. I binge-watched this show during the hiatus, and can I say it is the best show I have seen in like a long time. I'm really starting to like the survival genre, and reminded me a lot of The Hunger Games movies. This season of The 100 has been even more incredible and much better than season 1.

I have enjoyed this season immensely, The 100 has delivered in every aspect possible in a TV Series. There has been romance, action, emotion and all out outstanding dialogue in The 100. Season one was a developing season for The 100, whilst in season 2 the series has excelled far beyond my expectations.

One moment I really loved this season was the death of Finn Collins, this was such a defining moment in the show, it really showed what potential this show has. The fact that Clarke was the one to kill Finn, really added so much more emotion and character to the death, so much more meaningful. The 100 has been outstanding this season, and I can't wait to see season 2B.

Best Episode: Spacewalker
Rating: A+


Network: NBC

Currently on hiatus, returns February 1, 2015.

The Blacklist has been quite good in it's second season, however I really haven't been paying much attention to it. I think I may have to re-watch The Blacklist season 2 so far, and pay much more attention to understand what's going on. The Blacklist is quite an intense show, and I kind of lost things a bit towards the end of the season.

Liz seems to be quite a different character this season, she is getting quite a lot like Red. Raymond Reddington remains the best part of the show, his lines are just the best of the best and they just keep getting better season after season. Berlin was an interesting arc this season and I'm interested to see what happens, now that he is dead.

The Blacklist has been decent, but I am definitely going to re-watch season 2 to get a better understanding of the events this season. I quite enjoyed the show so far, and am hoping that The Blacklist can continue delivering superb episodes.

Best Episode: The Decembrist
Rating: A-


Network: CW
Currently on hiatus, returns January 20, 2015.

Okay, this show is the best show ever, okay I said it. I absolutely adore this show, it is by far the best show on my schedule at the moment. The Flash has incredible characters, and the twists and turns along the way make it that much better, I love the way The Flash creates interesting cases of the week.

The characters on The Flash are extremely likable, Barry is by far my favorite character and Cisco is probably my second. There is just something about the characters on The Flash that make them so very likable. The crossover between Arrow and The Flash was probably the best part of the season, the way these two shows combined was just so good, the characters interacted on both shows incredibly well.

The Flash has been incredible in the first half of it's freshman season, and my only hope is for the same awesomeness in the second half of the season. The character development thus far has been excellent, and the twist and turns have been incredible.

Best Episode: The Man in the Yellow Suit
Rating: A+


As promised, here is my list of other shows I plan to watch in 2015, as well as the ones that didn't do it for me in 2014. Be sure to submit your lists in the comments section below!

Best New Show: The Flash
Best Returning Show: The 100

Shows Dropped:

A to Z
Bad Judge
Manhattan Love Story
Red Band Society

Shows Yet To Premiere in 2015:

The Following
Fresh Off The Boat
Secrets & Lies
Battle Creek
Agent Carter
CSI: Cyber

Shows On My 'Watch' List:

Revenge - This show is amazing, I can see myself really enjoying this show, thanks to Revenge OUAT for the suggestion!
Once Upon A Time
Sleepy Hollow
The Walking Dead
Z Nation
The Goldbergs - Completed watching season 1

Thanks everyone for reading! If you have any suggestions on what shows I should watch, please let me know in the comments! Also please note that these are my own opinions, so don't get offended if I said something bad about your particular show etc.


About the Author - Ben Norton
Ben is a teenage entertainment fanatic, he enjoys Music, Movies and especially TV Shows. Some shows he enjoys are The 100, Chicago Fire, NCIS: Los Angeles and The Flash. Aside from entertainment, Ben is a fan of the LA Clippers, PS3 gamer, and a photographer. Feel free to contact him socially, or email him at
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